Down the Rabbit Hole on Christmas Day (Photoshoot 10/10/2009)

As you have no doubt noticed, I have been under radio silence for the better part of a month: not a peep, nor a squeak, or even a feeble click. Some of you were concerned and even alarmed that I was not present at Akai Panda’s Christmas Special and I thank you all for your wishes. I really appreciate the sentiment. The silence and absence have a number of boring and depressing reasons, so I will refrain from tiring you with them. Suffice to say that priorities have been in a steady crash course for some time now and things will not get better before they get worse, so yes, it is very likely I will be in my semi-Houdini state for some time to come (do not fall victim to misconceptions: the complete Houdini state translates to complete vanishing for 3 or 6 months or even a year – it has happened before).

At any rate, that doesn’t mean I do not still have a bulky backlog of photographic material, so I will slowly endeavor to go through it. Today’s post is from the pre-party photo shoot on the 10th of October, initially Neuro’s idea, which – although not many people turned up – I believe substituted quality for quantity: a fine thing by my reckoning. I believe the meeting had been scheduled for 18:00 at Areos Plaza and at that time the only people present were Spirosk81, DJ Gaara and myself (Neuro arrived much later but in his defense, there WAS a problem with commuting on that day), while we were soon joined by Yo! Master dressed as Takahata Takamichi from an alternative version of Negima (I cannot remember the extremely head-numbing specifics, sorry). An hour, maybe an hour-and-a-half  later, an Alice in Wonderland ensemble showed up, featuring Wabbit as Alice, Epilogue as the Mad Hatter and Fireroses as the White Rabbit. By sheer coincidence, Evaofdawn’s choice of clothes made her a perfect addition as the White Duchess. Later still, Memole also showed up as Tifa Lockhart from the original FFVII (I think).

Well then, here they are, some 80 pictures in all: hope you enjoy them!

Right, ummm… since WordPress is being a fuckwit again and it lost my captions (yes, yet AGAIN), I am afraid you will have to do without. Besides, there weren’t as many as usual and it’s probably just habit that made me put them there. Right at the end, before we made off for Sakura Syndrome’ s party, we were joined by Kirenahana and KawaiiDobermann. You will notice that some backgrounds have been edited: that was because the street and cars were showing, so it was my way of showing the “Beyond the Mirror” effect, as if both realities were side by side but had a distinct barrier between them. In general, this is one of my favorite sets, not just because of the costumes and the in-character poses, but I think the colors came out really well and even the fast-approaching twilight worked to the advantage of Memole’s shoot.

Catch you later,


P.S. For those who might take the post’s title the very wrong way, let me clarify: I edited those yesterday.


5 Responses to “Down the Rabbit Hole on Christmas Day (Photoshoot 10/10/2009)”

  1. Εξαιρετικές οι φώτο για άλλη μια φορά Speedy-san! Keep up the exellent work!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thank you Wabbit-babbit. Have some carrot-cake.

  3. Pou eisai Xamenos Reeeeeee?

  4. Dragonbunny74 Says:

    Kala ME ESTILES!!!! Poli orea idea, ta pedia ine katapliktika k oi photo su TELIES!!!
    Bravo k ales teties ekplixis Dre dre!!
    Filakia Kat!

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