Summer Farewell @ Da Sein (04/07/2009)

I did promise I would post this before the month was out and true to form, I will, since THAT deadline ends, well… tomorrow! The poster stated that this party was co-organized by  Akai Panda and Nozomi Ongaku but if I want to be really fair, credit goes to Akai Panda’s Namida, who really took care of setting the date, getting the poster from Camus (and many thanks to Camus for making it during a busy time at work) AND finding videos to match my retro playlist. As you recall, at the time I was engrossed with the latest translation and I could be of virtually no help, save giving Aya-chan (our lovely DJ Lola) some pointers about making the playlist (and then again, those were not terribly important, since she played a bunch of cool things that I have absolutely no contact with, such as Ayabie, Yousei Teikoku, Sug, Hungry & Angry etc. – I even took the liberty of checking out Yousei Teikoku and adding a piece to my own list, after she mentioned her).

At any rate the attendance was stunning yet again (I have to admit, being early July, the weather tortuously hot and humid and the party not being an official cosplay, I did not expect so many people – but you proved me wrong). Meanwhile, there were also two birthdays, that of Eri-chan and Lucifer, to whom Zauk yet again dedicated (all the way from his Army Service) “It’s My Birthday” by the Korean band Bulldog Mansion. You will notice there are not as many photos as ususal, which is due to my being very tired from work that night, as well as sweating like a marsh boar – however, I believe you will find them telling, so enjoy!

By the way, did you know I have this hat for nearly 10 years now? I bought it back when I graduated and it was the hat which accompanied me on our first vacation with Ergo Proxy and has ever since, on every vacation we ever went on together, whether the two of us or with other friends, such as Cavu, Unbound and Darkside Blues. If only ox-skin could talk, this hat would have near unbelieveable tales to tell and now it has even witnessed the craziness that are the J-Parties.

Well, that’s how last season ended and in less than 2 weeks, a new one begins, along with other things which I cannot yet disclose, but I promise will rock your world. Until then, take care, keep your noses clean and do not whine too much. You have your whole lives ahead to do that.

Before I go, here are my two playlists of the night, although the second one had to be scrambled a bit to make room for some requests right then and there:

Playlist – 2009-07-04 – Mukashi Mukashi no Omoide

01 – Umi no Triton (TV OP) [1972-04-01].mp3

02 – Mazinger Z – Mazinger Z (TV OP – TV Size) [1972-12-03].mp3

03 – Getter Robo (TV OP) [1974-04-04].mp3

04 – UFO Robo Grendizer – Tobe! Grendizer (TV OP – TV Size) [1975-10-05].mp3

05 – Jetter Mars (TV OP) [1977-02-03].mp3

06 – Captain Harlock – Space Pirate Captain Harlock (TV OP) [1978-03-14].mp3

07 – Galaxy Express 999 – Undying Spirit in Arcadia [1978-09-14].mp3

08 – Uchyuu Senkan Yamato (TV OP) [1978-10-14].mp3

09 – Blackstar (TV OP) [1981-09-12].mp3

10 – Ulysse 31 – Ulysse (TV OP 1) [English] [1981-10-03].mp3

11 – Taiyo no Ko Esteban (Les Mysterieuses Cites D’Or) – Boukenshya-tachi (TV OP – TV Size) [French] [1982-06-29].mp3

12 – Plawres Sanshiro – Super Heavy Weight (TV OP – TV Size) [1983-06-05].mp3

13 – Plawres Sanshiro – Ju-Oh Maru Theme Edit (BGM) [1983-06-05].mp3

14 – Iga no Kabamaru – Circus Game [1983-10-20].mp3

15 – Candy Candy – Watashi wa Candy (TV OP – TV Size) [Greek] [1984].mp3

16 – Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs [Extended] [1984-10].mp3

17 – Thundercats [Better Version] [1985].mp3

18- She-Ra – Princess of Power (TV OP) [1985-09-09].mp3

19 – Gummi Bears (TV OP) [1985-09-14].mp3

20 – Silverhawks (TV OP) [1986-09-08].mp3

21 – Defenders of the Earth (TV OP) [1986-09-08].mp3

22 – Sanjyuushi (The Three Musketeers ) – Yume Bouken  (TV OP) [1987-10-09].mp3

23 – Bravestar (TV OP) [1987].mp3

24 – Peter Pan no Bouken – Mouichido Peter Pan (TV OP – TV Size) [1989-01-08].mp3

25 – Ranma Season 2 – Little Date (TV OP) [1989-04-15].mp3

26 – Chojin Locke – Lord Leon OVA – Try to Believe (OVA OP – OVA Size) [1989].mp3

27 – Sailor Moon Classic – Moonlight  Densetsu (TV OP 2 – TV Size)  [Greek Version] [1992].mp3

28 – X – Men [1992-10-31].mp3

29 – Lord of Lords Ryu Knight – RUN ~Kyou Ga Kawaru Magic~ (TV OP 2 – TV Size) [1994-04-05].mp3

30 – Lord of Lords Ryu Knight – Ryu Paladin (BGM) [1994-04-05].mp3

31 – Iron Man (TV OP 2) [1994-10-24].mp3

32 – WildC.A.T.S. (TV OP) [1994].mp3

33 – Dragonball – Makafushigi Adventure [Greek] [1995].mp3

34 – Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran – Leave It To The Wind (TV OP  – TV Size) [2000-01-26] .mp3

This list was a follow-up feature of the one I did last year at BIOS and translates as “Memories From Long, Long Ago”. If you go to the end of the linked post, the dates and format are explained.

Playlist – 2009-07-04 – East Meets West

01 – Buck-Tick – Alice in Wonder Underground.mp3

02 – An Cafe – Aroma.mp3

03 – E Nomine – Das Tier in Mir (Wolfen).mp3

04 – Speedgrapher – Girls on Film (TV OP).mp3

05 – Kaya – Kasha.mp3

06 – Yousei Teikoku – Patriot Anthem.mp3

07 – Maximum the Hormone – Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero.mp3

08 – Bulldog Mansion – Happy Birthday to Me.mp3

09 – Perfume – Electro World.mp3

10 – Kaya – Glitter Arch.mp3

11 – D’espairs Ray – BRILLIANT.mp3

12 – Fullmetal Alchemist 2 – Again (TV OP 1).mp3

13 – Weiss Kreuz – Piece of Heaven (TV OP 2).mp3

14 – Ray The Animation – zero-G (TV OP).mp3

15 – Weiss Kreuz – Velvet Underworld (TV OP 1).mp3

16 – Rentrer en Soi – Jude.mp3

17 – Breaking Benjamin – Breathe.mp3

18 – Gankutsuou – You Won’t See Me Coming (TV ED).mp3

19 – D’espairs Ray – HORIZON.mp3

20 – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Sorairo Days (TV OP).mp3

21 – Loudness – Like Hell.mp3

As I said, this playlist was not executed as intended (a couple of songs were replaced with others and some were played in a different order), but I put it here at least for the record.

See ya soon,



5 Responses to “Summer Farewell @ Da Sein (04/07/2009)”

  1. Mou paei to kapelo omws (h)

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Poly, in fact. Ti einai to (h)?

    • This hat is a Blast from the past!
      Prwtoemfanisthke sth Xio aunodeuomeno apo makru malli pou aggize ta oria tou xan8ou , if memory serves me well mr.SpeedXgrapher???

      ps:’ Esu me ta magia gunaikas!!! ‘ amaaaan (prepei n’anevaseis thn
      perifhmh photo pou’sai plath kai anadeiknuetai olo tous to megaleio )

  3. an grapseis (h) sto msn sou bgazei to pswnismeno emoticon me ta gyalia xD

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    OK Deva – there are only a handful of people who know the details of this story, especially “esyyyy me ta magia gynaikas, piaste ton […]” and I wonder which of all you are (a really old friend in any case).

    Oso gia ti photo pou les, isos kai na tin anevaso sto Easy Subjugation kapoia stigmi. Damn, krima pou eprepe na kopso ekeina ta mallia…

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