*click* !FLASH!

Hello to everyone else in the WordPress blog-country. I am Speedgrapher and I will be your host during our future tours in the pathways of Japanese Visual Culture (interestingly, this becomes “JVC”, if you only keep the first letter from each word). Ergo Proxy and I have been running a blog, called Easy Subjugation, for nearly a year now, catering to all sorts of things we consider cool, fun or interesting for a host of different reasons.

During these last few months, our association (and great company besides) with the Ordre de Ciel DJ group, has provided us with a multitude of events and an insane number of photos, pertaining to Japanese Visual Culture; hence, it has been, more or less, the only things we’ve been covering for some time! Now, as the other blog has a wide range of subjects and its initial goal was to cover many different events, we are shifting our Japanese focus over here, since each article should remain on the front page for at least a week.

Well, no point in ranting much more. Please, be welcome and feel free to rest your eyes on the things that make us otaku: not just anime, not just manga but everything encompassed in the broad and multifaceted gem that is modern Japanese culture.

Hopefully, Ergo Proxy’s presence will become known through his (usually) ingenious suggestions and creative interference.


Speedgrapher & Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy & Speedgrapher are the NEW Dynamic Duo!

Forget Batman & Robin: Ergo Proxy & Speedgrapher are the NEW Dynamic Duo!


6 Responses to “*click* !FLASH!”

  1. Does visual culture mean like pop culture, or popular forms of visual art? Or would photography count too, like pictures of landscape or something? 😮

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    No, in this case I refer to the definition given in Genshiken: that is, anything related to manga, anime, cosplay and modern Japanese music. Photography and other pop art of course applies insofar as it encompasses any of the above OR Japanese landscapes.

  3. nababanlens Says:

    Hi, sorry if I post at worng section. Trying hard to find how to contact u ~o~
    Wanna change link between us?
    My blog is focusing on sexy and hot asian girls, and I think it will be better if our site can link together because the content will support others.

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to hear from you


  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    No you posted it to the right section. I would gladly exchange links with you. As soon as you link Otaku Lens I will link you back. Beautiful blog by the way. ^___^

  5. nababanlens Says:

    Hi again, sorry for long reply
    I already link your site.
    Will added 1-4 your post / month for advance link exchange >o<


  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hello to you again: absolutely no problem and thank you very much! I have also linked your site and placed an RSS update.

    If I may ask, where are you from? I am asking because I would like to do a post about your blog and I want to be accurate.



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