Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Day 3 [Sleepy Edition]

There it goes… It’s come and gone and it was great and Day 3 was chock full of great cosplays, great company, great and fun people. Well done, one and all, for now we have taken a huge step forward and probably opened a very interesting door. I believe that in the coming weeks and months there will be many discussions, as there will be a multitude of posts to cover all that was seen and all that’s happened. Day 3 was predictably the most crowded, although the attendance was comfortably divided over the 8 hours before the screening of Rurounin Kenshin: Requiem for Patriots (where more than 100 people attended as well). I believe it is safe to say that over the 3 days we reached the 1000 mark in total.

As I am incredibly sleepy and unable to take the necessary steps in order to post photos, I am leaving you with one of the most heartwarming images and the best conclusion anyone could hope for in this event. Needless to say, Days 2 and 3 have tons of material to be posted still, so look forward to it (I will do my best to rush it).

Enjoy and good night,



7 Responses to “Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens (22 – 24/10/2009) – Day 3 [Sleepy Edition]”

  1. Kyoshiro Says:

    Hahahahaha My most unf..ckingbelievable part of this night…
    Den yparhoun kalytera paidia apo ooollaa afta ta FANTASMULOUS! paidia….
    You ALL J-rocked!!!! and even more Fnac and all the Mall DOWN!!!!

  2. Ta Germanika moy mesa, I missed the whole thing…

  3. Lool kai to video g kapoio logo kleinei me zoom in se emena kai thn Mika na milame, kai den 8ymamai ti mou eipan kai pairnw fatsa apelpisias meta xD

    In any case, fobero event, to xarhkame paaaara poly, se shmeio na 8elw na liwsw sthn kasa mou gia kamia bdomada twra 😛

  4. Super Mega Great event!!!

  5. Dansa med oss! Klappa era haender! Goer som vi goer, ta naagra steg aat vaenster! Lyssna ock laer, missa inte chansen, nu aer vi haer med Karameldansen!!! xD Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Ante kai sta epomena!!! 😀

  6. OMG…auto ki an itan to highlight tis vradias! Suppaaaaah! 😀

  7. […] Cosplay & Maid Café @ fnac – The Mall Athens – Day 3 [Sleepy … […]

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