November 2009 Events: Update #2

What follows is the official press release from the three organizing teams of the Halloween J-Music Party, pertaining to the change of venue for the event:

Akai Panda, Nozomi Ongaku and Umi to Sora Events are teams involved in the active propagation of Japanese culture, focusing mainly on the organization of Cosplay and J-Music Parties. So far they have a number of such events under their belt, not the least of which was a hugely successful 3-day event at The Mall’s fnac, near the end of October 2009.

The next event was the scheduled Halloween J-Music Party at MAD Club, on the 13th of November 2009. However, for reasons unrelated and not falling under the purview of the organizing teams, this event has been subject to a number of changes, following the cancellation of the arrangement on the part of MAD. The aim of this press release is to explain the current situation, as well as announce the changes effected.

Initially, members from the organizing teams met with the event manager of the club, around the end of October 2009 and after the necessary discussion and negotiations, agreed upon the aforementioned date of the party. Following continued contact, the poster was prepared, approved, printed and hung inside the fnac’s forum space (the Cosplay and Maid Café, for the duration of the 3-day event, as well as posted all over the internet (MySpace, Facebook, fora etc.).

However, suddenly and without prior warning, all communication with the club manager was lost, while it itself remained henceforth closed. At the site, there was only a poster announcing its transfer to a new space, on the 20th of November 2009. During the only conversation over a 4-day san, we were assured that the event would take place normally, which assurance was later withdrawn.

The reason given by MAD Club’s event manager was the change of ownership, with the new owners demanding immediate delivery of the club and postponing and / or cancellation of all scheduled events.

The organizing teams were never informed of the possibility that there might be ownership issues, nor were they called upon to make their case. Although we do not believe in any way that this was done on purpose, this development is the sole responsibility of MAD Club, for making contradictory arrangements and even more important,for informing us unacceptably late.

Although none of these issues could be foreseen or resolved by the organizers, we feel we owe a sincere apology to the prospective attendees of the event. Following these events, we have contacted another venue in the immediate area and are pleased to announce that the party will take place as scheduled at Art House, situated on 46, Konstantinoupoleos St.. Gazi, again with access from Kerameikos Metro Station.

2009-11-13 - Halloween J-Party Final. - Small

Halloween J-Music Party at New Venue!

We thank you in advance for your understanding and are still expecting you for the craziest J-Halloween ever!

Akai Panda         Nozomi Ongaku         Umi to Sora Events


6 Responses to “November 2009 Events: Update #2”

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  2. Sigura sto Art House? are we sure? dioti den kserw pou einai auto to frontisw na mathw rwtaw

  3. can you explain how to go with a little more detail??? its important to know how to get there without many people noticing the costume…

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well, it’s still in the middle of Gazi, so fat chance of that: anyway, you just exit Kerameikos Metro Station on Konstantinoupoleos and follow it up to the number 46. Nothing more, nothing less…

  5. ari!!!

  6. […] 13th) ’s event went through quite a bit of turmoil before it turned into a success, first by having it canceled and then moved to its new location. Furthermore, the new location could not be properly communicated, some people […]

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