Oni Market #23: Cosplayers & J-fans @ Comicdom Con Athens 2010

Hello again dear readers. It’s time for some glorified voyeursim yet again– err, I meant a new photo gallery containing cosplays and featuring some friends from the J-Events. I shall not tarry with pointless chit-chat and will just say two things: first, CHORISSU is on its way to Salonika as we speak and soon I will have more news as to where you can get it, both there and in Athens and second, I would like to congratulate Helen Trigatzi for her Silk Spectre depiction, as well a thank her for putting some of my photos up on her very interesting Deviant Art page. Go and have a look – you will be amazed!

That said, we can move on to the photos. Note that they are an assortment from all three days.

Well, that was it – I did warn you they were just a small assortment, but fun all the same I suppose.

See you around,


P.S. [WordPress can go fuck itself because it lost my captions once more. I am too bored and busy to rewrite them. Gomen…] I did rewrite them after all.


2 Responses to “Oni Market #23: Cosplayers & J-fans @ Comicdom Con Athens 2010”

  1. Wee, thank you for the photos and for taking time to rewrite the caps, Speed-san! Half the fun is lost without them ^^

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Bah, these were not that great anyway, but thank you all the same little candy-cane. ^___^

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