(Bent-out of) Shape of Things to Come

I think we are rapidly reaching, if we have not already reached, the lowest point concerning otaku culture in Greece (well, to be fair, in Athens). Now, before I explain how I have reached this seemingly dire-sounding conclusion, let’s rewind just a little: as you have obviously noticed, I don’t come to the parties anymore, not even occasionally (with the exception of Sakura Syndrome’s last, where I remained for all of half an hour – and then again only because I was in the neighborhood). Some of the reasons are already known and have been analyzed at some length (both here and inside CHORISSU). A couple of days back, I met some people who frequent the parties and one asked me why I never come by any more. My answer was that, besides all else, I am bored to death: the parties have reached a point where they are an endless repetition (the Harajuku Street Party being the only recent exception) of music, of things that happen, of highs and especially lows, with the whole affair having turned into a noisome, kindergarden cosplay catwalk. At least, until recently, there was the ingenuity, care and variation which characterized a great number of said cosplays.

Until recently…  Although I don’t show up, I keep myself informed and I browse through the pictures that people upload in a number of places on the internet.  Before moving on, let me state clearly that I will not name people, exceptions or whatnot: I don’t know if it’s the fault of the people taking the pictures or of the people featured within them, but there has been a steady decline in the visual value of the parties which, in my opinion, hit rock bottom at the J-Horror event. The (vast majority of) the cosplays I saw in the pictures were so badly made, so mismatched and ill-presented (simply, if harshly put, so ridiculous and ugly), that they do not even measure up to the very first cosplays at KABATZA. Note that, of course, this opinion is based on the pictures I saw, which made my eyes bleed (again, I have no way of knowing if this is the fault of the pictures themselves or their subjects).

Take a breath, let it sink in…

I realize you will probably hate me for this opinion, maybe even stop reading this blog altogether. Some who can keep a more cool head, may reason that perhaps this was the case in a single party or perhaps that I have not seen enough material. Could be: nothing’ s impossible – merely improbable. If you really believe so, retrace your steps in time with the photographic material that’s been posted all over the place (including here) and I am sure you will notice how the majority of cosplayers change for the worst, whereas a few exceptions not only give it their all, but raise to even greater levels. However, they really are isles in the ocean and I cannot help but believe that when they are fed up, they will just stop.

Now, you may ask, point out, accuse or whatever else fits as a reaction – certainly enraged and outraged – that “Who are you to talk? You never cosplay! Do you know how difficult… blah-blah-blah”. I never said (and in fact, neither did anyone else) that you MUST cosplay just for the fuck of it and “shame on you for not doing it right”. I don’t cosplay because I am not good at it and more importantly, I am not built for it. The anime / manga / game characters for which I could plausibly pass can be counted on one hand, if even that. You must simply realize that, sometimes, it’s OK not to cosplay, if you won’t (or can’t – no shame there either) put your mind and heart into it. It won’t be the end of the world… It’s certainly better that turning what used to be something creative and fun into a “pat-me-in-the-back” freakshow.

What I see, is something that I used to love, turned into a dying trend and if it doesn’t do itself a favor and die out, in its current form it’ s simply too ridiculous to be worth the effort. Therefore, I will not be posting any more party announcements (as I did not post the Akai Panda Anniversary), until I feel there’s something to it again. Of course, it’s entirely possible that there won’t be something to it again… Mind you, this is not some kind of threat, condition, whatever – I have been updating the blog only sporadically and really, it’s not like my decision will affect your lives in any significant way (if it does, however, I am honored that you think – or have thought until now – so highly of me). There’s still photographic material in my backlogs, as well as other Japan-related things that I intend to post, when I have the time. I am simply releasing myself form the self-imposed obligation to be consistently up to speed with the various J-parties and giving you some food for thought.

Whether you chew on it or not, is your decision.

Speedgrapher out.


65 Responses to “(Bent-out of) Shape of Things to Come”

  1. Flexy Says:

    Loipon agaphte moy mporw na pw oti to da poly cool headed kai mallon exeis dikio.
    To oti oloi mas xabalediazoyme kai exoyme ena A atomiko humor poy einai pareistiko ka8ara mallon kanei kako, gt exoyme 3exasei to gegonos oti telika h pareistikh blakeia ginetai dhmosio 8eama, kyriws mesw twn fwtografiwn. Opote nai den eixa skeftei mexri prosfata oti ta 3eftilikia p kanoyme stamparoyn ta opoia parties ginontai.
    Kai omws telika den einai etsi ka8oloy…Kai thanks poy m ebales na skeftw kai na mai pio prosektikos otan malakizomai me ta paidia.
    Ayto ofeilw na to syzhthsw me merikoys.
    Epishs allh mia lysh einai na zhthsoyme apo aytoys p analambanoyn th fwtografhsh na zhtoyn permission tis pio perierges photos poy dinoyn la8os entypwseis.
    Bebaia einai kai to olo 8ema symperiforas genikotera, alla kalws h kakws pername kala otan peirazomaste.
    Peri moysikhs den exw idiaiterh apopsh st 8ema.
    Peri cosplays, 8a diafwnhsw ligaki mazi soy gt arketa apo ayta poy eida moy aresan-kai fysika 8a bgalw ton eyato moy e3w gt hmoyn fail.

  2. Flexy Says:

    y.g. Na prosexoyme genikotera to pws k poy malakizomaste…

  3. Wabbit Says:

    Well dear Speed, I can’t say I could dislike you for expressing your thoughts on this matter :P, after all I aint neither one of the organizers nor a fluent visitor to the parties anymore so that I could be offended. I can understand where some of your opinions stem from and agree with them. My own concern is that cosplay is becoming too much of a trend by many (especially younger people) and I realise that a great part of the parties has become a cosplay show with poses and photograps (which is fine by me up to the point that it stops being just for the lulz and some cosplayers get annoyed when their photo is not taken correctly or chase the photographers around; yes I’ve actually seen that kind of attitude, it is amazing).
    I have to kinda disagree though on the part about the cosplay quality. I may not be a constant or good cosplayer my self, but I have seen many detailed and well thought cosplays the last months (not refering to the J-horror party since I was not there so no opinion).
    Anyway I think it is perfectly acceptable to get bored with stuff sometimes and you sould not be criticized for doing so; we are after all just humans. So peace out and hope to see you at some point

    P.S. I generally chew on dat 😛

  4. Ayami Says:

    I have to agree on a lot of your points, but I see no reason why you shouldn’t come to the parties, just because there are some bad cosplayers who are camwhores and stuff. Okay, I don’t like some of the people there either, but that won’t stop me from going there and have fun with my friends.

    I get it that you may be bored to come to a party, or have something better to do of course, I’m not judging you or anything, I just want to pass a message as well.

    In fact, sometimes I go to parties just because I have nothing else planned, and the only reason I don’t have fun (if I don’t have fun), is because my friends are missing (due to the reasons that you presented mostly), and not because of the camwhores, bad cosplays, trends etc. In fact, I have even more fun making fun of them and let them be 😛 (I am a bad person, I know)

    Hmm about the music… Even though Le Ciel still play some of the songs they played back in 2008, I find mysef enjoying them and dancing to them. Maybe because the moment I hear a song like Zetsubou Billy, What’s up people and stuff, I think about the old times and want to enjoy the song, not whine about hearing it for the 100th time. However I do want to hear some new songs, since I don’t have time to look around jmusic updates anymore, I would like parties to do that for me 😛
    But I have noticed that some DJ’s end up trying too hard and playing nice songs but not party-songs (that new game theme you found may be cool, but it’s not sth I want to hear in a party). Also the music may be nice, but with no space to dance to it, there’s no fun to it. (Dasein has been great to us, but is killing my dancing insticts, wheareas Arthouse etc may be spacious but too loud. Skullbar has quiet spots, and dancefloor, but is in an odd location without easy transportaion around =/)

    I rambled a lot, and since I have one hell of a messed up mind, maybe what I said didn’t make sense, or is going to be misunderstood. But what I’m trying to say is that I don’t mind seeing bad cosplays, or people making trends out of my favourite hobbies (it’s not sth I can help with, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t go around cursing wrong/eyesore “lolitas” anymore, i’m just having fun with the fashion myself, and if I find someone that would like to be improved I help them), but I do mind that a lot of my old party-buddies care about those stuff, even though there is technically no reason.

    I am not going to blame the people that organize the party, I wouldn’t do anything better if I was in their shoes. People keep saying they are waiting for sth original to come along, but come on, what would that be? It’s a montly party not a convention, are you expecting a Jband or a flying pink elephant? But I am going to blame ourselves for ruining our own fun with thinking too much about it. (and ruining my fun because my favourite people are missing :P).

  5. Ayami Says:

    (btw speedy you can delete that after reading it is you want, I just noticed it’s almost as big as your own post xD *feels ashamed*

  6. To thema auto agaphte ero-ero thelei poly sizitish se olous tous tomeis tou alla den pistevw oti mesa apo ena blog mporei na vrethei toulaxiston mia mesh odos gia na kalitereush esto kai enas apo autous tous tomeis giauto kai egw den tha pw kati panw sto thema.Ksereis oti eimai symfwnos me auta pou anafereis sto post sou kai oti vlepw to pragma na ksepeftei arketa.

    To mono pou tha pw einai oti kalos kakos an gyrisoume to xrono pisw 1-2 xronia kai thimithoume merikes syzitiseis pou eixan ginei sxetika me to mellon tou japanese thematos stin ag-ellada kai sta parties tha doume oti oloi kserame oti to pragma tha ksefigei alla eimastan esiodoksoi gia to kalitero pou mallon irthe anapoda.

    @ayami enas yptamenos roz elefadas tha itan ikanos na ferei ton adrea pisw se ena party! mouxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  7. Paidia…..exoume cosplayers pou den kseroun katholou na pozaroun. Elaxistoi mporoun na to kanoun sosta. Oi perissoteroi einai allou o papas allou to raso sto thema afto.

    O speedy itan o monadikos pou eixe to talento na travaei foto se party (o,ti party kai na itan) kai na kanei capse tis kaliteres stigmes tis pareas. Den exei yparksei kaliteros apo ton Speed se afto kai oi torinoi “fotografoi” ton party den exoyn to talento tou sto paramikro.

    Otan exoume loipon enan cosplayer pou den exei idea pos na pozarei oste na anadeiksei to kostoumi tou (kai polli perissotero krima an to kostoumi einai kalo h akrivo kai to katastrefei me geloia poza) kai enan fotografo pou den exei idea ti na kanei (mias kai sto cosplay-to diko mas toulaxiston, aftos pou krata ti mixani den einai ypoxreomenos na kserei poies einai oi sostes pozes kai na kathodigei, mias kai den kanoume fashion edo) to apotelesma pou vgainei sti dimosiotita einai to geloiotero.

    Oi foto pou eida apo ton j-horror ton leCiel htan oi tragikoteres pou exo dei se apeikonisi cosplay. Poli kaki fotografisi kai teleios aprosextoi cosplayers.

    Mono mia kopela eida na pozarei aksioprepos, gia na vgei mia foto pou na epikentronetai sto cosplay tis.

    Gia tis arvala-foto pou einai kathara xavales-parea-kanoume oti na nai, den exo na po polla, peran tou oti den prepei pote na vgainoun sti dimosiotita stigmes-pareas pou den kolakevoun kapoio prosopo. Gia na gino pio sigekrimeni, ypirxe mia kopela pou vgike se tetoies foto toso asxima pou tha borouse aneta na thixtei. Krima pragmatika. Ki an h kopela den prosekse kapoia pragmata, tha prepe na ta proseksoun aftoi pou traviksan tis foto kai na mi tis dimosiefsoun, gia na ti sevastoun kai na tin prostatepsoun….

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    Wow, lots of reading…! Phew…! To tell the truth, when I wrote this post I did not expect it to have any comments because of its rather acid tone. The possibility of constructive commentary never even crossed my mind – and yet here we are. So then, in order of reply:

    @Flexxy: I have no issue with how anyone perceives a good time, a good tease, a good (?) crossplay (although it does kinda assault my senses, but regardless). However, it is obvious you agree that intimacy between friends, when made public, becomes exhibitionism.

    @Wabbit: I know (as I state somewhere) that there are some cosplayers who continuously rise in skill and merit, yet I think you will find that they are a rapidly shrinking demographic and there are instances when they can be counted on one hand. (P.S. Chew carefully ^___^)

    @Ayami: first off, the only comments I do not tolerate are those who are off-handedly (and usually anonymously) insulting towards people featured and /or reading the blog. Huge comments are A-OK, nothing to be ashamed of. As to the main point of your text, everyone reacts differently and has different annoyance thresholds. Let us just say that mine have been crossed, after a very long time.

    @Zauk: we agree – nothing to argue about, as you well know. Now… flying pink elephants?! Seriously? Can I have those with some magic mushrooms please?

    @Lia: although I am greatly flattered (I even blushed) by what you say about my photos, let me be clear. In no way am I dumping all this in the lap of the other people taking photos. Indeed, the trigger for this text were a staggering number of ridiculous and crass representations and therefore, there are only three possible explanations: it’s the subjects’ fault, the photographers’ fault or a bit of both. However, it is not up to me to conclude which. I post my photos so that other people may enjoy and judge them and therefore I cannot do so myself. Yes, I do a measure of internal censoring (although not too much, as you very well know) but still, there have been instances when someone was genuinely unhappy with their representation and in those cases the photos were removed. That, however, is between me and the people posing and I do not expect anyone to stick to my own rules.

    As a final note to anyone who mentioned it, let me say this: although the photos that were the proverbial “last straw” were taken in Le Ciel’s J-Horror party, this has absolutely nothing to do with the team. I have not been at any of their parties in over a year and so have no idea of the music played there anymore. However, the “endless repetition” mentioned in the text (which goes beyond music) is a symptom of ALL the parties (with the exception of Harajuku Street Party, which is logical, since it was a one-time thing, by people with completely different outlooks thatn any of the teams).

    I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I have, you know what to do. Type away!

  9. “It’s certainly better that turning what used to be something creative and fun into a “pat-me-in-the-back” freakshow.”

    Dunno if that counts, but for me, cosplay is still creative and fun. Helps me work with my daily issues and problems. It’s a personal thing, I may not like a bad costume or cosplayer but deep down I don’t really care. I’m doing cosplay for my own reasons.
    Don’t be so stingy, nii-chan, bad costumes are something that always exists, let alone now with the crisis…:P
    As for the music, I guess it’s a matter of taste and what someone expects from a party. No one can be happy for a long time, I guess. I go to the parties for the fun and the people I can met there, or have a good time with my friends. I don’t dance and I really can’t comment on the music, who am I to tell, I’m weird.. :S

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Since we’re quoting…

    “whereas a few exceptions not only give it their all, but raise to even greater levels”


    I am not stingy imouto-chan. Cosplay is more than the materials: as you said, it’s a complex thing, involving creativity and psychology. That’s why I call on the KABATZA days: cosplays who were maybe not technically brilliant, made the mark through the heart the cosplayers put into them. Besides, you know that my real problem are not the cosplays as such, but the attitudes that lurk underneath.

    As for the rest, this is all obviously my point of view and I have never denied being my very own bundle of weirdness. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am overreacting but hey, that never stopped me before…


  11. Velvet Says:

    Well i cant say I’m surprised by what has been written (blog and comments). In fact i am one to support Speedgrapher’s opinion with all my heart (unfortunately). Cuz it saddens me a lot to see the one thing that helped me go through the week a couple of years ago is now something that i avoid.

    Most of the people i used to hung with at those days have long since retired and i am on my way to do so too.

    But its not just the lack of friendly faces that pushes me to this direction. Its the fact that something that was a weekly reality, has now become a monthly EVENT and as such has to be viewed in a different way. People suddenly HAVE to cosplay or they have NO place there! Egos keep getting bigger while cosplays get worst in quality! Yes there is more variety, but no ROLEPLAY! I really don’t agree with cosplayers that only care about photos and being first in votes.

    As for the photographers i wouldn’t go as far as saying that its their fault if a photo sucks for one reason or another, or if the cosplayer pictured is a pozer but i blame them for posting them on line. Show some taste at least!

    Anw thats it from me. Dunno if i make any sense (i really hope i do) but i wanted people to know how disappointed i am (not that it cares). I will try to visit an event once in a while but I’m afraid it will be when i have nothing better to do.

    Velvet Vortex

  12. Nerethil Says:

    Well, shit… I can’t really say I disagree, and thus, perhaps this comment is actually not needed, however I wanted to say this much: Once again, cheers mate, for having the balls to talk the truth. It’s not like we all hadn’t seen this coming. However seeing it in your blog, and seeing everyone that used to come to the parties the old days agreeing with you, I’m left with a bit of surprise and a sour taste in my mouth. I remember a time, when I first started visiting the parties that I had no idea who the hell you people were. 2 years it took me to start knowing and accepting you people and now I see that the thing that allowed me to meet you is dying, and people are announcing its death on the internet… Not that I care really… As I said, we’ve all seen this one coming.

    I can’t stop myself from thinking though… Are the parties the thing that’s dying, or is it that we’re just growing tired of them and slowly others are taking our place? Perhaps that which to us seems like vanity, boredom, repetition, to others it’s just a beginning, interesting shit etc etc… Meh… Whatever. Miaouz (and crowbars)

  13. kyoshiro Says:

    Tha pigena me tis mpantes se ena party pou tha eixe zwa se olla ta xrwmmata tou Ouraniou toksou,,,,kai tha petagane kai ollas!!!!xilies fores!!!!! apo to na paw kapou pou den tha perasw oso kala pernaga palia..
    I agree oti tipota pera ekeinou tou Harajuku den einai konta se ekeino to feeling tis Kavatzas..
    Eftyhws eimai arketa anomal wste na protimw na min paravriskome kapou pou mono psigmata tou tote yparhoun …
    Protimw na min kanw katholou kati an den einai na mou dwsei oso joy mou edine tote..
    Epilogi tou kathenos na perasei ton politimo xrono tou kanontas kati pou apla elpizei apo tin wra pou vgenei apo tin porta na htan kati allo…
    Kai nai apo oti akouw kai den hanw tipota kai mallon ta matia mou einai swa gia alli mia fora mazi me ti nohmosini mou…
    Eftyhos..egw akoma vriskome me olous aftous pou timoun to palio apehotnas apo to kako kai ypodeestero kainourgio……
    Tha ta poume opos eftyhws kanoume panta kapoia stigmh se kafe H mpyra guys…

    Afto to comment einai gia aftous pou kseroun poioi…einai..harhar
    Thanator was here kai den efage kala opote ta nota sas…..

    • Ayami Says:

      apo oti ktlbainw apo thn prwth paragrafo paei kai se emena to comment 😛 So just wanted to say, i’m not judging anyone who prefers the old days (personally I prefer them too), I’m just raising the same question Nerethil did, exoun xalasei ta party h’ emeis apla bare8hkame?

      • kyoshiro Says:

        Ehmm vasika anaferomoun sto Thanator.. comati..
        Kai egw mporw na pw oti nai den parevriskomai sta party pia alla oxi epidi varethika to antitheto..

      • Ayami Says:

        ah, epeidi egw eipa g tous roz iptamenous elephantes g auto nomiza oti h arxh anaferotan se mena heh xD sorry ^^

  14. And just as I started liking some of you that I could meet only there… Now it’s all gone and dead and..

    Pff. That’s why I like cosplay/roleplay. People are always unreliable:P
    ( no offense, it’s just something bitter I had to say:P)

    As kanume kai kamia khdeia, etsi na xarume san ekeinon ton hlithio se ena Naruto filler:P

    I still enjoy making costumes. So there.

    • kyoshiro Says:

      Ellie..I will come to find you opou kai opote me thes..kai etsi gia to “so there”..
      Esy …sigoura mono ekseresi eisai se olla ta parapanw..
      Thanator Hug!!!

      • Kyo, I didnt expect something like that 🙂
        :ultra aluminum aloy hug:
        Den to eipa ga na mu peite oti eimai eksairesi. Aplws mu bgazun mia pikria ola ayta kai kserw oti atoma pou vlepw se parties den tha mu poune pote na vgume eksw gt kserw gw dne tus volevei kai dne anikw stis parees tus.

        Oh well..

    • Velvet Says:

      Hey i still love making cosplays too! What i don’t like is the attitude the new generation of cosplayers have.

  15. kyoshiro Says:

    Ok to lepon..eisai mia apo kapoies eksereseis. Kai nai egw exw time kai paei kairos pou epapsa na thelw to logo enos party gia na vgw apo ti fwlia mou..opote sth diathesh sou!

  16. speedxgrapher Says:

    To those who wonder whether the parties have become worse or we have just gotten bored: first off, it’s a very valid question and one I have asked myself often, “is it just my mood that drives me away or is actually something wrong here?” I think that the best argument against the parties themselves (yes, the irony did not escape me) is that when something is fun, it is also relaxing, taking the mind off of our troubles and now I find them not only lacking that, but on the contrary, pissing me off when they do not bore me.

    As for you, imouto, I can only say that the only reason I do not ask you out, is because I do not really go out… I am an old geezer after all.

  17. Flexy Says:

    Loipon mias kai telika o ka8enas eipe ti toy aresei k ti den toy aresei, lew kai egw na synexisw.
    Kat arxhn paidia, o ka8enas mas profanws kai zhtaei kati diaforetiko. Allos 8elei ena kalo diagwnismo cosplay me epipedo ktl, allos 8elei ka8ara ena J-Music party. Alloi 8eloyn ligo ap ola.
    To ligo ap ola kai teleia DE GINETAI.
    Etsi loipon oi a8hnaikes toylaxiston omades ta pane kalytera h ka8emia se kapoion tomea, de 8a epekta8w edw.
    Na 8ymisw oti eimai kainoyrios kai oti pote den prolaba tis 8eopoihmenes “palies kales hmeres”, opote den exw kai metro sygkrishs.
    Ti M ARESEI: Polyxrwmia, kefi, gelio, xoros, headbang xabales, to na moirazesai th geekness soy, t oti gnwrisa kai synexizw na gnwrizw neo kosmo kai na blepw kai na ma8ainw nea pragmata.
    Ti SIXAINOMAI:Thn kakh pozeria, thn pasarella-brabeio loukoumaki kai META MH MAS EIDATE, ta 8apsimata typoy “eleos re mlk aytos bghke prwtos, o etsi k alliws k alliwtika…”, th masoneia sthn pshfoforia toys pantelws asxetoys poy erxontai g na mas krazoyn h g na kanoyn mono synoikesio.
    Alla 8a peta3w to mpalaki se oloys sas: H grammh toy typoy mpate skyloi aleste kai o,ti na nai theme. Den kathgorw tis omades omws gt einai hobby kai bazoyn lefta apo tos tsepes toys kyriws.

    1.An 8elete ena j-party (opws to omorfo k poly endiaferon HARAJUKU) boh8eiste na sth8ei ena tetoio me pio aysthrh grammh kai an 8elete ligoys mhn to diafhmizete.
    2. To idio kai g ena cosplay. Aysthra: cosplay, ek8esh fwtografhsh, brabeysh me fws ths hmeras-kai after, h ka8oloy party.
    3, Telika poia einai h grammh poy prepei na perastei?Prosarmogh sto xarakthra kai thn idiosygrasia toy Ellhna?H mia pisth aysthrh metafora enos diagwnismoy-ek8eshs whatever?
    Me ta kaka cosplays den exw 8ema, oti kai opws mporei o ka8enas. K to ypertato fail xara dinei s ayton p to kanei (milaw kai g ton eayto moy).
    Proswpika, de 8elw na gyrisw sto epipedo na xairomai monos moy kai na to xw kryfo kamari ton otakismo moy oyte th briskw n akoyw th j-music st akoystika m.
    Telos mesa s olh thn pikria kai thn apogohteysh as mh isopedwnoyme ta panta. Sto teleytaio party hmoyn ekei kai den a3izei OLA na mpoyn sto idio tsoybalI. nA 8ymisw to “Peri ore3ews koloky8opita”.
    Kai…as mh ginomaste ay8enties kai elite parakalw. To klima toy “egw apexw” de boh8aei. K osoi apexete m leipete proswpika.AYTO PAEI G OLOYS Opws m leipei kai to palio Otaku Lens poy htan toso zesto. Twra m 8ymizei to teleyataio post ton kapetanio poy leei oti egkataleipei to ploio…(ayto paei sto Speedy mas)

    • Otacon Says:

      “Me ta kaka cosplays den exw 8ema, oti kai opws mporei o ka8enas. K to ypertato fail xara dinei s ayton p to kanei”

      Auto ksanapesto. Kanontas Cosplay den exw skopo na entypwsiasw oute kai na kerdisw vraveia… proswpika den me endiaferei an den me “apo8anatisei” enas fwtografos..isa isa 8a ais8anomai avola gt den ta paw kala me tis fwtografies.
      To cosplay to kanw gia mena… giati to goustarw kai giauto prospa8w… mporei na mhn exw talento..h xrono..h xrhma, alla prospa8w kai an to apotelesma den einai toso kalo den me endiaferei…giati diaskedazw!
      Kai giati otan vlepw kapoion na xorevei san ksexarvalwmeno mecha den me aidiazei..me kanei na xairomai giati kserw oti ksefeugei k ektononetai… kai auto einai pou metraei.

      Pio polu me enoxloun oi “ntives” (aneksarthtou fylou) me tis teleies stoles, pou prepei na katevoun apo kanena kalamaki, para oi au8entikoi an8rwpoi me tis “kakes” stoles!

  18. Flexy Says:

    Y.G.: STO No 3 p rwtaw, ennow pisth metafora opws ginetai sto E3wteriko??

  19. kyoshiro Says:

    Egw- egw- egw to epiasa to balaki!!!
    ….me ta Thanator 23cm dontakia mou kai nomizw oti to halasa….o(TωT )

    To lepon prin me malosete ehw na pw ..
    Edw apo oti fainete mono 6 atoma apehoun apo ta party ..kai nomizw oti den yparxei kati pou na mporoun na protinoun wste na alaksei kati pou einai idi sto pato me ton Speedy kapetanio.
    Kai mia pou to leme Speedy vges….
    Opote se sinexeia eseis ta noimona onta pou thelete na swsete to Koursk tou Cosplay apo tin parousa katantia tou kante tin protasi sas ..

    Egw paw na faw to mpalaki mou…

    kai otan kapoios katsei kai skeftei gia pio logo mporei to Harajuku na htan ena swsto Party… tote tha exete ti lysh……
    An den mporite giati den yparxei lysari sto Interneti….rwtiste tous diorganotes tou……..

    *Chomp -chomp*…*Grilisma efharistishs*

  20. speedxgrapher Says:

    O Captain my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
    The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won;
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring

    -Walt Whitman, 1865

    Όσο για το Otaku Lens Βλάσση, ξεχνάς ότι ουσιαστικά πρόκειται για ένα blog που βασίζεται στα όσα αντανακλώνται στο γυαλί του φακού. Η ζεστασιά ή το ψύχος αντανακλούν τα όσα βλέπω, όσα καταγράφω και τα όποια συναισθήματα μου προκαλούν. Τα συμπεράσματα δικά σου, αλλά μην μπερδεύεσαι θεωρώντας ότι μου φταίνε “τα κακά cosplay”, η “ίδια μουσική” ή οποιοδήποτε συστατικό από μόνο του. Με ενοχλούν οι συμπεριφορές και οι αντιλήψεις, εμφανείς και υφέρπουσες, οι οποίες (third time’s the charm) αντανακλώνται στα επιμέρους “στοιχεία” των party.

    Για τα περί καπεταναίων με κάλυψε το Thanator (bad, BAD Thanator – πάει το μπαλάκι!) και ο Whitman.

  21. Ayami Says:

    to gegonos oti edw esteilan comment 6 atoma, den shmainei oti leipoun mono 6 atoma apo ta party, pistepse me, opws leei kai o blasshs, kai emena mou leipoun kapoia atoma.

    Kai den ktlbainw gt tosh trela me to Harajuku… emena mou fanhke san ka8e allo party… Den ennow oti htan asxhmo party, just to be clear, but nothing so special, oso kalo htan kai ta alla. Apla epeidi htan gene8lia kapoion filwn parefre8hkan kai kapoia atoma pou teleutaia snobbaroun ta party kai to lew auto gt xanw liga party kai mporw na ekferw gnwmh, oxi epeidi etsi mou katebhke.

    • Velvet Says:

      Fusika kai den eimaste emeis oi 6 pou apexoun apo ta party ka8os esu, o Flexy kai h Ellie phgainete sta party. O kosmos pou stamathse na erxetai einai polu perissoteros.

      O logos pou edw h suzhthsh ginetai mono metaksy 6 atomon einai giati oi alloi den endiaferontai gia auto to blog (sorry Speedy). Osoi stamathsan na phgainoun se party den exoun logo na diabazoun gia updates tou xwrou kai osoi phgainoun den mpainoun sto blog auto ka8os o Speedy den postarei fwtografies tous. So simple!!!!

      • Wabbit Says:

        Sygnwmh alla auto den nomizw oti einai apolyta alh8es. Egw gia paradeigma episkeutomai auto to blog kata diasthmata ki as mhn exei fwtografies apo ta party, kai synexizw na phgainw sta party anyway otan mporw. To idio isxyei kai gia thn Ayami, kai ypo8etw pws olo kai gia kapoion allon ^^

  22. kyoshiro Says:

    Katarxas to Harajuku party itan oti allo ektos apo idio me ta alla…
    Kai oso kai na ekplisei kai egw ehw paei se arketa party kai sto Ellada kai sto Japan kai sto China kai sto Belgio pou kanane Cosplay ( kalitera na min pw pooso kalytera apo emas)kai mporw episis na ekferw gnwmi…
    Kai nai eimai snob giati mporw kai ehw esthsi to ti einai kakogousto kai to apofevgw..
    Me liga logia oxi toso snob oso kalogoustoi pithana kai oi loipoi pou apousiazoun…..
    Alla anarwtiemai an olla ta party einai idia … mia xara kai den yparxei thema peran tis apousias kapoion gnwstwn pou einai kai snob……giati apantate edw…?

    Mou kovete kai to masima tis mpalas….

    • Ayami Says:

      Sygnwmh, alla emena den mou fanhke toso special, apopsh mou i guess. Den lew oti den exeis paei se party, pros 8eou eipame, den phgaine proswpika auto 😛 To lew gia na mhn fainetai san na lew oti mou er8w. An den sou aresoun ta party, good for you, o ka8enas opws to pairnei den einai auto to 8ema mou.

      Kai fantazomai oti apantaw edw, g ton idio logo pou apantas kai esy kai oi alloi, epeidi ginetai mia syzhthsh, einai kako auto?

  23. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ομολογουμένως, είναι η πρώτη φορά που κάνω post δίχως ούτε μία φωτογραφία και υπάρχουν τόσα views και τόσα comments. Αν λοιπόν πράγματι είναι όλα τόσο ρόδινα (με την εξαίρεση των απουσιών ημών των σημαινόντων) και πρόκειται απλώς για rant και snobbishness, τι ανησυχείτε; Βεβαίως, η ταπεινή επαγωγική μου ικανότητα (γιατί είμαι και ολόκληρο πουρό-εεε Poirot) μου λέει ότι μάλλον γδέρνουμε (ειδικά το Thanator με τα 23 cm δοντάκια που έχει βιάσει το μπαλάκι – sitz λέμε!) κάποιες ευαίσθητες χορδές που βρίσκονται κοντά στην αλήθεια. Αλλιώς στην τελική, αφήστε μας βουτηγμένους στην υπεροψία μας – eventually θα πνιγούμε (μάλλον).

    Τώρα όσο αφορά τα J-parties και το σε πόσα έχει πάει ο καθένας, ευτυχώς που η Kyoshiro δεν μπορεί να τη βγάλει έξω να τις μετρήσουμε, διότι ακόμα κι εγώ θα έχανα. Το Harajuku είχε το σωστό feeling και τώρα μην επικαλούμαστε τα γενέθλια, διότι όπως πιστοποιούν τα 25 GB φωτογραφίες, ήταν κάτι που συνηθιζόταν σχεδόν σε κάθε party κι όσο χάλαγε το πράμα, άρχισε να μειώνεται και ω του θαύματος, οι “snob” επέλεξαν να ξανακάνουν γεννέθλια ακόμα και με 2 εβδομάδες καθυστέρηση, εκεί. Wonder why?

    P.S. Αλήθεια Kyoshiro, είχες πάει και στο Harajuku Bridge Party?

  24. Flexy o Ble Says:

    Guyz…xanoyme to point siga siga. Kai ti? tsakwnomaste telika?EMEIS?
    To Harajuku einai ena shmeio anaforas, dioti:
    —>Eidame kai kati allo ektos apo anime cosplays.
    —->Akoysa, toylaxiston egw, kai eida kai kainoyrio/diaforetiko prama
    —->Htan kati pio….visual an 8elete kai den eixe kai diagwnismo me dwra kai tetoia, htan for the love of the…3erw gw…thing. Alla oxi de 8a to elega kai “special”.
    Fysika kai htan party san t alla, apla eixe mia allh proseggish kai omologoymenws kalytero feel.
    Twra ti gene8lia leme kai fumara ayta einai ka8ara pareistika, etsi ki alliws, ekeino to brady eixa kai tis mayres moy kai moy perasan adiafora.
    Kai prosoxh ligo tis le3eis poy xrhsimopoioyme gt blepw oti pianomaste apo aytes kai 3ekiname diene3eis.
    Blepw oti den dwsate idiaiterh shmasia s ayto p anefera g diaxwrismo toy anime cosplay apo mia ka8ara j-rock/visual bradia omws.
    Ka8e eidos party exei ta xarakthristika toy kai th monadikothta toy. Profanws kai den einai ola rodina g ayto kai syzhtame. KAI SYZHTAME GT KAPOY 8ELOYME NA KATALH3OYME K OXI APLA NA GRINIAZOYME.
    De snobbarei kaneis loipon kai oyte kanoyme pinpoint kanenan apla yparxei apoxh kai e3hghsame giati.
    Epishs…de nomizw oti boh8a mia analamph kai meta pali tpt. Kati kalo prepei na xei synexeia. Synexeia alla oxi na katanthsei roytina.
    Ka8ara proswpika, ta opoia parties me tis opoies systaseis toys, alla3an kata poly ton rou ths zwoylas moy kai exw eytyxhsei na kanw kaloys filoys kai exoyn dwsei allo xrwma sthn ka8hmerinothta moy.
    Kai mhn 3exnate agaphtoi filoi, polloi den eixame kai mporei na mhn exoyme kai pote thn tyxh kai thn eyxaristhsh na dyme to e3wteriko, opote kai pali den exoyme metro sygrishs. To kahmeno to mpalaki to rixnw se osoys 3eroyn kati parapanw na dwsoyn kanena fws kai opoios agapaei th fash apo mas kai as baloyme ena xeraki na beltiwsoyme ta pragmata 🙂
    Y.G. 1: kahmeno mpalaki, se tinos ta dontia s emelle na peseis, xixixixixi
    y.g. 2. Speedy, to Blasis me ena S sta ellhnika :PPPPPPP

  25. kyoshiro Says:

    Enos leptou sigh gia to mpalaki…

    Kai nai Speedy Exw vrethei kapoies fores sto Harajuku Brige..
    Opou xwris kanena thesmo party kai mono me ena forito CD H kai xwris…kapoioi apla einai eleftheroi na ekfrasoun tin stilistiki tous apospi..xwris diagwnismo kalyterou ,xwria vraveia kai nai kai ekei exei fail Flexxi alla me ena sevasmo pros to thesmo Cosplay kai oti afto simenei..polla akoma kai apo fail….

    Kai nai egw edw apla anartw aposph kai den kanw syzitisi den to sinithizw hlektronika afto ..eimai poly old fashioned gia na to kanw afto… se periptwsh pou pareksigithika..an den paei kati prwsopika tote kante to comment kai oxi reply se emena H oopion allo edw.. ….Good eos edw???
    Greece is a free country swsta??Opote na dikaioumai kai afto to lew for me mono na epilegw pia an tha paw kapou kai den paw mono gia na pw oti piga..
    To kalytero einai oti den ehw hasei kanenan filo apo ta tote agapimena Kavatza party..giati den xriazonte ena xwro kai ena so called party gia na me doun…enas aplos kafes h tsai kai emai ekei…

    Kai telika kai to ennow kyriolektika nomizw oti o Speed apantise kalytera se ooola ta alla kai kallo einai oti exete na peite apo edw kai pera na to peite sthm last diki tou apanthsh kai oxi sti last mine..

    Paw na piw mia Souroti ..na honepsw ..

  26. Speedgrapher I love you!!!

  27. speedxgrapher Says:

    Mmm, you say that to every Dwarf you meet… Nevermind that they ALL want you!!! 😛

  28. Flexy o Ble Says:

    Einai profanes nomizw oti o ka8enas mas exei diaforetika kinhtra, aformes gia to an 8a paei h oxi se kapoio apo ta yparxonta parties, etsi opws einai twra ta dedomena.
    Apo mena einai sebasto toylaxiston kai gt 8elete kapoioi na phgainete akoma kai gt kapoioi den briskete kanena pia kinhtro na pate.
    Alla telika, mia kapoia ore3h gia koybenta h kapoia protash parapera den eida 😦

    Kai pragmatika nomizw oti 8a tan kalytero apo to na griniazoyme, na paroysiazotan kati to diaforetiko anti na leme ti mas ftaieei afoy nomizw pia to empedwsame.

    Sto telos me blepw na eimai 8ammenos katw apo ena boyno me ta mpalakia poy peta3a.
    Plhn ena poy kolympaei sth soda 🙂

    • Velvet Says:

      Kapou edw na 8umhsw oti oi Umi ftiaxthkan gia auto to kati diaforetiko? (Maid Cafe, Chorissu) Aplws to diaforetiko an ginetai sunexeia 8a ginei sunh8eio kai monotono. Ase pou einai pio poluploko sto na diorganw8ei apo ena aplo party.


      • speedxgrapher Says:

        Μεταξύ μας τώρα ήταν λίγο άσχετο, διότι ως Umi ακόμα ψαχνόμαστε αλλά anyway.


    An kai exw kalifthei plirws me to post tou Speedgrapher k tis apanthseis pou dothikan sth sunexeia apo ekeinon k ton Thanator..lew na milisw parolauta.

    Katanow oles tis antidraseis k sxedon oles tis energeies pou eferan se tetoia thesh patou to olo Cosplay attitude k genika ta Japanese parties sthn Athina. To oti tis katanow vevaia eine kai auto pou me kanei na exw thn apopsh oti exoun ftasei se telma..kai an o kosmos twn jparties htan ligo pio antikeimenikos k evlepe pio sferika to olo thema, xwris na epikentrwnete mono se egwkentrikes leptomeries dn tha eixe ftasei tipota se tetoio shmeio.
    H mpala xathike.. (thn efage o Thanator :P) giati opws upothike we are just humans me oti mporei na kouvalaei auto apo pisw tou. Xathike mazi me thn mpala kai h arxikh idea k to feeling..fagothikan apo antiparatheseis, kakentrexia k enan adikaiologito antagwnismo. Auto eispratw egw k auto isxuei ap’oti fenete an lavw upopshn mou pws auto to post EGINE hot topic.

    A snob is someone who adopts the worldview of snobbery — that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, beauty, etcetera. Often, the form of snobbery reflects the snob’s personal attributes.
    Tolmw na pw loipon meta apo auth th dieukrinhsh pws Snob DEN eime.Otan omws kati mou xalaei thn aisthitikh gia ton a h b logo protimw na mhn to parakolouthw katholou apo to na to parakolouthw k na sxoliazw arnhtika h to otidipote allo upothike stis parapanw apanthseis..

    Me to oti exoun kseftisei ta jparties:
    -Den exei na kanei h actually poiothta twn Cosplays
    -Den exei na kanei to oti dn mporei na suniparksei mazi Cosplay & kalh Jmusic me poikilia
    -Den exei na kanei me to oti o kosmos eine periergos k dn eine euxaristimenos me tipota
    -Den exei na kanei o fwtismos
    -Den exei na kanei o xwros
    -Den exei na kanei o kairos k tipota apo ola auta..

    Episis gia na anaferthei h ekfrash “Good old days” paei na pei pws kati exei allaksei..k to na paizeis sunexeia thn idia mousikh dn eine kati to opoio tha tis ferei pisw autes tis kales meres..
    Mporeis na ikanopoihseis polu kosmo me ena kalo party..ki an kapoioi meinoun psiloparaponemenoi me to epomeno mporeis na tous kalupseis k autous(oso anafora thn thematologia..gt an uparxei kalh diathesh to pithanotero eine na perasoun oloi kala.)
    As mhn stekomaste se leptomeries xwris logo.

    Elpizw ta pragmata na anakampsoun k na kounithoun kapoia kefalia meta apo auto k oxi na pismosoun.
    Ligh autognwsia that’s all it takes..

    Baby Animal has spoken xD
    *roars and scratches the haters*
    *Bear-hugs all the lovely allies*

  30. speedxgrapher Says:

    Λοιπόν, εγώ δεν έχω να πω κάτι περισσότερο… Νομίζω ένα Thanator (R.I.P. μπαλάκι) και ένα Baby Animal (*hugs it and scratches its ears*) υπερ-αρκούν με όσα έχουν ήδη πει. Να παρατηρήσω απλώς ότι (σχετικά με ένα reply της Velvet στην Ayami) στην πραγματικόττα 11 άνθρωποι κάνουν την κουβέντα, εκ των οποίων 6 δεν πάνε (ή δεν πολυπάνε τέλος πάντων) στα party. Όσο για το πόσοι διαβάζουν το blog, in fact αυτό το post είχε 250 unique views τουλάχιστον (λέω τουλάχιστον διότι τα stats συμψηφίζουν διάφορα που δεν καταλαβαίνω ακριβώς). Άρα τουλάχιστον 250 άνθρωποι ενδιαφέρονται τι λέγεται εδώ κι ας μην σχολιάζουν. Επιπλέον, τα συνολικά views είναι ως τώρα 735, πράγμα που σημαίνει ότι οι όποιοι αναγνώστες παρακολουθούν την συζήτηση (και δεν μετράει τα δικά μου views, που κάνω refesh κάθε λίγο και λιγάκι). Άρα αν περίπου το μισό crowd των αθηναϊκών party βρίσκει ότι εδώ λέγεται κάτι άξιο προσοχής, μάλλον συμβαίνει και κάτι άξιο προσοχής και προβληματισμού.

  31. Sokail Says:

    +1 til Baby Animal…!

    It’s nice to be almost completely covered by a friend, when I’m too bored to write anything, mostly ’cause I’m not that interested to the matter itself… I said it once, I’ll now write it… I just wanted some beer and a cause to laugh… Since this is over, I’m outta there too… It’s not like I have bad feelings for anybody. I’ve made some good friends inside this mess…

    Επίσης θα μπορούσε ο οποιοσδήποτε να κρίνει τον Speedy λίγο υπερβολικό, είτε σε αυτά που λέει, είτε στον τρόπο με τον οποίο τα λέει… Ίσως όμως είναι λίγο δύσκολο για τον οποιοδήποτε να καταλάβει το συναίσθημα ενός ανθρώπου που ήθελε ενθουσιωδώς να ασχολειθεί με κάτι και του βγήκε από τη μύτη… Γιατί κατά τη γνώμη μου αυτό είναι που “φταίει”… Το γεγονός ότι έχει γεμίσει ο κόσμος ντίβες κι ότι όλη η ιδέα του πάρτυ έχει πάει στον διάολο, έχοντας γίνει απλά μια αφορμή για να σηκώσει η κάθε ντίβα πιο ψηλά τη μύτη της… Το πάρτυ είναι μια γιορτή… Είναι ΣΥΝαγωνισμός, όχι ΑΝΤαγωνισμός… Χρειάζονται απλά ανθρώπους με κέφι… Ούτε ονόματα, ούτε ομάδες, ούτε και επώνυμους διοργανωτές στην τελική. Αλλά από την άλλη πάλι είμαστε στην Ελλαδάρα…

  32. Sokail Says:

    Oh…! Κι επειδής το ξέχασα κι έγινα λιγάκι άδικος (αν και δεν θα το καταλάβαινε κανείς αυτο, αν δεν το έλεγα… :P)…

    Εγώ Βλάσση μου να προτείνω πράματς, με χαρά μου…! Είχα μια ιδέα για κάτι black metal events… Άλλο πράμα σε λέω! 😛

  33. Flexy o Ble Says:

    Nai Hlia m enta3ei, oson afora to teleytaio, alla telika h koinh synistamenh den einai to black metal, ta lives p mporei na kanw egw h otidhpote allo paraplhsio exei kaneis na paroysiasei.
    H koinh synistamenh omws einai ayto poy mas efere oloys ston idio xwro.
    Oti problhmatizomaste, problhmatizomaste. Kai makari na dw k alloys na sxoliazoyn apo to apla na kanoyn views.
    Deyteros gyros–>Hlia, symfwnw para poly me osa les sto prwto comm. Alla…h mpala me ton antagwnismo exei xa8ei (to gio ths mpalas——>mpalaki ton efage o Thanator xaxaxax).
    Nees idees zhtaw gia mia die3odo kai oxi na leme poios kalyptei ton allo perissotero kai to na to ri3oyme kai teleiws sto sarkasmo g ta xalia de nomizw na boh8aei 🙂

  34. Sokail Says:

    Errrmmm… It was a poor attempt at humor, dear… 😉 Άλλωστε, μιας που διάβασες το προηγούμενο σχόλιό μου, το νόημα του οποίου βρισκόταν στο πρώτο του μέρος, δεν βλέπω το λόγο να πάρεις το επόμενο σχολιό μου και πολύ στα σοβαρά… 😛

    Όσο για όλα τ’ άλλα. όπως δήλωσα και στο MyFace πριν κανα πεντάλεπτο… “Mjödhornen är aldrig tomma… För de som är värdiga!” 😉

  35. evelina Says:

    kalhspera loipon paidakia ki apo mena!
    to diavasa olo monokapania trwgontas to froutaki p m fere h mama m [g kapoio logo otan plhsiazei e3etastikh k arxizw diavasma 8umatai epoxes panellhniwn :p]
    loipon…meta th psilofail eisagwgh mou…sunexizw pio sovara!
    so….ena mikro backround …3erw gia to 8esmo twn parties autwn edw kai peripou 2-3 xronia alla logw diaforwn atuxiwn dn eixa kateferei na paw pote kai me xara anakoinwnw pws ton epomeno mhna kleinw to 1o mou xrono!
    nai ok isws o enas xronos na ein potapos alla egw xairomai :p [so there XD]
    pou leteeeee…exw akousei paaaara polla pragmata apo tous palious gia ta palia party kai mporw na katalabw gt oloi e3umnoun tis palies kales meres..gt tote htan pou arxize kati,tote htan to feeling tou “nai dn eim monos mou se auth th xwra *cries tears of joy*” kai gw etc eniw8a otan to ma8a :p
    kai uparxei akoma kosmos pou dn to 3erei!
    opws eipa loipon dn exw empeiria ap ta palia alla pistevw pws exoun pextei kapoia kala partakia fetos!
    auto p me xarophei perissotero sthn olh fash ein ooola ta atoma p gnwrisa kai akoma gnwrizw! auto ein pou me en8ousiazei pragmatika<3
    pistevw pws oloi mas eimaste anoixtoi se nea atoma arkei na mhn exoun ena attitude tou stul "eim o 8eos/8ea tou cosplay,proskunhste to eidwlo klp-klp"…sumfwnw pws uparxei kosmos me tetoio attitude kai to "exw diavasei 5 kefalaia naruto kai eim gamatos" kai meta to paizoun kai kapws…alla auta dn ein mesa sto programma? nomizw pws bgainw ligo ektos 8ematos bebaia…. 😦
    damn maybe should have just observed from the sidelines!

    apo apopsh cosplay..exw kanei kai gw tis dikes m apopeires kai ok 3erw ta la8h m se autes kai eimai tis apopshs "ama ein na kaneis kati kanto swsta" alla prospa8w na ma8w ap auta kai na kanw o,ti kalutero mporw ma ta limited resources mou……kai ok exoun dei kapoia kaka pragmata ta matia mou k aporousa…alla ap thn allh dn 3ereis o allos ti duskolies eixe! bebaia uparxei k h apopsh pws ok re file sou bghke fail mh to kaneis se auto to party as to gia to epomeno!..twra ti na sas pw…*sigh*

    kala ola auta alla dn 3erw an ein h 8esh m na milhsw edw pera!
    opote teleiwnontas to mono p mporw na pw g ola ein ta e3hs:

    1.there are good days and bad days
    2.after the rain comes a rainbow..[wii rainbows :p]

    i think the above is overflowing with my uncertainty so please don't chew up the begginer…:)

  36. speedxgrapher Says:

    Γεια σου ρε Sokail υπερδιπλάσιε (που θα έλεγε και ο Χάρυ Κλυνν)! Νομίζω ότι έκανες ακόμα καλύτερη σούμα του πράγματος (just beat everything with a Trollhammaren until it fits in the damn box). Όσο για το black metal και το τελευταίο σου σχόλιο, όχι, το μπαλάκι του Thanator δεν πάει με τη μελιτζανοσαλάτα!

    Παρεμπιτόντως το Thanator έχει εξάψει τη λυρική μου διάθεση: “Thanator, Thanator, σκόρπισαν παντού! Κάθε σπίτι μια φωλιά του μικρού θεριού! Hey!”

  37. Sokail Says:

    Very true, min kompis… Very true…! 😉 An kai to mpalaki tou Thanator paei me melitzanosalata… Death by eggplant (… salad)! 😛

  38. Flexy o Ble Says:

    Tespa…mallon to na synexistei h koybenta einai pointless giati de blepw na leme kai kati oysiwdes apo ena shmeio kai meta.
    Apla na 8elw na pw ayto poy ais8anomai.
    Gnwrizete oti eimai ena party animal kai ka8e mera na yphrxe kati san party poy mporw na paw 8a phgaina kai opws leei kai h Kyoshiro “esena kai eidhseis na s bazane pali 8a xoreyes”.
    C ya around the doggpound kai perimenw na dw kai kati allo. Opoios 8elei boh8eia, moy leei na kanw to nerokoybalhth ama 8elete gt de gnwrizw kai para polla g na boh8hsw me allo tropo se mia syndiorganwsh.

  39. Neuro Says:

    Λοιπόν ας πω και εγώ την άποψη μου περί του θέματος …

    Γκουχου … εκμχμμχμ …

    Ας ξεκινήσω με το τελευταίο party που έγινε και περί τον φωτογραφιών, εάν θα ήθελα να είμαι ειλικρινής μπορώ να πω ότι μονό 2 φωτογραφίες από τις 220 που τράβηξα με ικανοποιούν (από άποψη τεχνικής, στήσιμο, μοντέλο και φωτισμό). Πρώτο θέλω να φωτογραφίσω τα παιδιά που είναι φίλοι μου σε άκυρες στιγμές που μετά θα γελάμε όταν θα τα βλέπουμε στο FB και τις ανέβασα για να τα δούναι τα παιδιά για αυτό και μπορούν να το δούναι φίλοι φιλών … ή και μονό φίλοι. Εάν υπάρχουν φωτογραφίες που δεν αρέσουν στο άτομο που είναι την βγάζω άμεσος εγώ προσωπικά. Τώρα περί στήσιμο … όπως είπε και η Λια δεν γίνεται να γνωρίζω το κάθε anime , manga και να λέω τι να κάνουν τα παιδιά … δεν έχω την υπομονή του speed σε αυτό το θέμα (δηλαδή να τους στήνω και να τους λέω πως να ποζάρουν). Για να κλίσω το θέμα με τις φωτογραφίες σε οποίον δεν αρέσουν ας μου το πει δεν έχω θέμα … αλλού εξασκώ την τέχνη στο δρόμο, στο πάρκο, στο σπίτι όπου έχω το φωτισμό που θέλω.

    Τώρα περί το ότι κάτι λίπη στα party … μμμ ναι συμφωνώ εν μερί … 1 δεν είναι DJ τα παιδιά που τα διοργανώνουν όποτε μουσικός δεν επαρκούν οι επιλογές τους παντα, τουλάχιστο για μένα. Αλλά δεν είναι μονό περί μουσικής το party, είναι ο χώρος που θα γυνή το κλίμα που θα επικράτηση τα cosplay η ψηφοφορία και τα δώρα εννοείτε. Δίστιχος η ψηφοφορία εδω και κάποιο καιρό έχει χαλάσει κάπως επειδή παλιά σε εύρισκε μια κοπελίτσα με την κάλπη και ψήφιζες τώρα καταλαβαίνεις ότι πέρασε η ψηφοφορία όταν ανακοινώνετε ή ίσως εγώ απλώς να παρασύρομαι και να μην το καταλαβαίνω. Βεβαία έχουμε συζήτηση και ανάλυση αυτό το θέμα με τις ομάδες με συμβουλές κτλ.

    Ο κόσμος τώρα δεν έχει αλλάξει για μένα μονό που οι παλαιοί θέλουν και κάτι άλλο κάτι το διαφορετικό ώστε να ξυπνήσει αυτή η αρχική χαρά με τα party. Ίσως να χρειάζεται να γυνή διαχωρισμός party και cosplay … κάτι που πραγματικά το θέλω 1 φορά το 6 μινο cosplay την μέρα σε εκθεσιακό κέντρο ή κάπου αλλού που έχει μπόλικο χορό. Θα έδινε τον χρόνο να προετοιμαστούν καλά cosplay αλλά και να γυνή ποιο σωστή φωτογράφιση επειδή θα έχεις όλοι την μέρα και όχι … 2-3 ώρες (όπως τις τελευταίες 2 φόρες που πήγα). Και τα party να είναι σε club με ας πούμε εναλλασσόμενη θεματολογία κάθε φορά … την μια anime ost κτλ. Ιδέες υπάρχουν και έχουν τυπωθεί πολλές φόρες το θέμα είναι να μην βλέπουμε τα αρνητικά και μονό αλλά να βρίσκουμε τρόπους να τα βελτιώσουμε και να δώσουμε το κάτι παράπονο.

    Κλίνοντας Speedy δεν βλέπω λόγο να επιτίθεσαι στα παΐδια που κάνουν cosplay ή σε μας που τραβάμε φωτογραφίες … τα παιδιά και ας κάνουν κάτι fail και που δεν υπάρχουν, άσε που έχουμε κάτι να μας διασκεδάζει. Και όλα τα παιδιά που κάνουν cosplay και φωτογραφίζουν τα party δεν κερδίζουν κάτι… απλός διασκεδάζουν, έξαλλου αυτός δεν είναι ο σκοπός του party να περνάμε καλά με την παρέα?

  40. speedxgrapher Says:

    Neuro πρεπει να ξαναδιαβάσεις δυστυχώς το κείμενο και τα κατεβατά που ακολούθησαν: επανειλημμένα είπα ότι ΔΕΝ επιρρίπτω την ευθύνη αποκλειστικά στον ένα ή στον άλλο (φωτογράφους ή cosplayers) και για αυτό άλλωστε δεν ξεχωρίζω άτομα ή ομάδες. Επίσης για το θέμα “περνάμε καλά με την παρέα”, νομίζω κεντρικό αντικείμενο όλης αυτής της κουβέντας είναι ότι συνολικά το πράγμα έχει ξεφύγει προς το κακό από κάτι τόσο απλό και ευχάριστο, καθώς κι ότι αυτό που γίνεται στο FB (για παράδειγμα, επειδή το ανέφερες – δεν γίνεται μόνο εκεί) είναι ridiculous exhibitionism. “Επιτίθεμαι” (ούτε καν δηλαδή – στην πραγματικότητα εξανίσταμαι) σε μία κατάσταση που με ενοχλεί και με θλίβει. Τώρα το ποιοι είναι ή νοιώθουν υπέυθυνοι για αυτήν είναι άλλη ιστορία. Άλλωστε δεν εκτέλεσα κανέναν – απλά δήλωσα με σαφήνεια ότι αποστατιοποιούμαι από κάτι που προσβάλλει την αισθητική μου και μάλιστα το έκανα στο blog μου, αντί π.χ. σε κάποιο forum, διότι το forum είναι δημόσιο “βήμα”.

  41. Aφρούλα :Ρ Says:

    Παρακολουθω την συζητηση απο την αρχη της σχεδον, μιας και με τραβηξε αμεσως το θεμα του entry …Δισταζα να γραψω κατι μιας και νομιζω οτι με καλυπτει η οπτικη σου Speedgrapher , ετσι δεν θα ειχα να προσθεσω και πολλα. Επισης, δεν εχω συμμετασχει στη διοργανωση καποιου j event, οποτε δεν μπορω να ξερω ποσο περιπλοκο και χρονοβορο μπορει να ειναι απο αποψη οργανωσης,οικονομικη κτλ, ουτε ξερω σπουδαια πραγματα για τα οποιαδηποτε παρασκηνια…Αρα δεν ειμαι εδω για να κατηγορησω καποιον, ειμαι εδω περισσοτερο για να δειτε και την αποψη καποιου που βρισκεται λιγο πιο εξω απο ολα αυτα.

    Ακουω ιαπωνικη μουσικη και ασχολουμαι γενικοτερα με την ιαπωνικη κουλτουρα απο μικρη ηλικια (γυμνασιο xD), ετσι τα j parties οταν ξεκινησαν να διοργανωνονται κι ακομη πηγαινα σχολειο κι εμενα εκτος Αθηνων, ειχαν αποκτησει μια μαγικη και αρκετα ρομαντικη χροια θα ελεγα μεσα μου. Θυμαμαι ακομη και τα πρωτα parties στην Θεσσαλονικη, ακομη κι αν δεν βρισκομουν εκει, οταν ειχα ασχοληθει με την οργανωση του πρωτου ελληνικου jame. Οταν τελικα κατεληξα στην Αθηνα για σπουδες, μπορει να μην εδωσα αμεσως τον παρον, αλλα σταδιακα αρχισα να πηγαινω σε ολο και περισσοτερα parties, events και παρολο που ειχε περασει τοσος καιρος, τα μουσικα μου γουστα επεκταθηκαν και παρολο που ποτε δεν ακουγα anime soundtracks (εκτος απο κομματια ακαταλληλα για διασκεδαση xD), τα οποια συνηθως δεσποζουν στις μουσικες επιλογες καθε παρτυ, δεν μου κακοφανηκε. Ενα παρτυ ειναι ενα γεγονος χαρουμενο, με σκοπο να γινει κεφι, να περασουμε καλα, σκεφτομουν. Οταν αρχισα να βλεπω τους cosplayers, σκεφτηκα οτι ειναι ευκαιρια να φερω φιλους και φιλες μου εκτος χωρου, που τελικα με εξεπληξαν, γιατι παρολο που δεν ειναι τοσο χωμενοι/ες στον χωρο, εδωσαν παρον και σε επομενα parties, και δεν κρυβω οτι αρκετες φορες αυτοι με τραβηξαν να ξαναπαμε.
    Δεν νομιζω λοιπον πως ΔΕΝ υπαρχουν ατομα που ενδιαφερονται. Δεν είναι αναγκη να ειμαστε ολοι οι uber-χωμενοι που ξερουν τα παντα για την j κουλτουρα, που εχουν δει απειρα ανιμε και μπορουν να κανουν «ψαγμενα» cosplays. Καλη διαθεση χρειαζεται και να παιρνουμε τον εαυτο μας λιγοτερο στα σοβαρα. Αν θελουμε να κανουμε ένα απλο παρτυ (το απλο δεν είναι παντα κακο), μια μεγαλυτερη διοργανωση σε διαφορετικο χωρο, ή ένα καρναβαλι, αυτό στο χερι μας είναι. Ναι, δεν μπορουμε να αναγκασουμε κανεναν να μην ερθει στα παρτυ σε μια αποπειρα purification (ειρωνικα το λεω), θελω να ελπιζω πως μπορουμε να ξεφυγουμε από την δημιουργια κλικας, αλλα ας σκεφτουμε ολοι πως σε λιγο δεν θα χρειαζεται να διωξουμεφερουμεαλλαξουμεεκσυγχρονισουμε κατι, μιας και δεν θα υπαρχει τιποτε πια.

  42. speedxgrapher Says:


    καταρχήν +1 που υπέγραψες με αυτό το handle! I am touched… Δεύτερον να σε ευχαριστήσω για μια πολύ sober και σαφή άποψη και να σταθώ ιδιαίτερα σε αυτό που λες στην τελευταία παράγραφο, “καλή διάθεση”. Μεγάλη υπόθεση αυτό. Όσο για το κλείσιμό σου, είναι ευχάριστο να βλέπω ότι κάποιος εμφανώς ανησυχεί και για τα ουσιώδη τεκταινόμενα, τα οποία μπορεί συν τω χρόνω να καταστήσουν την οποιαδήποτε διασκέδαση πολυτέλεια.

    Πολλά φιλιά!

    • Aφρούλα :Ρ Says:

      μα αφου εχει γινει το συνθηματικο μας, πως να μην υπογραψω ως Αφρουλα :Ρ κατορθωσα να εχω sober αποψη οπως λες γιατι περιμενα να δω που θα καταληξουν τα τοσα comments, αλλιως κι εγω θερμοκεφαλη ειμαι,μη νομιζεις,θα ειχε γινει χαμος xDDD θα παρακολουθω τις εξελιξεις, να εισαι σιγουρος, κι αν μπορω να βοηθησω σε κατι,θα το κανω. (βαριες κουβεντες!!) It was my pleasure, take care 🙂

  43. Koureftika kai eimai sexy.Asxolithite me auto kalitera giati etsi opws to vlepw se ligo tha exoume enedres katw apo ta spitia orismenon…Ts ts ts…

  44. speedxgrapher Says:

    Αυτό είναι! Λοστούς και καδρόνια!

    • e twra lostous kai kadronia…Yparxoun kai pio diakritika pragmata pou mporoume na xrisimopihsoume… ^_^

  45. Ayto to “an mporw na voithisw ki egw se kati” to eida twra k to thymithika. Einai poly ypouli frasi telika, den prokeitai na tin ksanapw pote…
    “Afroula” swsth se vriskw

    • Aφρούλα :Ρ Says:

      δεν εχεις αδικο, πολλα μπορει να υπονοουνται πισω απο αυτη τη φραση, αλλα στην περιπτωση μου τιποτε υποπτο :Ρ
      χαιρομαι που συμφωνουμε!

  46. Oremo Says:

    I have to say that for me there is no way I’ll ever get bored of Japanese music and culture, I don’t really know what’s the feeling of kavatza cause I wasn’t really there.
    I think the fault is at those who do the events cause the only thing they do they try to please everyone tha goes to their events and there little by little the the meaning and the spirit of Japanese events is lost!

    I was attending at the events cause I really wanted to support the J-events even though I didn’t like the event itself so much as I used but not anymore cause I go to a place that has no meaning anymore for me!

    Instead of giving up I thought of trying to change the things so with some others who really love Japanese culture and music will bring the old spirit, at least I hope so!

    Speedy take care man and have fun:)

  47. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thanks Oremo-kun. My love for the culture and the music is still there, just not in its current form in Greece, so I wish you luck in your endeavor!

  48. Raziel Says:

    An kai den synithizw na asxoloumai me forum,blog,mail klp klp thewrw pws mallon eprepe na apanthsw se ayto agaphmene ero-grapher!!

    prwt’ap’olla couldn’t agree more me ta legomena sou speedy-san.
    kai mena me exei ksenerwsei h olh fash me ta party ect.
    Apla gia mena ayto pou ftaei,kai pou kapoioi to aneferan prin apo mena(paidia mhn varate den thymamai poioi kai variemai na psaksw!!!!) einai oti pleon exei ginei poly antagwnistiko to olo thema.
    Ap’oti vlepw o oros japanese culture exei ginei ena me thn leksh cosplay kai ola gyrnane gyrw apo ayto.Me apotelesma na dhmiourgountai parekshghseis antagwnismoi klikes kai loipa.
    oute athlima na htan!!!!!!!! se ligo tha to valoume kai stous olympiakous agwnes (xryso metalio Iapwnia kai paei legontas! XD )
    Opote ma opote anakoinwnetai party to prwto pragma pou paei sto myalo einai to ti cosplay na kanw kai pws(genika milwntas!:P). Den lew pws einai aparaithta kako ayto alla 1on prowthei ton antagwnismo kai 2on japanese culture shmainei kai alla pragmata.
    koinws apla pistevw oti ola exoun ginei enas megalos diagwnismos me oles tis synepeies aytou. Xwris na thelw na thiksw kanenan nomizw oti ena poly megalo pososto tou kosmou pou erxetai sta party erxetai me prwth kai kyria skepsh ta cosplay kai oxi to na perasei kala sto party.

    Ayta ta oliga!!!!!!!!!!!!! (elpizw na mhn phre kanenas strava ayta pou egrapsa :P)


    P.S crowbars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (opws leei kapoios! :P)

  49. speedxgrapher Says:

    [Technical Interlude: sorry for the late comment approvals but I do not have internet since Friday!!! 😦 ]

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