Time Capsule Files: A Visual Dedication

Hello there! Following Kyoshiro’s suggestion from the last post, I decided that a dedication to the girls’ work at the second Visual Party was indeed in order. In fact, browsing through the backlog, I also found some amazingly funny pictures which simply BEG to be shared. Furthermore, I discovered some other pictures from another, unnamed party (i.e. without specific theme), which feature a very familiar face in a very unlikely attire, so I combined the two sets of photos in one sizable dedication to Visual Kei attires, with the funny stuff as extras.

Both parties were hosted by what was then Ordre de Ciel, but for the reasons explained in the last post as well, I will stick to the photographic material (very largely a product of Milk and Louiza’s hard work) and lose the (impossible to be) flowery narrative of back then. Here goes:

Due to some stupid WordPress protocols and procedures, the funny post will be posted a little later today, in an addendum.

Look forward to it,



7 Responses to “Time Capsule Files: A Visual Dedication”

  1. Well see …
    It was not that hard to sit your dwarf ass on a stone in the cave and do that..
    You just won extra points and half life hahahah
    F..k you very much ^__^

  2. Popo ksethama pou epeseeee!!!!

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Bwahahahah. I mined in my deep cave for those and killed many Trolls in the process…!

  4. well done ero-grapher! ^_^

  5. FlexXxible Says:

    LOL!!!ti ftaine ta turoria gmt???
    esy den eisai dwarf…
    Dwergar eisai!!
    an yphrxe soundtrack 8a ebaza “remeMber the time”
    apo M.J.
    EXW FWTO SOY APO AYTO!!!!NAI NAI, POY EISAI K VISUAL!!!E bebaia, na mhn pwrw8oyme afoy eidame Mikaru…e? E??

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    “And then Man thought: hey, what does this big red button do?”

  7. FlexXxible Says:

    xaxaxaxa 8a stis steilw se message gt de 8elw na pathsw to kokkino buttonaki 😛
    Na 8ymh8eis Kyo me eye-patch k gothic dressed xixixxi. Kai exei pozarei kiolas polles fores xwris antirhseis

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