Oni Market #19: Guin Saga

If the title is not expletive enough, this Oni Market will be dedicated solely to my current fixation, a new anime called Guin Saga.


So here goes:

Item #1: Guin Saga. I have been going on and on for years how there hasn’t been a good, decent epic fantasy anime since the original Record of the Lodoss War, with the possible exception of Berserk (which was cut horribly short, compared to the manga),  Shadow Skill: Eigi (the TV series), Scrapped Princess and a feeble fix from Wellber no Monogatari. That’s… four series in over 10 years and none matched the spine-tingle of the original Lodoss OVAs (well, Shadow Skill was a close second). Before you ask, no, I do not count Slayers and all its sequels as decent fantasy. Well, it seems my petitions to the Powers That Be were finally answered, with Guin Saga.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in English.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in English.

Based on the late (she died this May past) Kaoru Kurimoto’s character, protagonist of 126 novels and 21 side-story novels, Guin Saga tells the story of the amnesiac, leopard-headed warrior of the title. The story begins with the destruction of Parros, during which the twin heirs Linda (or Rinda – it’s Japanese after all) and Remus escape, only to be stranded in the vastly dangerous Rood Forest. There, they are found by a patrol of the enemy who killed their parents and took over their country, the Mongaul army. However, it is during their arrest that Guin first appears, while previously unconscious – and without thought, bare-handed, he crushes the patrol. Thus the adventure begins…

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in French.

Guin Saga Vol. 1 in French.

Guin Saga has  – so far – all the elements that make an amazing epic: an amnesiac warrior rivaling Conan himself, stuck with magical leopard-head mask and only the faintest bits of his memory, warring nations, a land beyond which “There Be Monsters”, prophecies, intrigue, strategy and exciting heroics. Besides, magic is not of the usual bubblegum sort (“hey, I cast a Fireball”), but instead richly portrayed as cloaked in mystery, superstition and fear.  I am presently at episode 17 and the series is supposed to to end at 26 – so far I have been hooked and utterly impatient for every new episode. Music-wise, this series is an exceptional treat, seeing as the soundtrack is composed by Final Fantasy’s own Nobuo Uematsu of the Black Mages. The exception is the ending song, “Saga ~This Is My Road”, by Kanon.

Do I really need to tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this series?

I am pretty dissappointed that no one has seen fit to upload the opening sequence, small though it may be, but here is the PV.

Next up is the end song, edited with many of the backgrounds and locales of the series (yes, they look that way in the anime!).

Then, this is an AMV featuring footage from the opening and first episodes, with the TV size ending.

An audio of the full opening.

Finally, the full song performed live by Kanon can be found here. Sadly, its embedding is disabled.


That’s all for now, so go check it out!



7 Responses to “Oni Market #19: Guin Saga”

  1. FlexXxible Says:

    ok ok to empedwsame, 8a to psa3oyme!!!
    San to crystania ap oti katalaba 🙂
    epic fantasy ftw!!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    E, oxi kai san to Crystania, diladi bliach… Alla epic fantasy ondos FTW.

  3. kai elega ti me thimizei ti me thimizei!Ton King apo to Tekken!mouxaxaaxa

  4. FlexXxible Says:

    Xaxaxa!!!nai k skefthka oti an to kana cosplay oloi g King 8a me pernoysan.
    Emena pantws to Crystania m arese 😛
    OK epeidh eri3a pio prosektikh matia, mallon sa Lodoss einai.
    Ayto poy den katalaba poy les sthn arxh, s aresei meta ta epic Lodoss k Berserk, h yponnoeis oti einai o idios?Kai telika to anime ayto einai pampalaio san ta alla?

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Zauk: Den exeis adiko kai exoun valei online polla visual comparisons, but in fact Guin (and his concept art) is 15 years older (1979) than the first Tekken (1994).

    O idios? Emmm, afto den to epiasa…

    Oxi, to anime einai esodias 2009.

  6. 3ekinhsa kai eida to prwto episodio. Endiaferon fainetai, diaforetiko apo auta pou vlepw synh8ws. Nice!

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Glad you like it! ^___^

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