Oni Market #24: The Archives Behind the Lens

Oddly enough and contrary to habit, this post is going to be about myself. As you know, odd and inconsistent though it has become, my blogging takes place in three blogs, including this one, Easy Subjugation and A View to Kill For… in MySpace (the latter having been all but abandoned and used mainly for announcements and promotion of events, although it still has some of my (so-called) poetry in it). As you also know, all these blogs are in English and I write in them using the nickname that most of you readers know me and many also call me by, IRL (In Real Life).

However, in truth, very little people know what I do in my everyday life, where and how I work, what I am really about. I have worked as a journalist, columnist, a photographer (well, obviously), I am currently working as a translator for scientific books (mostly) and have even done a bit of fiction writing. More to the point, all these things have been done in Greek. For some time I have been considering creating an archive of my work online (for many reasons, not the least of which is showcasing it so I can perhaps get more work), but so far the only step I had taken was creating a photo folder with scans in my MySpace profile. I also considered creating a section in one of my blogs for that, but it did not fit with any of the themes and more importantly, a Greek section in any of the otherwise all-English blogs? It just didn’t fit.

So I made the next obvious choice and created a new blog, this one in Greek, where I have uploaded a considerable amount of my work and will continue to do so. Articles, translations, fanzines and some other stuff I did at one time or the other. Furthermore, I plan on putting there any interesting Greek reviews or other texts I come up with over time. This blog is designed so as not to be regularly updated, but if you take a tour through its pages there’s more than enough to keep you occupied for some time, especially the Greek otaku among my readers here, since a good number of my articles pertained to our common interests (be sure to click at any article enough times to get to the largest version of the scan, so it can be readable).

Well, that’s all I wanted to say: I hope you will take the time to drop by here and check out my work and hopefully, find it interesting.




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