March 2010 (and not 2009 *ahem*) Events

Hello again readers and welcome to me sleep-deprived update, as book evaluations, book translations and much, MUCH more has mucked up my sleeping hours and locations (finishing reading at book at 06:30 in the morning, writing the evaluation up until 07:30, then drinking coffee at 08:00 and falling asleep on the couch until almost 11:30, when I had to get up and go downtown for more things that needed to get done). At any rate, I still have so much to do that, up until a few days I was considering not posting altogether during March, when I got a heads-up for something called “Harajuku Street Party” but I am getting ahead of myself  and in danger of tripping over my own words. At any rate, this month is rife with events and if I wanted to write about the one that sparked my interest, I had to include the whole set. So here goes:

First up is J.A.P 団’s third party in Salonika on the 20th of March, at the Red Raod Cafe (117, Egnatia Str. & Iasonidou), which will again feature multiple contests, such as:

Jap Dan, Third Time's the Charm?

(1) Best Anime Cosplay.

(2) Best Photo-shoot.

(3) Best Role-Play Acting and the all-new

(4) Best Kame Hame Ha, where contestants are called upon to do their best impersonation of the famous technique from Dragonball, regardless of cosplay, giving it their all with movement, voice and, well… chi!

The party starts a t 19:00 with Free Entry.

Moving back here to Athens, on the same day (March 20th) Akai Panda organize their own All-Day Maid Cafe at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia), banking on the extreme popularity of Umi & Sora ‘s Cosplay & Maid Cafe back in October.

Akai Panda All-Day Maid-Cafe and More.

This particular party features tons of extras, such as Karaoke, Video-Games and a bunch of other stuff that you can either read on the poster, or go here. I simply don’t have the energy to catalog everything…

I saved the best for last, the one that prompted me to do this post, the “Harajuku Street Party” by Wrong Group, on the 27th of March, again at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia) featuring our beloved Sunday radio freaks, N8 and Bloody K., who are joined at the decks by the much celebrated Boudoir X (which will include Baby Animal besides Milk and Louiza)!

Harajuku Street Party Extravaganza!

The party will be an all-inclusive Japanese fashion-inspired event, a tribute to one of the most colorful streets in Tokyo, where cosplayers mingle with lolitas and die-hard visual-kei aficionados, which birthed its own, synonymous style concept: the Harajuku Style. As anyone who has listened to Bloody & N8s internet radio show knows, you can expect an amazing mingling of music usually unheard and untouched at the parties, coupled with some of the crowd’s favorites, making it a music event that promises to be unforgettable and aspiring to be as colorful as its namesake. So get your frilly dresses and your shiny leather outfits, make your hair explode and choose your cosplays well, in order to bring Harajuku to Athens for one special night! The party starts at 21:00 with an entrance of 3,5 euros (including beer, a glass of wine, most coffees etc.).

The reason I am so happy about this event, is that it is organized in the spirit that kicked off what is in danger of becoming a dying trend, by some of the most energetic and fun people I have ever met and who were all there, at the beginning, 2 years ago. You can COUNT on my being there!!!

Signing off,



9 Responses to “March 2010 (and not 2009 *ahem*) Events”

  1. Kyoshiro Says:

    At LAST!!!!

  2. E na se dume k emeis lagki, ne? 🙂

    (hi Kyo!)

    PS You call yourself sleep-deprived? Alas, you are still a youngling, young padawan.. 😛 😀

  3. Kyoshiro Says:

    Hahahaha sooo true Eri -Chan..and it is 2010 last time I tsek…..=P

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    *ahem* fixed it. In fact I remembered that I wanted to link to you with that phrase but it got lost along the way Eri-chan.

  5. Axa.Gia na doume… Kalispera kiolas..

  6. FleXy o Skoteinoulis Says:

    Elpizw na mhn er8eis armed me to klassiko pistoli kai to bazo barykoko :P:P:P:PP:P:P

  7. a beast Says:

    it will be an overkill

  8. akihisa Says:

    kala eskise ktes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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