January 2010 Events

Well, anyone who was really interested already knows this, but I will put it here for completeness’s sake. Tomorrow, January 9th, Sakura Syndrome (well, basically Somnium in Tenebris) host their first Athens party for 2010 at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia), starting at 21:00 as usual. This party, in addition to everyone’s favorite music, will include a guest DJ set by long-time absentee Raven Sweetwater, as well as the European debut of XodiacK’s first album, “Shinra Bansho – Setsuri” (read more here).  Besides the established cosplay contest, keep your eyes peeled for more surprises and freebies during the night.

Sakura Syndrome Pre-Release Party.

On the 23rd of January,  don’t miss “Schoolyard presents Japan Meets New York”, an East meets West special party, also at Da Sein, a joint production of  DCpleen Blog and Nozomi Ongaku. You are invited to listen to the mingled sounds of both New York and Japanese Freestyle, Hip Hop and Electronica, with the extra spice of J-Rock and Visual Kei sounds: an explosive cocktail like no other, hosted by the one and only, mighty KrizD!!!

East meets West. Word!

More on this as I get my hands on the information.

Have a nice month,



6 Responses to “January 2010 Events”

  1. Hope you ARE coming this time 😉

  2. Yes, hope to be able to see you this time, if you can come! ^^

  3. respectaaa!!!

  4. greaaaatttt!!!!!

  5. 21:00 starts!!

  6. cooooool! 🙂

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