April 2010 Events: Update #1

I said I may have some more news for you this week and here they are:

Press Release

Umi & Sora have remained somewhat silent after the successful Cosplay & Maid Café at The Mall’s FNAC and this may have given the impression of an untimely retirement, an impression entirely false at that! On the contrary, after careful consideration, followed by many months of planning, we are proud to present our latest project!


CHORISSU is a magazine focused on our well-loved modern Japanese culture, which covers a broad spectrum ranging from manga, anime and cosplay, to music and video games. The magazine has been composed by the entirety of the team, guaranteeing variety in subjects, opinions and writing styles. Furthermore, the magazine is illustrated with artwork from a number of young Greek artists, within and outside of the team.

Inside you will find reviews on manga, anime and bands, interviews and articles concerning the Greek as well as the Japanese version of modern visual culture and much, much more!

CHORISSU will be available over the three days of COMICDOM CON at the Hellenic-American Union (16th-18th of April – Massalias 22, Athens), at the fanzine area.

We hope to see you there!

Jya ne,

Umi & Sora


6 Responses to “April 2010 Events: Update #1”

  1. Finally, a name! hahaha

  2. speedxgrapher Says:


  3. gia na oume…

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Elpizo na eisai ekei masto(u)ra, na poume kai kamia lalakia.

  5. Kyoshiro Says:

    Elpizw tote na exeis xrono na tin poume mikre …alliws kagikes….Kai an o Zauk den erthei tha vgei o Kyo apo mesa mou kai tha ta spasw olla…Aplo…

  6. ermmmm egw tha mporesw na erthw mono stis 16 tou minou kai auto psilo arga to apogeuma kata tis 6.To soukou tha eimai salonika…Ypoxrewseis ti na kanw…

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