A Sincere “Thank You”

Over the past  week or so, I did the occasional monitoring of the blog’s stats, as I always do, in an effort to assert what I did wrong, right, both or none, in order to try and improve the content. The days at the end of each month are always the most important because, in essence (and on average), you can gauge you readership without constantly hitting the stats’ refresh button. Well, this time around it was quite the opposite and I confess to clicking the aforementioned button unto oblivion (again, not the game, though that too has destroyed me). My WordPress timer records the change of date at 02:00 after midnight, whereby it starts logging stats for the next day (and depending on the day and date, the next week and / or month).

The essential point of all this babbling is this: From October 1st to October 31st, the blog reached a heretofore unprecedented number of 20214 hits! It’s the highest monthly count since the blog made its virgin appearance (July 2008), so I simply wanted to thank you for your continued and growing support of Otaku Lens. It helps convince myself that I am not doing this just for my own geeky pleasure (and if I am, well, at least I am far from alone).

P4010675 - Small copy

Therefore, I will keep posting, so please keep reading and we’ll see where this whole fun and freaky ride takes us.




24 Responses to “A Sincere “Thank You””

  1. KonOkami Says:

    IT’S OVER 9000!!!! Kai poly malista 😛
    Keep up the good work Speed and we’ll be sure to follow (^-^)=b

  2. Respect to otaku lens and to speedgrapher.

    take the ride and have fun dont care about the destination,just do it!

    p.s. orismenes fores noiwthw oti xaramizomai LOL

  3. Estorial Says:

    To infinity and beyond …..!

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thanks guys.

    @Kon Okami: what is the 9000 limit?

    @KrizD: You can’t invest ALL your mightyness in just one thing dude…

    every other blog is bowing to otaku lens!!!

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    OK, that’s stretching it a bit but thanks anyway man.

  7. Kyoshiro Says:

    Pss ti le re file mou.. esy kai to Gallaxy Expess!!
    Kai ne nomizw kai egw pos O krizd xaramizete wres wres…. hahaa
    Alla fovame na tou to pw min faw kamia ksanastrofi!!

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    “Min taizete ton KrizD dixos epivlepsi. POSOXI, VARAEI!”

  9. shinjuku express FTW!Otakulens WHO?

  10. Keep up the excellent work Speedy-san. Miaouuu 😛

  11. speedxgrapher Says:

    *pat-pat, scratches her behind ears*

    Arigatou Wabbito-chan.

    Zauk paizei na eisai apo tous elaxistous pou thymoundai to Shinjuku Express, an ennoeis afto…

  12. Omedeto Speedy-san!!!! but its actually us who have to thank you for keeping us informed about anything greek otakus need to know (and more). 😉

  13. Nerethil Says:

    Ta miaou den mporoun na ta moirazoun etsi opoioi ki opoioi. miaou k lostoi loipon, kai sigxarikia gia to super noumero an k den mou kanei entipwsi. ANTE STO 1.000.000 views!!!!!

  14. FleXys-Vlassible Says:

    Yes mparpma, u are faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from alone 🙂
    Einai san to agaphmeno moy online periodiko ena prama. Enhmerwsh, having fun, anamnhseis, arxeio…
    Synexise thn kalh doyleia me meraki, kefi kai thn monadikh pinelia pou bazeis kai… slourp! slourp! slourp!
    OTAKU LENS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. FleXys-Vlassible Says:

    Y.G.: *HI5*

  16. speedxgrapher Says:

    *Speedgrapher wears Nerethil’s Neko Hat, Samuryan’s RayBan’s, takes his favorite crowbar and hides somewhere to blush beet red in peace and quiet, before reverting to berserk mode*

    Thanks guys and gal!

    *Did I mention that upon his return he brings the mop to clean after Flexxy?*

  17. It’s over 9000!!! XD

    Great goin’, Speedy! I’d say those are pretty good stats! 😛 Heehee! Keep it up, dude cuz people are obviously watchin’! (^-^) YAAAY!!! Srr ya soon (if I can kick these damn viruses!!!) *Hugglez*

  18. O erographer auto enow…kai to ksero gt mia mera tin eixa afierosei se atelioto psaksimo giro apo ta blog kai myspace sou… Me empneeis ena prama xD

  19. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Raven: Although I have seen other spoofs from this con, THAT was completely unknown and obscure to me: thanks for clarifying! ^___^. I hope you get better soon…

    @Zauk: *Speedgrapher presses nori eyebrows impossibly close together and makes as epic a constipated voice as possible, Toshiro Mifune style*

    You… make me bery, bery proud gurassuhopaa!!!

  20. speedy sama my new video is ready please please please upload it on the forum arigato!

  21. dont leave it on the comments make an other update please!!!

    OTAKU LENS RULEZ!!! (>.<)

  22. oh and dont forget to watch the credits nakama!

  23. speedxgrapher Says:

    Oh, I have seen the video on facebook my friend, hehehe. I will be posting it shortly.

  24. speedy dono ari!!!!!!!

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