Oni Market #21: Jamming With the Teach

Yet another category which hasn’t had an entry in quite a long time (since November, to be exact). To be honest, I haven’t had anything of note to post here, seeing as I have not seen any new anime or listened to some new band or album. However, sometimes the Oni of the Market deals in people and services and here is what your friendly horned neighbor discovered: while I was out getting my weekly (or monthly – depends) fix of comic books, I noticed the following flyer on the counter, which I assumed was manga or J-event related, due to Naruto on the background.

Japanese Lessons With Teacher Tomo.

Imagine my surprise when I realized it was actually a flyer for Japanese lessons by MOULT’s and SOMA‘s Tomo. It struck me as strangely fitting – given that, in Greece, knowledge of Japanese or desire for such stems at around 85% from otaku’s need to learn the original language of their manga and anime, or j-music lovers to understand the songs’ lyrics: what better way then, than with an actual j-rocker filling the teacher’s shoes? In time I found out that this was Tomo’s actual job back in England, before he moved to Greece as a permanent resident, which really comes as no surprise: with the exception of very famous (and profitable) bands, most band members have what you would call a “day job”, because the music industry is such that its ups and downs do not make for the safest of professions. For my part, I find really cool that a musician doubles as a teacher.

I can already hear some voices in insidious little heads, thinking: “oh, Speedgrapher met / is a friend with / is an acquaintance of the guy and decided to do a little creative advertising”. Well, truth of the matter and funny bit of story is that I have never actually even met Tomo, despite his being in Greece, because he arrived around the time when my “real life issues” started piling up and I vanished from the parties nearly altogether. So this is just me sharing an interesting bit of information.

As an aside, and stressing the point about bands and day jobs, here’s a trailer about a documentary on Anvil and how their lives as musicians took a crooked turn.

See you around,



3 Responses to “Oni Market #21: Jamming With the Teach”

  1. Ayeaaaaaaaaa
    Love Tomo…Good to have him here =]

  2. “To be honest, I ahven’t had” ts ts ts poses fores tha xreiastei na se diorthosw?

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Oh, piss off. [Though I DID correct it, thanks].

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