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Feel, Pray, Give [Support Japan Music Event] Final Update

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Back again dear readers (wow, 3 posts in a week – that’ s scary; maybe we should do this charity thing more often, if for no other reason than forcing me to write here). This is indeed the final update on our (Bloody K., Kami, KrizD, Kyoshiro, N8 and yours truly) effort to provide some support for the people of Fukushima, struck by multiple calamities and still struggling with hardships and the danger of radioactivity.

It all started with an idea over coffee, the event took place on the 15th of April and just two short weeks later we were able to send our boxed prayers and support, with the help of everyone who chose to lend a hand in helping these people in need. Did we change the world? No. Did we turn the tide of this disaster? Surely not, but we did what we could , knowing that each person receiving help is one less person in dire need of it; and when every such gesture is added to the others, then perhaps change can be effected, hope restored, lives rebuilt. We are but a pebble and proud to count ourselves among every other pebble of support from around the world.

The clothes have shipped and are on their way to Fukushima as we speak.

It’ s been an interesting process, revealing how easily will turns into a way, as well as how unwillingness can be an insurmountable obstacle. If anything, it was a very edifying experience, illustrating not just the weight of words and images, but also the deeper meaning of one’ s presence or absence. Thank you all for your support – you know who you are.



P.S. If you are interested in the full story, you can begin here, then read the two previous posts on this blog. Also, KrizD has posted more photos of the clothes’ shipping on his blog. All photos are courtesy of Kyoshiro.


Feel, Pray, Give [Support Japan Music Event] Update

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Hello all. Just a quick update on the charity event. The clothes have been bought (for children aged 0-9) and we are now ready to send them out. Kyoshiro has contacted the relief group in charge of distributing them and will have them shipped on Tuesday. Below you will find our most recent contact with Hiromi Komatsu, as well as some pertinent information.

*   *   *

Hello, Ms Olga K.

I am Hiromi Komatsu who is in charge of a warehouse that goods to people in Iwaki should be in. First of all, I’d like to say that we really thank you for your kindness and concerns. Clothes for kids are acceptable. I’d like to ask you to do below if it’s possible.

(1) Boxes should be separate into three categories ; for babies, boys, girls.
(2) Lists of goods inside boxes in brief would be appreciated.
(3) Second hand clothes are also no problem only if they look fine.
(4) Please let us know how many boxes you will send before you ship them.

Our address is here.

to Komatsu
Iwaki branch of Nihon Univa Counter Crisis Team
c/o Kasano Insurance Company
Tabata 8, Kamiyada-cho, Jouban,
Iwaki-city, Fukushima 971-8131

or you can copy and paste below.

〒971-8131 福島県いわき市常磐上矢田町田端8
日本ユニバ いわき支部 小松

We have a web site to show people our activities. Please check it out when you have spare time. It’s only in Japanese but there are many photos in there I hope that you could understand it.

We will definitely send your clothes to children in North-East Japan.

Thank you again, Ms Olga K., for your heart warming presents. 😀

*   *   *

Again, thank you all who attended or contributed to this effort and know that the people benefiting from it truly appreciate it.

Happy Easter Everyone,


Feel, Pray, Give [Support Japan Music Event] @ Da Sein (15/04/2011)

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Been a while again… Lots of things going on and an absolutely bare minimum of time: MANGAIJIN ~memories~ came out via just in time for COMICDOM CON ATHENS 2011 (more on that in a future post), over the past two months I have written two new detective stories (“Culture Pop” and “The Gargoyle’s Song”), one set to come out in May and the other (probably) June, then there was COMICDOM CON, of course, as well as the lengthy reports that followed it.

That said, just a week after the convention, we got together with a couple of friends and hosted a charity music event for the victims of the recent earthquake, tsunami and danger of radioactive exposure from the reactor on Fukushima (where radiation levels have now reached those of the Chernobyl disaster, although the contamination is not as widespread).

The whole idea was first mentioned by Kyoshiro around a month ago and after a get-together, KrizD, N8, Bloody K. and myself were on board (as well as Kami, added later). Details on the event were posted on Facebook, a number of blogs,, communicated via posters, as well as a donation box, placed at the entrance of the Hellenic-American Union, over the three days of the comic book convention.

Although we encountered a number of problems at the beginning of the event, with a bit of obsessive compulsion, divine intervention and the presence of one Alexander Markezis, CFO of a corporation known only as “Tremere”, we were able to get the whole thing off the ground. I would like to take a moment and thank all of you who attended this very special event, thereby showing true affection for this country, whose culture we so cherish. Even at the outset, there were those who said that it was meaningless, that any amount we gathered would be insignificant in the face of the disaster, or by comparison to Japan’s economy. I said it then and I say it now: no amount of help is meaningless. No, it won’t save Japan, it won’t even be noticed by anyone other than those who receive the help, but, in this case they are all we care about, the only thing that matters. It is what we could do, so we did it. Pure and simple.

As we speak, the amount collected has been used to buy clothes for children in the struck areas, which will be then distributed via a local relief group in Fukushima. Again, thank you all for being there.

As for the event itself, our roster and succession at the decks was a bit wacky, with KrizD starting, followed by Kami, followed by myself and finally, our lovely freak, N8. We also had a small exhibition at Da Sein’s basement, comprised of photos from various areas struck by the three calamities, as well as art from all over the world, drawn in support of Japan. Furthermore, Kyoshiro selected some pieces from the blog Voices From Japan, which consist Tweets from and related to the situation in the country. I translated the texts into Greek and Kyoshiro was in charge of editing, printing and setting up our exhibits.

Although not at my best (far from it, in fact – three days of COMICDOM and the post-Con edit-binge stretched me to my absolute limit, which accounts for falling asleep at 19:00 this past Monday and waking at 06:30 on Tuesday), I did take some pictures at the event and so I shall cease my rant and leave you with these. Enjoy.

Yours in earnest,


P.S. You might notice I still use the nicknames from way back when. This probably won’t change, so learn to live with it.

Time Capsule Files: A Visual Dedication – Addendum

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Here goes then, the funny part of the photos I promised you earlier in the evening. Thing is, WordPress lets you post photos either one by one, OR in a gallery and if you try to do it both ways, it adds the separate photos to the article gallery on its own. These are two sequences worth seeing in larger than thumbnail form, so… well, you will get the idea. Enjoy!

Set 1: Grab’ im By the… Horns!

"I have had enough of you. I am going back to my fans..."

"I have had enough of you. I am going back to my fans..."

"Heeeeere I--? Here I...? Nnnngg... Oh, come on! My fans..."

"Heeeeere I--? Here I...? Nnnngg... Oh, come on! My fans..."

"...gnnnyaaa await me! You stupid, bull-headed, good-for-nothing door!"

"...gnnnyaaa await me! You stupid, bull-headed, good-for-nothing door!"

Set 2: Violence IS the Answer!

(But What Was the Question?)

Sokail vs Flexxy (not really a contest): Headshot!

Sokail vs Flexxy (not really a contest): Headshot!



GODLIKE! (For Unreal Tournament Fans).

GODLIKE! (For Unreal Tournament Fans).

Disclaimer:  No Flexxies were actually harmed in tha making of these sequences (well… at least not much…).

What follows is a message by one of the authorities on the real troubles of life and his opinion on imagined troubles and complexes that should have been left behind at the end of puberty.

We thank Arkas's Lifer for this deep and infallible insight.

We thank Arkas's Lifer for this deep and infallible insight.

Talk to y’all soon,


Time Capsule Files: A Visual Dedication

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Hello there! Following Kyoshiro’s suggestion from the last post, I decided that a dedication to the girls’ work at the second Visual Party was indeed in order. In fact, browsing through the backlog, I also found some amazingly funny pictures which simply BEG to be shared. Furthermore, I discovered some other pictures from another, unnamed party (i.e. without specific theme), which feature a very familiar face in a very unlikely attire, so I combined the two sets of photos in one sizable dedication to Visual Kei attires, with the funny stuff as extras.

Both parties were hosted by what was then Ordre de Ciel, but for the reasons explained in the last post as well, I will stick to the photographic material (very largely a product of Milk and Louiza’s hard work) and lose the (impossible to be) flowery narrative of back then. Here goes:

Due to some stupid WordPress protocols and procedures, the funny post will be posted a little later today, in an addendum.

Look forward to it,


Last Party of Le Ciel (02/03/2009 @ Roi-Mat Club)

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Here it is then, the end of a season: to be more precise, I should say that another chapter in what is the (comparatively) small, yet incredibly energetic Japanese music scene of Greece, has come to a close. I suppose there are all sorts of mixed feelings about this development, from all sorts of different people. I myself have been one of the cogs of this peculiar machine, called Ordre de Ciel and then later, Le Ciel, at least to the extent allowed by my day job restrictions; more importantly, to the extent allowed by my sense of self.

Hm… reading back from the previous paragraph, it seems to me that it is one of the most careful introductions I have ever written. Does it look that way to you? If it does, you would be correct in your assessment. Most of you know I am at odds with [room302] (OK, that’s putting it lightly) over a great many things, but that does not mean I do not recognize the fact that he made an honest and dedicated effort to spread Japanese music, for more than half the time of the team’s existence.

This blog’s aim not being the analysis of social mechanics, dynamics, right, wrong and so on and so forth (insofar as it does not directly concern Japanese events, as was the case with BIOS), I will leave it at that. The irony is that this was the first event of Le Ciel I went to, after a month-and-a-half being cloistered away for work and it turned out to also be their last.  It all happened on the last days of Carnival… On with the photos!

I saved this picture for last and post it here  separately, since it almost seems like an epilogue, featuring Le Ciel themselves.

P3020432 copy

Left to Right: Yu-kun, Larva and [room302] (the Countess was off doing um… whatever it is people were doing in the 80s – I wouldn’t know, I was frigging watching Chojin Locke and Thundercats on Greek TV,  in the 80s!).

As far as I know, there was another party planned after this one, but the club where it was supposed to take place closed down. Shortly after this party (4th of March), Le Ciel announced their cessation of activities, followed by an explanation. If interested, you can follow the links here.

That is all, I guess,


Interview With Ryo Fujimura

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I know I already bulletined it in MySpace but I believe it should also be mentioned here for completeness’s sake. The interview we did with AciD FLavoR’s Ryo Fujimura, a few hours prior to his Acoustic Live at Underworld Genesis (56, Ippokratous St.), on the 13th of February, is now up in the J-Rock Revolution Webzine. Just click on the banner below to read it, as well as a mini-report of the whole event.



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