November 2009 Events

I know you have seen it elsewhere, I know you are already anticipating it and are in the process of sewing / clay-modelling / carpenting / etc. but I simply MUST announce it here as well: Friday the 13th, November 2009, after The Mall, we take Gazi!

2009-11-13 - Akai Panda Halloween

This is Halloween! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Akai Panda and Nozomi Ongaku co-organize and Umi & Sora lend their support to the first ever Halloween J-Music Party, at MAD Club (53, Persefonis St., Athens – access from Kerameikos Metro Station). Although not a cosplay party per se, it has become evident through forums and social networking that people will be dressing up for the occasion anyway. For their part, the teams (especially Akai Panda) will see to it that the inside of the venue is appropriately decorated. The decks will feature KrizD, Namida, myself and a friend as a special guest DJ, who will remain secret for now.

The party starts at 21:00 and entrance is free.

Stay Undead,



8 Responses to “November 2009 Events”

  1. auta einai! anipomonw!!!
    p.s. speedy sama na s pw xoris na 8elw na ginomai piestikos kai spas*****hs 8a h8ela na se rotisw pote peripou upologizeis na anevaseis tis pic apo akai panda, sakura syndrome kai fnac?

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hrmmm… apo fnac to Day 1 einai idi pano, as you know. Tora etoimazomai na anevaso kamia 90aria apo Day 2 kai stadiaka tha anevoun ola. Loooots to do…

  3. Den yparxei prepei…! 😛

  4. arigato gozaimasu speedy dono!

  5. wow i will be there!!!

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ahem…! You are DJing there almighty ninja-hentai-master, remember?!

  7. Den argise ligo auto to event?tharo pos to Halloween sthn amerikh perase…

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