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Oni Market #30: Nobunaga Za Fuuru

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Three years later, the 30th installment of Oni Market. You might recall that, in my last post, I was wondering whether I should revive this blog, posting in it on a more regular basis. I am still wondering. However, the occasion of stumbling upon this new anime gave me reason for yet another post, since the jury is still out on whether I want to do a detailed review of it (likely, upon its completion). Given the abundance of review blogs in English out there, I usually do these reviews in Greek and post them on COMICDOM. Since this anime has only aired two episodes so far, I find it better to comment and speculate from over here.

Nobunaga Za Fuuru

The title, Nobunaga Za Fuuru, translates into “Nobunaga the Fool” with a 100% accuracy, since “Za Fuuru” is katakana for “The Fool”, as “Za Peipaa” was “The Paper”, Yomiko Readman’s code name in Read or Die (for those who remember that great series). Now, not much can be said of the story, since the anime is still building towards it, but much can be said of the setting, which is created using historical knowledge and anime tropes. Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but we’ll get to that later.

Nobunaga Za Fuuru - Da Vinci

The anime assumes a universe different than ours (and yet not foreign to it), where East and West are two different “stars” (essentially, a binary planetary system). The Star of the West has a more technological, European feel to it, where medieval arthurian monarchy meets sci-fi, whereas the Star of the East is basically feudal Japan (more accurately near the end of the Sengoku Jidai) with a bit of a technological twist, used (so far) exclusively in the making of Giant War Armors (i.e. rather crude mecha).

The anime uses prominent historical and mythological figures from a number of eras, especially in the governing body of the Star of the West. Arthur is King (a strange, robed figure with a soft voice) and his council includes (among others, to be named further on, I assume) Generals Gaius Julius Caesar (whose adjutant and confidant is Brutus), Hannibal and Gupta (this one likely based on the historical Maharaja Sri Gupta of India, of around 240-280 AD).

Nobunaga Za Fuuru - Hideyoshi

On the other hand, the protagonist of the series is Oda Nobunaga, often called “The Fool”, accompanied by his two closest friends, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Akechi Mitsuhide.  As the historical Hideyoshi was often called “Kozaru” (“little monkey”) by his Lord, Oda Nobunaga, so is this one often called “Saru” (“monkey”) and in an interesting twist along the line of literary connections, portrayed as and styled after Son Goku the Monkey King of the Chinese epic, Saiyuki Monogatari (NOT as he is depicted in Dragonball).

Initially the anime follows Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc, a peasant girl who hears voices, much like the historical Jeanne and is asked by Leonardo da Vinci to accompany him on a journey to the Star of the East, “where she may find her destiny”. Taken there by Captain Magellan (captain of a star-ship, of course and confusingly pronounced “Mazeran”, which makes me wonder whether it foreshadows something to do with the historical Cardinal Mazarin, but that may be pushing it). Da Vinci is a fun, odd and extremely suspect character, who I foresee will play a major part at some turning point. So far, he is responsible for building and stealing to the East with the latest Giant War Armor, as well as Jeanne, whom he took along “as a bodyguard”.

Another interesting factor is that these incarnations of the historical figures seem to have dreams and visions of their alternative timelines, as well as each other. Jeanne has a recurring dream of being burned at the stake, while Nobunaga sees his friend, Mitsuhide, betraying him again and again (as it happened in our universe, at the Battle of Yamazaki), though he pays no mind.

Nobunaga Za Fuuru - Jeanne

So far, the whole plot relies on coincidence, destiny and necessity, so there is not much to comment on. However, I currently enjoy the building blocks of the setting and I do not mind. What I am not crazy about, is the fact that, with all this thought process behind, the creators went and used the easy, overplayed trope of “huge boobs”, which Jeanne is “blessed” with and completely self-conscious about. Not that I have anything against huge boobs in general but they just don’t gel with the character; furthermore, the comedic effect they offer is weak.

Nobunaga Za Fuuru - Tarot Star

On a final note, the anime, produced by Satelight, is part of a larger franchise which includes a stage play by Avex Live Creative and signed by anime legend Shouji Kawamori (Macross, Ulysse 31, Vision of Escaflowne among MANY others). It seems interestingly and complexly thought out, though the end result remains to be seen.

Give it a try and tell me what you think,



Oni Market #28: Kokuhaku (Confessions)

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Here we are again, not nearly as much time having elapsed from the last update as (what has ended up being the) usual. Whereas once I had the luxury (and, let us be honest, the drive) to update my blogs on a regular basis, especially this one, now I follow the “having something interesting to share” pattern. Thankfully, apparently such things have started emerging again (with the exception of the whole Japanese disaster, which has taken quite a bit of space here and for which I am NOT thankful), so it seems you will be seeing more of me (lucky you, heh).

At any rate, I have a couple of things lined up for you:

Item #1: I know I have posted the professed “Final Update” on this matter, but now that we know the things bought with the money raised from the charity event have reached their destination, we’ve really come full circle. Here is Hiromi Komatsu’s “thank you” mail:

Dear Olga

We’ve got all your presents at 2nd of this month. All of your stuff are fine, cute and with good sense of design. Some of them have been already taken for kids. Not only kids but also their parents seem happy with your stuff. I really thank you for this and kind words always.

I have a dream here, Olga.When people in my home town can live in peace and quiet some day, I’m sure to go to Greece. If I can meet you there, that would be fantastic.

Take care, Olga, and have fun with your family and friends! 🙂

Hiromi Komatsu

Item #2: Kokuhaku (Confessions). This is obviously the main subject of this post, a 2010 Japanese live-action movie (as in “traditional cinema”, not anime you bleedin’ otaku!), which I watched with some friends on DVD the other day. It was described as a “psychological thriller”, but Japanese live-action cinema being what it is (i.e. usually a disappointment), we did not really expect much. The short description said that a Middle School teacher, Yoko Moriguchi (played by Takako Matsu), has her life torn down, when her 4-year-old daughter is murdered by two of her students (aged 13, I think) and after she quits her job, she resolves to get revenge on them. Sounded fairly interesting, so we gave it a shot.

Let’s start with first impressions: great photography, great shooting and carefully picked music but the fact of the matter was, the first 15 minutes were dominated by Moriguchi’s near-monologue in front of her class (she was their homeroom teacher), as they mostly ignore her. However, the movie actually begins with them drinking little cartons of milk, as part of a government campaign (this is important for later). At first she goes on and on about  renowned Dr. Sakuranomiya, who was her inspiration as a whole and who sadly died of AIDS. Then she announces that she is going to retire because of her daughter’ s death, a murder in fact by two students in that very same classroom and goes as far as saying that she thinks she has been a bad teacher because she wanted to be devoted to her dingle parenting. Thus far, the speech being completely rehearsed and delivered in a droning, monotonous voice, evokes almost no reaction from a class of misconducting, bullying, text-messaging 13-year-olds and yawns from us.

Then, surely and steadily, Moriguchi ups the ante, saying that Sakuranomiya was her lover and once-future husband, that he gave her HIV and that they decided not to marry, in order to avoid stigmatizing their child. The reaction is almost instantaneous, as students shy away from her in panic, as if she is carrying the plague and freak at her merest touch. Various scenes make perfectly clear that, not only her students ignore basic facts about AIDS, but also many adults have complete and hysterical misconceptions on it. Further on, talking 0f her daughter’s murder, she mentions facts, referring to the perpetrators as students A and B, as well as the reactions of student B’s mother, who finds no fault with her son (naturally). She also says that the Juvenile Law part of the Japanese Criminal Justice System protects them from any actual prosecution, so they can walk away from this murder without any real consequences. At this point, the downward spiral begins, as Moriguchi is of course not satisfied with such leniency: therefore, the milk cartons of the two murderers, she informs them, were laced with her dead lover’s  HIV-infected blood! Gasps of horror from the class, round of applause from us.

From this point onward, there is not a dull moment in the movie, as we see the impact of these news on the two boys, as well as the reaction of their classmates (which is bullying, a lot of it!), which is a spiral of madness and hate. The movie is segmented as its title: confessions. So gradually, we get all the facts of the story from the viewpoint of each character, including, the teacher, the murderers, one of the two murderers’ mother, as well as the other’s girlfriend. Amazingly, it is both a mind and time trip, which largely revolves around Shuya Watanabe’ s (student A) mother complex and rejection issues, as well as his conviction that he is a genius (of which his mother, a brilliant mechanic, convinced him at a very young age, then abandoned him).

The whole movie is an elegy to the cruelty and stupidity of adolescence, the hubris of privileged youth (believe me, for all their problems, these kids had not had to fight for anything yet) and how, when taken too far, those who afford them this protection can utterly destroy them. It is also a disturbing look into Japan’s youth, much like REAL WORLD, where juvenile delinquency is glorified, a tendency represented by Mizuki Kitahara (who idolizes Lunacy Girl, a teen murderer who poisoned her parents and becomes the girlfriend of Shuya). Furthermore, the movie is not afraid to point the finger at the parents who are responsible for the delinquency of these children, whether by pampering or negligence and abuse, the two extremes represented by the two murderers’ mothers. In the end, they too will pay the ultimate price.

However, the story reigns in its theme and avoids the mistake of creating an all-around “hate film”. With the exception of Moriguchi’s daughter (a “background victim” to the movie ‘s action), everyone who is destroyed absolutely deserves it. In contrast, the replacement teacher of Moriguchi-sensei, nicknamed Werther (played by Masaki Okada), who is only guilty of being good-natured, naive and hopelessly optimistic, merely has his feelings hurt and Moriguchi-sensei herself is obviously left with nothing when her revenge is done, but not before she has completely taken apart the lives of the two young murderers, both metaphorically and actually, inflicting upon them the full extent of the loss she feels, without ever being caught – it’ s the essence of Nemesis, as the ancients called it, only set in modern-day Japan.

Even with all I have said, I have not gone into any terrible spoilers, for the way everything comes together and more so, the way everything is depicted, is the true treat of this movie. It has the careful plotting of a Sherlock Holmes mystery and the emotional impact of Greek tragedy, centered around the theme of vengeance. Just be patient for the first 15 minutes. It will all make sense in the end and it is totally worth it. The movie was based on the novel of Kanae Minato.

Item #3: Tatsumi: A Life in Animation. As I have said before, I have stopped watching anime for quite some time, but this is one I am willing to give a try. It deals with the real life, as well as the stories of post WWII manga creator Yoshihiro Tatsumi, one of the most “human” and iconic storytellers of manga. This goes beyond retro: it is history, treated by a modern medium.

Well, that is all for today and quite a bit, if I do say so myself. Keep reading. You never know what else I might dig up.



Oni Market #20: Higashi no Eden

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It’s been a while and I still have not had the chance to edit the required quota of photos, plus all that ugly business at kind of took the fun out of it for a while. Oh, I will get to it eventually, but between work and all sorts of (rather useless, when you think about it carefully) information reaching me, I am seriously not in the mood at this time. At any rate, there is also much preparation to be done for COMICDOM’ s mega blog event, namely the Top 100 Comics of the ’00s (that is to say, the past decade), so the Japanese events stuff takes a back seat for the moment.

That said, I had a bit of time to catch up on some anime I have been downloading and storing with the prospect of watching “someday”. Well, Higashi no Eden (“Eden of the East”) caught my attention and has the added advantage of being limited to just 11 episodes. It tells the story of a group of NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) trying to make their mark upon the world through their own company site and the crossing of their path with the mysterious Takizawa Akira and the Selecao (“The Chosen” in Portuguese) Project. It is an anime filled with rich dialog, conspiracy and the prevalent feeling that something is very wrong with Japan, which only a very select few know of. I must admit that one of the things that got me hooked was the opening sequence, featuring a great song by Oasis, “Falling Down”, which I am posting below for your enjoyment.

Higashi no Eden is a Production I.G. anime (of Ghost in the Shell, Blood+ and Blue Seed fame), so the feeling of mystery, foreboding, the unknown, coupled with weird psychology, are very prevalent. Having watched up to episode 8, I am worried about the story ending with 11 but there are also two movie sequels, Eden of the East: The King of Eden and Eden of the East: Lost Paradise, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a delivery equally engaging with the story so far.

Check it out – it’s worth the effort,


November 2009 Events: Update #1 [Kinda…]

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Interesting bit of news, concerning the 31st of October (which is um… today in fact) and the 1st of November: Salonika’s PHILOXENIA Expo, in which the Japanese Embassy of Greece participates, will feature a presentation on manga, anime and cosplay culture, both on Saturday and Sunday, for 1 hour each. Episodes of well-known anime will be on display, while people will be informed both on the spot and via a brochure provided at the stand (Kiosque 15 – Stand 17).

The official program is as follows:

Saturday, October 31st

13:00-13:30 IAIDO
15:00-16:00 ANIME & COSPLAY
17:00-18:00 ORIGAMI
19:00-19:30 AIKIDO

Sunday, November 1st

13:00-13:30 KENDO
15:00-16:00 ANIME & COSPLAY
19:00-19:30 JODO

Perhaps most important of all, members of the Salonika J-community will be there in costume, in order to provide both accurate and visual information to the visitors. The list of those participating is as follows:


Ginius and Sakura Syndrome are the ones who took the initiative to contact the Embassy and propose the whole idea, so kudos to you people! PHILOXENIA Expo takes place at HELLEXPO (154 Egnatias St., Salonika). Last but not least, many thanks to Cassiel for providing this information originally in

Keep expanding,


Oni Market #19: Guin Saga

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If the title is not expletive enough, this Oni Market will be dedicated solely to my current fixation, a new anime called Guin Saga.


So here goes:

Item #1: Guin Saga. I have been going on and on for years how there hasn’t been a good, decent epic fantasy anime since the original Record of the Lodoss War, with the possible exception of Berserk (which was cut horribly short, compared to the manga),  Shadow Skill: Eigi (the TV series), Scrapped Princess and a feeble fix from Wellber no Monogatari. That’s… four series in over 10 years and none matched the spine-tingle of the original Lodoss OVAs (well, Shadow Skill was a close second). Before you ask, no, I do not count Slayers and all its sequels as decent fantasy. Well, it seems my petitions to the Powers That Be were finally answered, with Guin Saga.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in English.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in English.

Based on the late (she died this May past) Kaoru Kurimoto’s character, protagonist of 126 novels and 21 side-story novels, Guin Saga tells the story of the amnesiac, leopard-headed warrior of the title. The story begins with the destruction of Parros, during which the twin heirs Linda (or Rinda – it’s Japanese after all) and Remus escape, only to be stranded in the vastly dangerous Rood Forest. There, they are found by a patrol of the enemy who killed their parents and took over their country, the Mongaul army. However, it is during their arrest that Guin first appears, while previously unconscious – and without thought, bare-handed, he crushes the patrol. Thus the adventure begins…

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in French.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in French.

Guin Saga has  – so far – all the elements that make an amazing epic: an amnesiac warrior rivaling Conan himself, stuck with magical leopard-head mask and only the faintest bits of his memory, warring nations, a land beyond which “There Be Monsters”, prophecies, intrigue, strategy and exciting heroics. Besides, magic is not of the usual bubblegum sort (“hey, I cast a Fireball”), but instead richly portrayed as cloaked in mystery, superstition and fear.  I am presently at episode 17 and the series is supposed to to end at 26 – so far I have been hooked and utterly impatient for every new episode. Music-wise, this series is an exceptional treat, seeing as the soundtrack is composed by Final Fantasy’s own Nobuo Uematsu of the Black Mages. The exception is the ending song, “Saga ~This Is My Road”, by Kanon.

Do I really need to tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this series?

I am pretty dissappointed that no one has seen fit to upload the opening sequence, small though it may be, but here is the PV.

Next up is the end song, edited with many of the backgrounds and locales of the series (yes, they look that way in the anime!).

Then, this is an AMV featuring footage from the opening and first episodes, with the TV size ending.

An audio of the full opening.

Finally, the full song performed live by Kanon can be found here. Sadly, its embedding is disabled.


That’s all for now, so go check it out!


Summer Farewell @ Da Sein (04/07/2009)

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I did promise I would post this before the month was out and true to form, I will, since THAT deadline ends, well… tomorrow! The poster stated that this party was co-organized by  Akai Panda and Nozomi Ongaku but if I want to be really fair, credit goes to Akai Panda’s Namida, who really took care of setting the date, getting the poster from Camus (and many thanks to Camus for making it during a busy time at work) AND finding videos to match my retro playlist. As you recall, at the time I was engrossed with the latest translation and I could be of virtually no help, save giving Aya-chan (our lovely DJ Lola) some pointers about making the playlist (and then again, those were not terribly important, since she played a bunch of cool things that I have absolutely no contact with, such as Ayabie, Yousei Teikoku, Sug, Hungry & Angry etc. – I even took the liberty of checking out Yousei Teikoku and adding a piece to my own list, after she mentioned her).

At any rate the attendance was stunning yet again (I have to admit, being early July, the weather tortuously hot and humid and the party not being an official cosplay, I did not expect so many people – but you proved me wrong). Meanwhile, there were also two birthdays, that of Eri-chan and Lucifer, to whom Zauk yet again dedicated (all the way from his Army Service) “It’s My Birthday” by the Korean band Bulldog Mansion. You will notice there are not as many photos as ususal, which is due to my being very tired from work that night, as well as sweating like a marsh boar – however, I believe you will find them telling, so enjoy!

By the way, did you know I have this hat for nearly 10 years now? I bought it back when I graduated and it was the hat which accompanied me on our first vacation with Ergo Proxy and has ever since, on every vacation we ever went on together, whether the two of us or with other friends, such as Cavu, Unbound and Darkside Blues. If only ox-skin could talk, this hat would have near unbelieveable tales to tell and now it has even witnessed the craziness that are the J-Parties.

Well, that’s how last season ended and in less than 2 weeks, a new one begins, along with other things which I cannot yet disclose, but I promise will rock your world. Until then, take care, keep your noses clean and do not whine too much. You have your whole lives ahead to do that.

Before I go, here are my two playlists of the night, although the second one had to be scrambled a bit to make room for some requests right then and there:

Playlist – 2009-07-04 – Mukashi Mukashi no Omoide

01 – Umi no Triton (TV OP) [1972-04-01].mp3

02 – Mazinger Z – Mazinger Z (TV OP – TV Size) [1972-12-03].mp3

03 – Getter Robo (TV OP) [1974-04-04].mp3

04 – UFO Robo Grendizer – Tobe! Grendizer (TV OP – TV Size) [1975-10-05].mp3

05 – Jetter Mars (TV OP) [1977-02-03].mp3

06 – Captain Harlock – Space Pirate Captain Harlock (TV OP) [1978-03-14].mp3

07 – Galaxy Express 999 – Undying Spirit in Arcadia [1978-09-14].mp3

08 – Uchyuu Senkan Yamato (TV OP) [1978-10-14].mp3

09 – Blackstar (TV OP) [1981-09-12].mp3

10 – Ulysse 31 – Ulysse (TV OP 1) [English] [1981-10-03].mp3

11 – Taiyo no Ko Esteban (Les Mysterieuses Cites D’Or) – Boukenshya-tachi (TV OP – TV Size) [French] [1982-06-29].mp3

12 – Plawres Sanshiro – Super Heavy Weight (TV OP – TV Size) [1983-06-05].mp3

13 – Plawres Sanshiro – Ju-Oh Maru Theme Edit (BGM) [1983-06-05].mp3

14 – Iga no Kabamaru – Circus Game [1983-10-20].mp3

15 – Candy Candy – Watashi wa Candy (TV OP – TV Size) [Greek] [1984].mp3

16 – Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs [Extended] [1984-10].mp3

17 – Thundercats [Better Version] [1985].mp3

18- She-Ra – Princess of Power (TV OP) [1985-09-09].mp3

19 – Gummi Bears (TV OP) [1985-09-14].mp3

20 – Silverhawks (TV OP) [1986-09-08].mp3

21 – Defenders of the Earth (TV OP) [1986-09-08].mp3

22 – Sanjyuushi (The Three Musketeers ) – Yume Bouken  (TV OP) [1987-10-09].mp3

23 – Bravestar (TV OP) [1987].mp3

24 – Peter Pan no Bouken – Mouichido Peter Pan (TV OP – TV Size) [1989-01-08].mp3

25 – Ranma Season 2 – Little Date (TV OP) [1989-04-15].mp3

26 – Chojin Locke – Lord Leon OVA – Try to Believe (OVA OP – OVA Size) [1989].mp3

27 – Sailor Moon Classic – Moonlight  Densetsu (TV OP 2 – TV Size)  [Greek Version] [1992].mp3

28 – X – Men [1992-10-31].mp3

29 – Lord of Lords Ryu Knight – RUN ~Kyou Ga Kawaru Magic~ (TV OP 2 – TV Size) [1994-04-05].mp3

30 – Lord of Lords Ryu Knight – Ryu Paladin (BGM) [1994-04-05].mp3

31 – Iron Man (TV OP 2) [1994-10-24].mp3

32 – WildC.A.T.S. (TV OP) [1994].mp3

33 – Dragonball – Makafushigi Adventure [Greek] [1995].mp3

34 – Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran – Leave It To The Wind (TV OP  – TV Size) [2000-01-26] .mp3

This list was a follow-up feature of the one I did last year at BIOS and translates as “Memories From Long, Long Ago”. If you go to the end of the linked post, the dates and format are explained.

Playlist – 2009-07-04 – East Meets West

01 – Buck-Tick – Alice in Wonder Underground.mp3

02 – An Cafe – Aroma.mp3

03 – E Nomine – Das Tier in Mir (Wolfen).mp3

04 – Speedgrapher – Girls on Film (TV OP).mp3

05 – Kaya – Kasha.mp3

06 – Yousei Teikoku – Patriot Anthem.mp3

07 – Maximum the Hormone – Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero.mp3

08 – Bulldog Mansion – Happy Birthday to Me.mp3

09 – Perfume – Electro World.mp3

10 – Kaya – Glitter Arch.mp3

11 – D’espairs Ray – BRILLIANT.mp3

12 – Fullmetal Alchemist 2 – Again (TV OP 1).mp3

13 – Weiss Kreuz – Piece of Heaven (TV OP 2).mp3

14 – Ray The Animation – zero-G (TV OP).mp3

15 – Weiss Kreuz – Velvet Underworld (TV OP 1).mp3

16 – Rentrer en Soi – Jude.mp3

17 – Breaking Benjamin – Breathe.mp3

18 – Gankutsuou – You Won’t See Me Coming (TV ED).mp3

19 – D’espairs Ray – HORIZON.mp3

20 – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Sorairo Days (TV OP).mp3

21 – Loudness – Like Hell.mp3

As I said, this playlist was not executed as intended (a couple of songs were replaced with others and some were played in a different order), but I put it here at least for the record.

See ya soon,


Oni Market #18: Video Mania

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Hello again everyone: just a quick pop to inform you on what’s out among the stalls of otaku culture’s little bazaar of the bizarre at the moment Here goes:

Item #1: Sakura Syndrome Cosplay (06/06/2009) slide show video by Akihisha, a.k.a. Kretinos2. Akihisha once again did a great job of editing the slide-show with music (this is his second video related to Greek cosplay – the first one is over here) and giving alively presentation of a once again great cosplay night. Enjoy!

Item #2: Canaan. A series that premiered on the 4th of July of the current year, sporting peculiar assassins, a photographer and some interestingly weird science, especially a condition called synesthesia (an actual medical condition where input from one sense mixes with the others, so to the person sufferning from the condition sounds have visible colors, images may have taste etc.), which is used in the anime as a special ability. The first episode takes place in Shanghai during the New-Year Festival. There will be some things possibly familiar to those who have watched shows such as Noir, Madlax, Black Lagoon, El Cazador de la Bruja and Bakuretsu Tenshi – however it is a possibly new and interesting approach.

Item #3: Pandora Hearts. Another episode I downloaded on a random whim. A series (by Studio XEBEC) that begins with the coming of age of heir Oz Bezarius and is surrounded by a peculiar aura of menace, past sin and toys gone bad. This series (which premiered last April) probably falls under the category of “noble-born with a terrible secret”, as did DNAngel, Metantei Loki Ragnarok, and Suteki Tantei Labyrinth. The design and animation are not anything terribly special, but the scenario and prospective cast of characters seem promising enough.

That’s all for now,


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