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Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party

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Here we are again and time for another post, this time an event announcement (wow, haven’t done one of these in forever). You know, with the advent of social media, smartphones and what-have-you, posting this sort of event on a blog seems kind of a moot point to me. However, all these events are usually posted in Greek, seeing as they take place in Greece and I thought that one such as this, the one year celebratory landmark of a Greek, online otaku radio station, deserved to have a mention in English.

Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party.

Greek Otaku Radio 1st Anniversary Party.

So then, on February 15th, 2014, the event will take place in Ostria Café (corner of 65, Themostokleous St and 6, Oikonomou St., Exarcheia). It all kicks off at 17:00 and will probably go on into the wee hours after midnight (at least, I assume it will). There’s plenty to see and do, from contests, lotteries, to cosplays and boardgames, among other things. There will be Japanese music, both from the decks as well as live, Greek adaptations of anime openings by MusicPrincessGR and Nikubitsa (I’ve listened to one’s asaptation of the Sword Art Online Opening, “Crossing Field” and it was not half bad).

The guys and gals of Greek Otaku Radio went as far as to make a video announcement for this event, which you can enjoy below, along with a few lines fot he aforementioned anime adaptations:

I’m even considering swinging by to check out the action, although that largely depends on how busy I’ll be with work. In any event, Happy Birthday Greek Otaku Radio!





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Hello again people. Just dropping by to give you an update concerning Umi & Sora’ s fanzine, CHORISSU, first presented at COMICDOM CON ATHENS 2010. I know it’s a bit late coming and some of you know this already, but now you can find CHORISSU at Solaris (6, Botasi St., Downtown Athens), Star Comics (24, Ag. Ioannou St., Ag. Paraskevi – Athens, at the far end of the pedestrian street) and Comics Cave (3, Ipodrommiou Plaza – Salonika). We would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported this effort, as well as Star Comics for reaching out to us and having such a pro-fan policy.

While we are at it and since the team is contemplating issue #2 (whether or not to do it, what to include if we do, etc.), take the time to answer the following polls:



April 2010 Events

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April will be an eventful month to be sure, with the coming week featuring two heavy-hitting returns. The first is, of course, the 5th annual COMICDOM CON ATHENS at the Hellenic-American Union (22, Massalias St., Athens), which will be taking place from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th of April, featuring a bazaar, fanzines, international guests, panels, workshops and much – oh, SO much – more. For the full schedule, events etc. you would do best to visit right here. It’s our very own celebration of geek fandom and no one should miss it!

OMICDOM CON 2010! (Art by Mike Dialynas).

Secondly (and perhaps a bit unfortunately, given the timing) Somnium in Tenebirs returns with her Sakura Syndrome project to Athens on the same Saturday the 17th at Da Sein (12, Solomou St., Athens), presenting Japan & Anime Party – CLJ Collaboration Vol. 2, which is a SuG release party at the same time. You know the drill, you know what to expect and the party starts at 21:00 as always (just remember there is a 3,5 euro entrance fee, beer included)…

Sakura Syndrome - CLJ Event Vol. 2

…and just a week later, on the 23rd, she hosts her event in Salonika, at CoFiX (11, Lori Margariti St.) for the northern branch of the extended otaku family. This is a Starwave Collaboration Event, presenting the new release of the electro-rock band, the fool. Starts at 21:00 with an entrance fee of 4 euros (drink included). You can read more about both events over here.

Sakura Syndrome - Starwave Records Event Vol. 2

I may have some more news for you come next week, but that is all for now. I can already tell you that I will be at the convention during all three days and I will be kind of busy, but if you drop by, look around for the freak with the camera. I am sure you will recognize me.



March 2010 (and not 2009 *ahem*) Events

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Hello again readers and welcome to me sleep-deprived update, as book evaluations, book translations and much, MUCH more has mucked up my sleeping hours and locations (finishing reading at book at 06:30 in the morning, writing the evaluation up until 07:30, then drinking coffee at 08:00 and falling asleep on the couch until almost 11:30, when I had to get up and go downtown for more things that needed to get done). At any rate, I still have so much to do that, up until a few days I was considering not posting altogether during March, when I got a heads-up for something called “Harajuku Street Party” but I am getting ahead of myself  and in danger of tripping over my own words. At any rate, this month is rife with events and if I wanted to write about the one that sparked my interest, I had to include the whole set. So here goes:

First up is J.A.P 団’s third party in Salonika on the 20th of March, at the Red Raod Cafe (117, Egnatia Str. & Iasonidou), which will again feature multiple contests, such as:

Jap Dan, Third Time's the Charm?

(1) Best Anime Cosplay.

(2) Best Photo-shoot.

(3) Best Role-Play Acting and the all-new

(4) Best Kame Hame Ha, where contestants are called upon to do their best impersonation of the famous technique from Dragonball, regardless of cosplay, giving it their all with movement, voice and, well… chi!

The party starts a t 19:00 with Free Entry.

Moving back here to Athens, on the same day (March 20th) Akai Panda organize their own All-Day Maid Cafe at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia), banking on the extreme popularity of Umi & Sora ‘s Cosplay & Maid Cafe back in October.

Akai Panda All-Day Maid-Cafe and More.

This particular party features tons of extras, such as Karaoke, Video-Games and a bunch of other stuff that you can either read on the poster, or go here. I simply don’t have the energy to catalog everything…

I saved the best for last, the one that prompted me to do this post, the “Harajuku Street Party” by Wrong Group, on the 27th of March, again at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia) featuring our beloved Sunday radio freaks, N8 and Bloody K., who are joined at the decks by the much celebrated Boudoir X (which will include Baby Animal besides Milk and Louiza)!

Harajuku Street Party Extravaganza!

The party will be an all-inclusive Japanese fashion-inspired event, a tribute to one of the most colorful streets in Tokyo, where cosplayers mingle with lolitas and die-hard visual-kei aficionados, which birthed its own, synonymous style concept: the Harajuku Style. As anyone who has listened to Bloody & N8s internet radio show knows, you can expect an amazing mingling of music usually unheard and untouched at the parties, coupled with some of the crowd’s favorites, making it a music event that promises to be unforgettable and aspiring to be as colorful as its namesake. So get your frilly dresses and your shiny leather outfits, make your hair explode and choose your cosplays well, in order to bring Harajuku to Athens for one special night! The party starts at 21:00 with an entrance of 3,5 euros (including beer, a glass of wine, most coffees etc.).

The reason I am so happy about this event, is that it is organized in the spirit that kicked off what is in danger of becoming a dying trend, by some of the most energetic and fun people I have ever met and who were all there, at the beginning, 2 years ago. You can COUNT on my being there!!!

Signing off,


December 2009 Events

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Well, well… it’s that time of the month again, when the events of various teams have to be announced in order for the aspiring attendees to organize their time and cosplays. This month we have 2 events up north and one in Athens, so here we go:

First up is J.A.P 団 and Geek-Lover Productions’ Japan, Anime & Gaming Party on December 6th (that is to say, this coming Sunday), at the same location as their first party, To Kryfto (31, Valaoritou St., Salonika – see the poster for a map), chiefly sponsored by The party will feature, as last time, multiple contests in the following categories:

J.A.P 団 and Geek-Lover Productions' Japan, Anime & Gaming Party.

(1) Best Anime Cosplay.

(2) Best Gaming Cosplay: same as the well-known above, only with gaming characters.

(3) Best Photo-shoot.

(4) Best Role-Play Acting.

I believe the categories are self-expletive but if not, you can go here and read more details. Entrance is 5 euros including drink and for any and all information, requests etc., you can mail the team at or visit their Facebook or MySpace.

Secondly, on Friday the 11th of December Sakura Syndrome are back with Christmas & Somnium’s Un-Birthday Party Special, combining Somnium in Tenebris’s birthday (which is on the 7th – many preemptive wishes girl!) with a Christmas Celebration, through Alice’s looking glass. This will also be a double release party in collaboration with Darkest Labyrinth, for Vanished Empire’s “Theater of Tragedy” (by DJ Chihiro and DeeLee, whom some of you may have met waaaay back with Gothika) and HimemaniK‘s “I wanna be a figurine”. The party will also feature contests and other suprises. The party will take place at CoFiX (11, Lori Margariti St., Salonika) as usual and starts at 21:00. Entrance is 4 euros including drink.

"Why? Because each has 365 Un-Birthdays!"

Finally, just a week before Christmas Day, Akai Panda organize their last party for 2009 on Friday, the 18th of December, at the new MAD Club (12, Dekeleon St., Gazi). The party starts at 21:00 with free entrance and will feature Camus, Namida and… (?) at the decks.

Akai Panda's Christmas Cosplay Special.

Well, talk about a packed December and here’s hoping it all works out for the best.



Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Day 2: Part 3 – Maikeru to Meido-tachi

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Here I am yet again, this time with more of the promised photos from our 3-day event, finally concluding Day 2. It DID take a while and there is still Day 3 to go, as well as two more parties in the backlog. Wait a sec… Oh, we also have a Halloween Party tonight… I really need to start thinking about my retirement plan. All joking aside, I am yet again in a bit of a dai-pinchi, so you will have to bear with me (even Panda Bear if so inclined – oh God, that was REALLY bad joke, wasn’t it?). Anyhow, no more pointless rant from me. Enjoy the pictures and captions and as always, correct and fill in for me where necessary!

Have a care though. The last stretch of this photo set MAY prove a bit shocking! You are reading at your own risk!

See you all tonight,


November 2009 Events: Update #2

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What follows is the official press release from the three organizing teams of the Halloween J-Music Party, pertaining to the change of venue for the event:

Akai Panda, Nozomi Ongaku and Umi to Sora Events are teams involved in the active propagation of Japanese culture, focusing mainly on the organization of Cosplay and J-Music Parties. So far they have a number of such events under their belt, not the least of which was a hugely successful 3-day event at The Mall’s fnac, near the end of October 2009.

The next event was the scheduled Halloween J-Music Party at MAD Club, on the 13th of November 2009. However, for reasons unrelated and not falling under the purview of the organizing teams, this event has been subject to a number of changes, following the cancellation of the arrangement on the part of MAD. The aim of this press release is to explain the current situation, as well as announce the changes effected.

Initially, members from the organizing teams met with the event manager of the club, around the end of October 2009 and after the necessary discussion and negotiations, agreed upon the aforementioned date of the party. Following continued contact, the poster was prepared, approved, printed and hung inside the fnac’s forum space (the Cosplay and Maid Café, for the duration of the 3-day event, as well as posted all over the internet (MySpace, Facebook, fora etc.).

However, suddenly and without prior warning, all communication with the club manager was lost, while it itself remained henceforth closed. At the site, there was only a poster announcing its transfer to a new space, on the 20th of November 2009. During the only conversation over a 4-day san, we were assured that the event would take place normally, which assurance was later withdrawn.

The reason given by MAD Club’s event manager was the change of ownership, with the new owners demanding immediate delivery of the club and postponing and / or cancellation of all scheduled events.

The organizing teams were never informed of the possibility that there might be ownership issues, nor were they called upon to make their case. Although we do not believe in any way that this was done on purpose, this development is the sole responsibility of MAD Club, for making contradictory arrangements and even more important,for informing us unacceptably late.

Although none of these issues could be foreseen or resolved by the organizers, we feel we owe a sincere apology to the prospective attendees of the event. Following these events, we have contacted another venue in the immediate area and are pleased to announce that the party will take place as scheduled at Art House, situated on 46, Konstantinoupoleos St.. Gazi, again with access from Kerameikos Metro Station.

2009-11-13 - Halloween J-Party Final. - Small

Halloween J-Music Party at New Venue!

We thank you in advance for your understanding and are still expecting you for the craziest J-Halloween ever!

Akai Panda         Nozomi Ongaku         Umi to Sora Events

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