October 2009 Events

As September nears its end, in a short couple of weeks we expect Sakura Syndrome over here in Athens, which besides the usual anime, Visual Kei, J-Rock, boy band fare of DJ/VJ, contests and presentations, will feature a couple of particular extras. First off, it’s a double release party, presenting new material from OZ and SCREW, who recently signed on with CLJ records (Sakura Syndrome’s new sponsor). Secondly, a short tribute to the late Jasmine You of Versailles will be part of the program, as the party takes place 2 months after his death, almost to the day (August 9th, 2009). Plus, guest DJ set by the mighty KrizD-sensei!

Sakura Syndrome Double Release Party.

Sakura Syndrome Double Release Party.

The party takes place at Da Sein (Solomou 12 Exarheia) and starts at 21:00. I have noticed that, during the last two Athenian parties, Sakura Syndrome were represented only by Somnium in Tenebris. Now, that is all well and good and it is always a pleasure having her over here, but I sincerely hope Mona Risa will be able to make her appearance this time: it’s not the same having this dynamic duo with only ONE of its explosive components…

See you there (hopefully),



8 Responses to “October 2009 Events”

  1. Will be there!

  2. I am going to be there! Come hell or high water or both, dang it! XD

  3. Hell yeahhh!!!
    I will be also ..but late hours haha
    Time of Kyo..

  4. Maybe I will be there too!

  5. FlexXxible Says:


  6. but whoever is going to come please please please try to cosplay!!!

  7. I have nice surprize for you speedy this time đŸ˜›

  8. speedxgrapher Says:


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