The J and Halloween in Paris

Hello again readers, whoever you may be, for I no longer have the faintest idea on that account. It’s been a dog’s age (August 4th in fact) since I last wrote anything in this blog but I am glad to see that my past endeavors still draw some readership. It is a special and unforeseen occasion that I have something to put on here, after so many months.

Recently, my father decided to take the whole family on a 5-day trip to Paris which, besides everything else (entailing a LOT of walking), meant I would be able to visit Rue Dante, Paris’s main geek artery. During one of my forays there, I stumbled upon a group of French cosplayers, who decided to celebrate Toussaints (All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween, although in France it’s a week-long holiday) by dressing up as DC characters from the BATMAN menagerie and visiting comic shops up and down this very special street – “Album”, “Pulp’s”, “Little Tokyo” and a number of other shops were happy to receive them. Evident;y, I could not stand idly and not photograph them.

On another note, while tracking down the itinerary I had written for my two heroines in Paris, over the course of “Culture Pop” (included in the detective story collection DANGER ENTRANCE, sadly only available in Greek), I stumbled upon a Manga Café on Rue des Carmes, the owner of which kindly let me take some photos as well. It’s not much: seven photos in all, but two for two in the space of such a small stay is pretty indicative of wonders waiting around every corner.

That is all for now. There’s some more stuff from France I want to show you, but I’ll take care of that ina couple of days.




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