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Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party

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Here we are again and time for another post, this time an event announcement (wow, haven’t done one of these in forever). You know, with the advent of social media, smartphones and what-have-you, posting this sort of event on a blog seems kind of a moot point to me. However, all these events are usually posted in Greek, seeing as they take place in Greece and I thought that one such as this, the one year celebratory landmark of a Greek, online otaku radio station, deserved to have a mention in English.

Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party.

Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party.

So then, on February 15th, 2014, the event will take place in Ostria Café (corner of 65, Themostokleous St and 6, Oikonomou St., Exarcheia). It all kicks off at 17:00 and will probably go on into the wee hours after midnight (at least, I assume it will). There’s plenty to see and do, from contests, lotteries, to cosplays and boardgames, among other things. There will be Japanese music, both from the decks as well as live, Greek adaptations of anime openings by MusicPrincessGR and Nikubitsa (I’ve listened to one’s asaptation of the Sword Art Online Opening, “Crossing Field” and it was not half bad).

The guys and gals of Greek Otaku Radio went as far as to make a video announcement for this event, which you can enjoy below, along with a few lines fot he aforementioned anime adaptations:

I’m even considering swinging by to check out the action, although that largely depends on how busy I’ll be with work. In any event, Happy Birthday Greek Otaku Radio!




Greek Cosplay Wishes 2013

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It has been literally years since I last posted anything here. There were a few ideas, still less time and procrastination of epic proportions. Recently (that is to say, over the last year, or even two years), the concentrated efforts of Cassiel, an otaku I consider among “The Old Guard”, based in Greece’s Katerini and Salonika, have prompted me to reexamine a scene I left under considerably bad terms (those who know, know – for the rest, let us just say I could crunch a sopa opera book series out of the events of that time).

At any rate, repeated contact with new (and some seasoned) cosplayers over the course of Comicdom Con, meeting the great people behind Greek Otaku Radio, as well as the aforementioned activities and some discussions with Cassiel, I am considering whether there is a point in reviving this blog. The jury’s still out yet, but as a token of respect for Cass’s work, I will share with you a video he made, encompassing wishes for the coming year from cosplayers and people involved in the scene in other ways.

If you watch it all the way through, you will also see me, in a photo from much happier times (The Maid Cafe at the Athens Mall fnac in 2009 – the fnac has since become a Public, but in the photos you can also see Cassiel cosplaying as one of our shared favorite characters, Captain Harlock), accompanied with a text I sent for the video, since I could not get a camera to record my message in time. Now, all the video is in Greek, but you still get to see many cosplays and much Christmas  lunacy.

It has been a hard year (hard 3-4 years, come to think of it) for most people in Greece. Let us hope this year treats us better and sees this rotten government fall.



Timeflip: Harajuku Street Party – “The Thingamajig”

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This is a set with the previous post, created just to include the video of N8 and her cool thing (Largo would be proud) flashing from (inside, behind) her teeth. Enjoy!



Oni Market #20: Higashi no Eden

Posted in Oni Market with tags , , , , , , , on November 27, 2009 by speedxgrapher

It’s been a while and I still have not had the chance to edit the required quota of photos, plus all that ugly business at kind of took the fun out of it for a while. Oh, I will get to it eventually, but between work and all sorts of (rather useless, when you think about it carefully) information reaching me, I am seriously not in the mood at this time. At any rate, there is also much preparation to be done for COMICDOM’ s mega blog event, namely the Top 100 Comics of the ’00s (that is to say, the past decade), so the Japanese events stuff takes a back seat for the moment.

That said, I had a bit of time to catch up on some anime I have been downloading and storing with the prospect of watching “someday”. Well, Higashi no Eden (“Eden of the East”) caught my attention and has the added advantage of being limited to just 11 episodes. It tells the story of a group of NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) trying to make their mark upon the world through their own company site and the crossing of their path with the mysterious Takizawa Akira and the Selecao (“The Chosen” in Portuguese) Project. It is an anime filled with rich dialog, conspiracy and the prevalent feeling that something is very wrong with Japan, which only a very select few know of. I must admit that one of the things that got me hooked was the opening sequence, featuring a great song by Oasis, “Falling Down”, which I am posting below for your enjoyment.

Higashi no Eden is a Production I.G. anime (of Ghost in the Shell, Blood+ and Blue Seed fame), so the feeling of mystery, foreboding, the unknown, coupled with weird psychology, are very prevalent. Having watched up to episode 8, I am worried about the story ending with 11 but there are also two movie sequels, Eden of the East: The King of Eden and Eden of the East: Lost Paradise, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a delivery equally engaging with the story so far.

Check it out – it’s worth the effort,


Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Cinemascope #5: Overview

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It’s been nearly a month and the material keeps piling up, with Vegetasmate (a.k.a. Yasminblossoms) producing a new video with compiled photos from all three days, to the sound of “Dame!” (Rurounin Kenshin’s 7th ending from the TV series),  “Ready!” (BGM from One Piece), and the full (!) Saber Rider opening, which I heard in this video for the first time. Pay attention to the first couplet, when the song begins. Historical trivia: “Ready!” was the first song Vegetasmate ever asked me to play in the OdC days.


As for me, I have gotten back to trying and empty the backlog, and I have currently edited around 40 photos from Day 3 of the Cosplay Café. Right now the target is 100, before I post for this event anew.



Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Cinemascope #4: Eri no Eru

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Evidently, the video production is still going strong and I am having a hard time keeping up with it all. The following video was tweeted around 05:30 this morning by Asaph-chan, which means she probably uploaded it at some ungodly hour (get some sleep neee, oneko-tomo). It’s a sequential photo video, with her as L and Andreas Tselman as Light Yagami, edited with music from Mike Oldfield’s Electric Light Orchestra. The photographic material is credited to Myth D.

I hope you DID watch it up to and including the credits (a popular crowd-pleaser for those possessed of humor these days).

Minna, prodyusu wo tsuzukete kudasai! (Keep producing everyone!)


Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Cinemascope #3

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Hello again dear readers. Yes, I know I have vanished once more but have no fear: I am cooking up some real sugary treats for you all. However, until the sugar meshes into caramel, I wanted to share with you yet another cool video of the event, this one edited by Akihisha-kun, following the line of his previous installments. You have probably already seen it around, either on Facebook or, but as always, it helps to have it here for completeness’s sake, along with a helpful link to the two previous Cinemascope posts (#1 aaand #2).

In the interest of fair credit, I must point out that this video contains a lot more photographic material by Vegetasmate than it does by me and she is to be congratulated for her excellent photo and video coverage of the event. Just treat all references to me as a tendency to be made the community’s mascot (Lord help us all). Well, enough from me. I will talk to you again real soon, with another big batch of photos.

Stay warm,


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