Feel, Pray, Give [Support Japan Music Event] @ Da Sein (15/04/2011)

Been a while again… Lots of things going on and an absolutely bare minimum of time: MANGAIJIN ~memories~ came out via Blurb.com just in time for COMICDOM CON ATHENS 2011 (more on that in a future post), over the past two months I have written two new detective stories (“Culture Pop” and “The Gargoyle’s Song”), one set to come out in May and the other (probably) June, then there was COMICDOM CON, of course, as well as the lengthy reports that followed it.

That said, just a week after the convention, we got together with a couple of friends and hosted a charity music event for the victims of the recent earthquake, tsunami and danger of radioactive exposure from the reactor on Fukushima (where radiation levels have now reached those of the Chernobyl disaster, although the contamination is not as widespread).

The whole idea was first mentioned by Kyoshiro around a month ago and after a get-together, KrizD, N8, Bloody K. and myself were on board (as well as Kami, added later). Details on the event were posted on Facebook, a number of blogs, Anime.gr, communicated via posters, as well as a donation box, placed at the entrance of the Hellenic-American Union, over the three days of the comic book convention.

Although we encountered a number of problems at the beginning of the event, with a bit of obsessive compulsion, divine intervention and the presence of one Alexander Markezis, CFO of a corporation known only as “Tremere”, we were able to get the whole thing off the ground. I would like to take a moment and thank all of you who attended this very special event, thereby showing true affection for this country, whose culture we so cherish. Even at the outset, there were those who said that it was meaningless, that any amount we gathered would be insignificant in the face of the disaster, or by comparison to Japan’s economy. I said it then and I say it now: no amount of help is meaningless. No, it won’t save Japan, it won’t even be noticed by anyone other than those who receive the help, but, in this case they are all we care about, the only thing that matters. It is what we could do, so we did it. Pure and simple.

As we speak, the amount collected has been used to buy clothes for children in the struck areas, which will be then distributed via a local relief group in Fukushima. Again, thank you all for being there.

As for the event itself, our roster and succession at the decks was a bit wacky, with KrizD starting, followed by Kami, followed by myself and finally, our lovely freak, N8. We also had a small exhibition at Da Sein’s basement, comprised of photos from various areas struck by the three calamities, as well as art from all over the world, drawn in support of Japan. Furthermore, Kyoshiro selected some pieces from the blog Voices From Japan, which consist Tweets from and related to the situation in the country. I translated the texts into Greek and Kyoshiro was in charge of editing, printing and setting up our exhibits.

Although not at my best (far from it, in fact – three days of COMICDOM and the post-Con edit-binge stretched me to my absolute limit, which accounts for falling asleep at 19:00 this past Monday and waking at 06:30 on Tuesday), I did take some pictures at the event and so I shall cease my rant and leave you with these. Enjoy.

Yours in earnest,


P.S. You might notice I still use the nicknames from way back when. This probably won’t change, so learn to live with it.


12 Responses to “Feel, Pray, Give [Support Japan Music Event] @ Da Sein (15/04/2011)”

  1. Ah, it is nice to see some familiar faces again, even thru photos. I am glad the amount you collected found a good use, some people only see the bigger picture while saying “what can your small effort do for such a big country”, while forgetting individuality. Each and every person that gets help matters, it doesn’t have to be grand to make the difference.
    And once again, sorry for not attending, I wish I could have

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    You already told me you were sick poppet; nothing to be done about it. Thanks for the support anyway.

  3. Andrea you are da man! Love u ( me thn kalh ennoia ) 😀

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Panda me tin kali ennoia sensei. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  5. I would love to personally thank all of you guys that did attend the support day.. and also the ones that did not come but still tracked me down to give me money for the box.. Also, a big “Thank You” to the Orochi band (specifically Ushi-Waka) for sending us their gratitude, for our support. I personally received them the night of their live in Greece.

    For a good update, check your mail Speedy

    “Hiromi Komatsu
    Iwaki branch of Nihon Univa Counter Crisis Team”

    He answered to me…=]

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    That’s great! I posted the contact with Komatsu already. Did you have a fun time with Orochi?

  7. I think they loved way to much our very own pride..Acropoli..
    And also those where really kind boys..walk all way to Syntagma and saw interest in everything they saw in the way there..also loved our food..Spanakopita win all other things a J rocker could eat after a live!!XD

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