Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Day 2: Part 2 – Goshujin-sama!

OK, admittedly the title is a bit of a Shinkansen in size, but I try to be as accurate as I can. This post continues where the Very Early Edition left off, which is to say, right at the moment when the Maid Café of the second day opened its doors (well, curtains) to the  astounded visitors. As it turned out, the day I was most worried about (which worry I kept to myself), for a number of reasons (somewhat alienating for otaku to see maids in the flesh, fear of getting arrested for having so many and so sexy girls on public display and a number of other, weirder things), had the most impressive net attendance of the three days (remember, Day 3 was 8 hours versus the 3 hours of Day 2), somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 people.

When we first opened shop, it was very funny seeing the reaction of bystanders, from both inside our community and out, as was watching them trying to work the courage to enter the café and / or talk to the maids. I suppose quite a few girls looked doe-eyed at the butlers too, but their reactions were not as impressive (with the exception of realizing that one of the butlers was Marilou-chan).

Before going any further, some acknowledgments are in order: to Samuryan for going through Traffick Hell in order to help us with a number of things, such as materials, transport and ice, to Estorial for pimping out the electronics in the DJ booth, so that we could mix songs from the second day onwards and to Malvaggia for lending the Maid & Butler team a much needed hand of help. Last but not least, great praise goes to the team itself, who probably spent 3 of the most difficult hours (more in fact, since they had to come earlier, get ready, etc.) of their lives, fun though they may have been and were quite terminally beat by the time we closed.

As for me, well, I believe I have never before been that exposed to lenses of all sorts, the result of which exposure I have seen crawling around the net: well, so be it. I still think I come out horrible in most pictures but the Neko hat and RayBans DID help (once again, thanks to Nerethil and Samuryan respectively). Enough babble though. We all know why you’re here, so have at it!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and look forward to the tons of material still in the works.

Over and out,



16 Responses to “Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Day 2: Part 2 – Goshujin-sama!”

  1. Nerethil Says:


  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well yes… in THIS post at least. Hohohohohoho!

  3. Great photod Speedy-san! Omedetou! ^^

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thank you Wabbit-babbit. ^__^

  5. kalh douleia gia allh mia fora erographer! Oti kai an kanete opou kai an pate pote min ksexnate to “Mmmmm” armozei se poles peristaseis xD

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    *Somewhere across Athens a horrible laughter is heard*.

  7. FleXys-Vlassible Says:

    A para poly wraia…kai oi photos kai ta videakia, mprabo poy t anebases ola. Niw8w san na moyn ekei aytes tis gamates stigmes. To zhsa ek toy fakoy 🙂

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ela, tsopa, tsoooopa min griniazeis Fle-chan. Ego zo sxedon oli mou ti zoi meso tou fakou. 😛

  9. Kyoshiro Says:

    Hmm nomizw oti kapoios ekane to lathos na valei stin zoi tou mesa apo to fako kai tin dikia mou afentomoutsounara?? -_-
    Tetoia lathi na apofevgonte sto mellon giati tha fas toses vordoulies osa eina….i ta views sou!!!!!! mister….Ero Trage =]

  10. Kyoshiro Says:

    Paralipsi sovari apo merous mou kai sta gonata zitw sygknwmin..
    Zauk: apla…. respect… nomizw oti OOLLLAA ta sernika se katanoisan..
    Ahem kai esena kai to “Mmmm” apo to plousio se lekseis me to gramma “M” leksilogion sou ….

  11. speedxgrapher Says:

    *Speedgrapher nods in agreement from the nuke bunker*

  12. Kyo me kaneis na kokkinizo me ta kala sou logia!Apla paradeksou to oti ama oloi itan san kai mena o kosmos tha itan kaliteros Mouxaxaxaxa…

    Dystixos den exo panepistimiakes gnoseis opote eipa na diavaso to leksiko mpas kai matho kapies kales leksoules alla to atimo to anoiksa sto grama “M” ta ypoloipa ta exeis akousei xD

  13. pados i fatsa tou zauk sthn defteri foto einai apistefti…

    speedu san arigato gia tis iperoxes fotos mew!pur pur pur

  14. speedxgrapher Says:

    You are welcome, petite. *And then ol’ Speedy turns the other way and stuffs his nostrils full of cotton.*

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