Hello again people. Just dropping by to give you an update concerning Umi & Sora’ s fanzine, CHORISSU, first presented at COMICDOM CON ATHENS 2010. I know it’s a bit late coming and some of you know this already, but now you can find CHORISSU at Solaris (6, Botasi St., Downtown Athens), Star Comics (24, Ag. Ioannou St., Ag. Paraskevi – Athens, at the far end of the pedestrian street) and Comics Cave (3, Ipodrommiou Plaza – Salonika). We would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported this effort, as well as Star Comics for reaching out to us and having such a pro-fan policy.

While we are at it and since the team is contemplating issue #2 (whether or not to do it, what to include if we do, etc.), take the time to answer the following polls:




3 Responses to “CHORISSU Update”

  1. Love this blog. Good job, mate.

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  3. Alice J. Says:

    Tis a good blog…keep up the good work
    kai gamw to blog…bravo paidia!!!

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