Timeflip: Harajuku Street Party

Once more time has stumbled its leg  on its proverbial sands and so, even after all this time, I am still not going to complete the Cosplay & Maid Cafe series of posts. It’s either a peculiar time/space aberration, OR the photos from Wrong Group’s Harajuku Street Party were much fewer and easier to edit (I leave it to your collective judgment to figure out which of the aforementioned holds true).

At any rate, given that this party was organized by some of my favorite people, I had promised I would attend since Day 1 of its inception, my recent absence from similar events notwithstanding. Here is the catch though: a couple of days earlier I had caught a case of the seasonal flu (or even a plain old cold affecting my mucus glands – OK, I’ m stopping now). Whatever the case, just the day before I was a royal mess and on Saturday I had woken up in a most inconvenient and unseemly fashion (more disgusting details withheld). The thing about promises though, is that generally I try my damndest to keep them: so I had to go downtown to a meeting about the upcoming COMICDOM CON and then go over to some friends’ house, which was incidentally pretty near the location of the party (if I turned back home after my initial run, there was no way I was going to extract myself a second time).

Generally, I am very skeptical of so-called signs and portents but when the heel of my boot came off its nails at my friends’ house, I admit to questioning the wisdom of going to the party. Then I thought again of many people who would be attending and whom I had wanted to see for some time (I HAVE mentioned I do not get out much, haven’t I?) and as I said to a certain huggable someone, a promise is a promise: so I borrowed a hammer and some nails from my friends ans simply repaired my boot, before setting out.

Besides people being awfully nice after my long absence, the heartwarming meeting with many among them and a last opportunity to see some for the foreseeable future (since school exams are coming up fast and furious – ganbatte minna!), it was interesting spending the little time I managed (you have no idea of the voice from Hell I got from yelling and inhaling so much smoke, even for an hour-and-a-half) at an event of much different flair than those of recent months, not just in choice of theme or music, but also mood, which brought to mind earlier days…

But I will not veer off in that direction here: you came for the photos and photos I have, although I must warn you that this set’s quantity pales in front of anterior ones, which I hope will be balanced out by its quality. Also, it is by no means complete but I did what I could and hope you will enjoy it. Curtains please!

Well, that was it. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did, even though it ruined my voice for the next day and I could not, for the life of me, got o Makari and attend The Daughters’ of Fable Storytelling Night. I am inclined to think that, seeing many among you was worth the sacrifice (although I HAD kinda hoped I would manage both). Someone wondered if this signaled my return (who am I, Aragorn???). That I cannot answer yet. We ghosts are fickle this way.

May you dream of castles in the sky,


P.S. N8 had this great thingamajig that made her teeth flash all sorts of colors and I have it on video, which I will post as soon as it uploads. Sad thing is someone stole it on that same night…


11 Responses to “Timeflip: Harajuku Street Party”

  1. Bacchan Crow and his sister, Ekatea Glafx 😀

    (Looks like you had a great time. Sorry I coulnt come, I’ll explain..come Comicdom -If I’m still alive:P)

    a pare k ayto pou panta marese mias k eipa “still alive”

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thanks imouto! Well, as I said I did not stay long but I had wished to see you too. Shikari shite ne! Lovw the video BTW!

  3. Yokatta ne! To ksera oti tha su arese:)

  4. dwsta ola speedy!!!!!!!

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    Arigatou Loulou-chan!

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  7. Kyoshiro Says:

    Kala esy siigoura exeis deathwish…..
    2 fotos mou!!!!!You are soooo dead…>={
    Kai anarwtiemai aftoi pou epithimoun kai anarotiwnte to came back sou…kseroun oti some times is is better to be extra careful in what you wish for cause it might actually happen???

  8. Kyoshiro egw stin thesi sou tha ton eixa skotwsei idi alla ti na kanoume einai na to exei o anthrwpos… xD

  9. speedxgrapher Says:

    A, oraia, na sai kala vre. Entharryne tin kiolas, na me vreite se kanenan kado…

  10. Kyoshiro Says:

    Zauk….Kai esena giati se ehw wre… gia na ekteleis afta me ta opoia to Boss den ginetai na asholithei…ante kane kati…=.=….

  11. H epithimia sas einai diatagh!*Pernw merika thlefwna*

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