A Warning: Please Read This and Pay Attention

Although I am always overjoyed to read and respond to comments and allow as much creative criticism as possible, in this, as in all my blogs, I do not tolerate insults towards the people featured herein. Therefore, such comments are promptly deleted.

Now, someone who thinks they are too smart (and are probably too smarty-pants for their own good) decided to post some comments of a very insulting nature, using the name “Otaku Lens”, through an e-mail account, otaku-lens@hotmail.com, on this blog, on photos of people featured here. I inform you that the comments have been deleted and the account reported. Now follows the warning:

(1) To all the people reading Otaku Lens, commenting or contacting me, I must stress that ANY comments, statements etc. made anywhere, under the assumed name “Otaku Lens” are faked, as I only use Speedgrapher or SpeedxGrapher as a handle, over any and all my internet communications. Also, I do not use hotmail. I advise you block/ban/spam the aforementioned account.

(2) To the person or persons implicated in what I consider a clearly hostile attempt on the blog and the Greek J-community, I must impress the following: it is very rare that ANYTHING ever escapes my attention and then if it does, that requires much talent on the part of the person doing it. Given the rather unimaginative and idiotic nature of your efforts, rest assured that I will find out who was behind them. Secondly, I am generally not a violent man, as anyone can tell you, but you will find out that trying my patience is VERY unwise.

Now everyone has been promptly warned.

Carry on,



12 Responses to “A Warning: Please Read This and Pay Attention”

  1. Ohh kala ..
    Merikoi telika ehoun toooso poly xrono gia na kanoun oti lalakia
    People GET A LIFE !!!

  2. Trolls mexri k sto otaku-lens? Speedy use strong Troll-repellents :p

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Let me get my hammer…

  4. Dude, oso yparxoun an8rwpoi 8a yparxoune kai hli8ioi, mh masas..

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    Paroti i paratirisi sou einai apolyta sosti, ego masao me metallika sagonia kai ftyno ta kokkala se tetoies periptoseis.

  6. Well ero-grapher ta metalika sagonia afinoun ta kokala anepafa?

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ground to dust for fertilizer.

  8. axaaaa I see….

  9. FlexXxble Says:

    Akoy na deis…
    Komple3ikoi kai kakentrexeis…
    Ayto den to perimena pote s ayto to blog pragmatika.
    Anywayz, o agrypnos oji-mparmpa Speedo-sama ta blepei ola!!
    8a geyteite thn Iptamenh Gro8ia toy Drakoy!!!!

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Boro na arkesto na provo se yper-arkoudosi (overbear).

  11. Hey, some people are just bored and have nothing better to do than screw with someone else. Trust me, I know about these things. *Cough cough* I hope everything is okay with Otaku Lens. (^_^) See ya soon! *Hugs*

  12. speedxgrapher Says:

    Yes, you would know indeed. Welcome back and stay strong…

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