Akai Panda’s Limit Breaker @ Da Sein (12/09/2009) – The Early Edition

Do I really need to tell you? Do I really have to describe yesterday’s uber-smash to ANYONE who was there?! Although you will see all of it in days and weeks to come from the photos, I must stress the following: 400+ people in attendance, 85+ cosplays and Japanese fashion costumes, 5 (+?) photographers, and an absolute FAIL to fit EVERYONE in in a single group photo. You were that many, you were that great, period.

However, this early edition of the reports to come plans on documenting the presence of someone I was around 99% sure I would not see again for a loooog time yet and very near 100% I would never again see at a Japanese party…

Raven Sweetwater, a.k.a. Nozomi Sugihara, with Ayami as Mad Hatter.

Raven Sweetwater, a.k.a. Nozomi Sugihara, with Ayami as Mad Hatter.

Raven with a very goth N8 and Mika-chan as Suginto from Rozen Maiden.

Raven with a very goth N8 and Mika-chan as Suginto from Rozen Maiden.

Welcome back,



30 Responses to “Akai Panda’s Limit Breaker @ Da Sein (12/09/2009) – The Early Edition”

  1. Six Winged Angel Says:

    Auto den itan aplo limit break! Auto itan Omnislash XD Pragmatika ta spasame ola xthes 😛 kai thimamai tis palies epoxes pou eimastan oloi ki oloi 20 atoma LOL! Perimenoume fotos loipon!! b(O_o)

  2. T_T why did i have to miss THIS event? *boohooohoooohooo*

  3. Haha….
    You better get in to the cave and edit rest of that night then…
    cause it was a really amazing one …
    Yes she was there and it was so good to see the twin of Sugizo again hahaha
    I saw Mumm-Ra too!!!
    I am soo happy.

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    “Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form…”

  5. FlexXxual Kei KILLS Fle-chan Says:

    Pwpwpw! K.O. TO Dasein xtes…Kapoios prepei na skeftei epiteloys n alla3oyme venue, gt oi kryes, broxeres k xionismenes nyxtes erxontai siga siga…
    2.GO GO Power Rangeeeers!!!!
    3. Velvet k Raz eiste aparadektoi poy to xasate!
    Telika xtes ena Megazort eleipe LOOOOOOOL!!!

    • Need a bigger cave to put all those cosplayers in eehh??
      Let the dwarf think *rabbu his head and touch his beard* and all is possible hahahah

  6. Good to see that more and more people learn about the parties ^_^
    See ya all at the next one (i hope :P)

  7. Thank everyone for attending the party. It really was GREAT.

    Velvet chan, sorry you missed, but fear not, there much more to come!
    Fle kun, we took that fact into consideration, don`t worry 🙂
    Speed san, thank you for working so hard, we really appreciate it

  8. yes ofcourse it was great but next we ll need more space!!! if we want to take it to a new level we have to start searching for a new place and leave dasein behind…
    p.s please speedy sama upload the pictures whenever you can I dont wanna presure you but I NEED TO MAKE A NEW VIDEO!!!!! (*0*)

  9. speedxgrapher Says:

    @ Namida: You are most welcome. Now, we turn the attention to even bigger things.

    @ Akihisha: Well, we do not need to leave Da Sein behind… We just need to have an alternative. Da Sein has been very hospitable towards the J-scene. On the other hand, we really need a bigger space for Autumn and Winter… As for the photos, a bit of patience: the cache is 254! Working on it… ^___^

  10. Raven Sweetwater Says:

    It was probably the most crowded J-party I have been to. I congratulate you guys on a job well done… As for the cosplayers… (O_O) Just amazing guys! You keep getting better and better each time!!! (^_^)b I am very happy to be back in Greece and I want to thank Speedy and all of you for welcoming me back with open arms and warm smiles. I hope to see you all soon again! *Hugs* (^*^) CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

  11. Lucifer/psofia Says:

    I had to leave early because I was so tired and I felt a little sick. I missed all the fun, I suppose >_>

  12. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well, you missed SOME of it…!

  13. by Grabthar’s hammer… by the Sons of Warvan… you shall be… avenged!
    (galaxy quest)

    u better get ready for the next one and u bigheads better find a bigger place this time!
    pali me xionia kai vroxes, pali dika mas tha nai. (karaitavlis kaxiasvili)

  14. speedxgrapher Says:

    Moradin help us all…!

  15. FlexXxible Says:

    1.Chiros den 3erw poios eisai alla ayth thn tainia(Galaxy quest?) thn epsaxna xroooonia apo tote poy thn eida ena kammeno meshmeri. TA SPASEE!
    Kai polla lolz pali me xionia me broxes??xaxaxaxa
    2.next cosplay party in OAKA, an oxi sth Mithril Hall!!!!
    P.S.:It’s really good to have sweet Raven back 🙂

  16. re paidia..
    chiros=xaideutiko tou chiroto.
    tin exw tin tainia an thelete.
    next cosplay at barcelona with rammstein of course
    yay raven!

  17. FlexXxible Says:

    lol!!ela re!
    Th 8elw th movieeee!!diakaws!!Eisai 8eos, elafie Chirote!!(dear/deer=elafios g osoys den 3eroyn to personal joke)
    8a pate e?:(
    Enta3ei, Rammstein den eimai poly fan…an 8elete g Europe na doyme kati apo Girugamesh, D’espairsray, Dir en Grey, Gazette, egw eimai mesa 😛

    Kai stis 25/9 exei No Offense sto Mike’s Irish Bar mhn 3exniomaste!!!:P

    Kai nai, 8a exei kai 1-2 J kommatia 😉

  18. @ speedxgrapher I have only good things to say about da sein and it was the place that I losst my cosplay virginity :p but it would be wise to change enviroment for a while oh and dont worry I ll be patient.
    akihisa out!

  19. speedxgrapher Says:

    @ Akihisa: I am rolling on the floor laughing like a Hamster on LSD!

  20. speedy steile mou to mail sou an psineis.
    exw na sou steilw kati pou tha se taraksei
    (oxi sovaro thema)

    lousteite ti doksa mou anoitoi
    sto next cosplay tha niwsete to deos tou upertatis omorfias
    o polumixanos chirotos erxetai ksana me asterakia tou ninja k patatakia
    oxi speed, de tha einai female char 😦 to epomeno ap auto isws 😀

  21. chouji!!!

  22. speedxgrapher Says:

    *Speed looks at Chirotos in abject terror*…

  23. nai agapite mou speedy..
    twra me katalavaineis >.<
    to skeftika teleutaia stigmi k den postara to link 😀
    oxi, den einai chouji!!!

    to skeftomouna gia chocobo i kupo omws!

  24. Anonymous noname Says:

    Δες αυτο το βιντεάκι για την επόμενη φωρα my meito

    Darkside Blues

  25. speedxgrapher Says:


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