Oni Market #22: Chorissu @ Comicdom Con Athens 2010

I had wanted to do this much, much earlier, but I have been busting my ass with the reports from COMICDOM CON, all besides everything else I have to deal with in my everyday life (too much, too boring, too doesn’t-really-matter-to-anyone-but-me). However, I have managed to steal some time (from the great, eternal Repository of Time, evidently) and say a few words about Umi & Sora’s new fanzine, CHORISSU. First off, I would like to thank all the friends who came by over the three days to support us and everyone else who picked up our fanzine, totaling sales of over 100 copies (which, trust me, for a virtually unknown fanzine – which in addition is more article than comic-centric –  is not shabby at all).

As with all collective works, there were bound to be some mistakes and judgment errors which sadly, either do not do justice to all the people that contributed their artwork, or ended up slighting them.  For that I would like to apologize and attempt to make some feeble amends, if anything to at least give my conscience some peace.

So first-off, in the artwork credits, two artists have not been listed with their full names: Korinna Veropoulou (Tori) and Efrosyni Giannakaina. I can only say that we never meant for that to happen and it was just one of those mistakes that slipped through the cracks. Furthermore, it is my opinion that the format in which Korinna’s contribution was printed does not do it justice and therefore you can see it in its original, disturbed glory below.

Additionally, there is one of Efrosyni’s pieces which I felt would have been better as a full-pager and in color (the color part was obviously impossible) and so I would like you to see it as I saw it in front of me. Note that it is watercolored and not by Photoshop and you will probably notice it is a variation on Kuroshitsuji.

Finally, and this where it hurts the most because she is a dear friend, I feel that Elli “Asaph” Moka’s artwork has been grossly misrepresented and its inherent humor lost due to the miniaturization. Therefore, I am also posting it here in its original form with my sincerest apologies and regret.

Those things having been said, now go buy the damn fanzine. It will be soon made available through certain venues, which will be promptly announced.




3 Responses to “Oni Market #22: Chorissu @ Comicdom Con Athens 2010”

  1. The fanize was great! I really liked it and it covered a variety of subjects! great job every one!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thank you dear Wabbit! You were extra-cute in that attire (as the world will soon find out).

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