Oni Market #25: When PVC Βoobs Became…

Art! Yup, that’s right: now every hentai figurine collector with the barest skill in miniature modeling can become a famous artist. Oh, no, wait: first they would have to forget any notion and the faintest idea of what these figurines are and get someone with mad PR skills to sell the farce to the collectively brain-dead. Hello again readers and though the reason for this post originates in the Greek “E” Magazine #997 (23/05/2010), we will actually be turning our attention waaay further west, to the U.S.A.

E Magazine #997 - Cover

Jessica Lichtenstein, interviewed for said “E” Magazine, has become the “art” crowd’s new beloved child by taking 25 hentai manga figurines and building a variety of small dioramas around each one. According to her (as well as many who reported on her work), this is an exhibition that connects toys and the act of playing, with female sexuality but above and beyond all, the shedding of taboos and a celebration of  female empowerment (whereby and if we take into account what her exhibits are, “empowerment” for her is obviously the liberty of being a slut or a sex toy, under a feminist label – unless having a female, doggy-posed figurine’s ass as a track for billiard balls means something else). This load of crap (rather conspicuously entitled “Undressed”) was actually given space at New York’ s Gallery Nine5 “and has enthused critics and public alike”.

Yup, "empowered, yes siree!

I cannot even begin to explain on how many levels this is wrong, from her supposedly referencing Murakami (whose work has actually absolutely nothing to do with her pile of dung, except for the common manga culture denominator – only he sculpts his figures and statues himself AND actually knows about the culture), to her not mentioning the figurines’ actual creators anywhere, to her claiming that she is “supplied with the figurines from Japanese vendors”, as if they were anything rare and not available at the nearest comic book or hobby store, to actually claiming (and somehow convincing a multitude of idiots) that posing an Ikki Tousen hentai figure on a miniature toilet somehow conveys a deep meaning.

Seriously, has art stagnated so much that people need to believe that kind of ludicrous analysis and PR trash to feel their horizons expanding? I though that post-modernism with its “conceptual” empty canvases or “black square on empty canvas – untitled” were as ridiculous as you can get. Evidently, I was wrong. Really, if you are so desperate for “new”,  either come up with something really new, or re-invent the old but under no circumstances should you try to pass off as revolutionary and groundbreaking something that can be debunked by the hundreds of thousands of otaku rooms and dioramas around the globe.

Urd from Ah! Maegami-sama.

What amazes me, is how people keep writing (in print or on the web) about “figurines resembling manga heroines” (like this moron here), or commenting on the sculpture and pose (like this retard over here): they ARE freaking manga and hentai heroines and Jessica Lichtenstein did not come up with any of them OR their poses!!! That clear enough? Do your research people.

What distresses me, is that a rather decent magazine like “E” would buy into this American hype and make a cover story out of it. Really, was that all you could find, all you could come up with…? The implications behind an answer (not forthcoming) fill me with dread.


P.S. If you want to see more, as well as some clever commentary, you can go here.


9 Responses to “Oni Market #25: When PVC Βoobs Became…”

  1. Wabbit Says:

    Wow, just wow. I went though the links as well…”Each of her anime figures is conscious that she is being offered to the audience for examination”. Oh really? (I head desk’ed at that point).
    I cant say I understand how people think this is art. Different opinions maybe. For me, a hentai figure sitting on a stool is just that. Not art.
    Sorry I am shallow :P:P

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Even if you were as shallow as Cleopatra’s bath, you’d still be right girl…!

  3. Xesta kai asta leme!

  4. hello guyz mia xara to vriskw to post,zuper kiolas 😀

  5. Kirenahana Says:

    ntaxei, eleos, o o,tinanismos pou epikratei de stamata pote na m eklphssei telika :S kai gw exw ena manga akoumpismeno dipla sto pc kai ena kouti pitsas, na to bgalw kamia fwto kai na to baftisw texnh pou antikatoptrizei ton grhgoro ruthmo ths zwhs kai thn ekbiomhxanish tou anthrwpou??? ELEOS.

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