Oni Market #18: Video Mania

Hello again everyone: just a quick pop to inform you on what’s out among the stalls of otaku culture’s little bazaar of the bizarre at the moment Here goes:

Item #1: Sakura Syndrome Cosplay (06/06/2009) slide show video by Akihisha, a.k.a. Kretinos2. Akihisha once again did a great job of editing the slide-show with music (this is his second video related to Greek cosplay – the first one is over here) and giving alively presentation of a once again great cosplay night. Enjoy!

Item #2: Canaan. A series that premiered on the 4th of July of the current year, sporting peculiar assassins, a photographer and some interestingly weird science, especially a condition called synesthesia (an actual medical condition where input from one sense mixes with the others, so to the person sufferning from the condition sounds have visible colors, images may have taste etc.), which is used in the anime as a special ability. The first episode takes place in Shanghai during the New-Year Festival. There will be some things possibly familiar to those who have watched shows such as Noir, Madlax, Black Lagoon, El Cazador de la Bruja and Bakuretsu Tenshi – however it is a possibly new and interesting approach.

Item #3: Pandora Hearts. Another episode I downloaded on a random whim. A series (by Studio XEBEC) that begins with the coming of age of heir Oz Bezarius and is surrounded by a peculiar aura of menace, past sin and toys gone bad. This series (which premiered last April) probably falls under the category of “noble-born with a terrible secret”, as did DNAngel, Metantei Loki Ragnarok, and Suteki Tantei Labyrinth. The design and animation are not anything terribly special, but the scenario and prospective cast of characters seem promising enough.

That’s all for now,



10 Responses to “Oni Market #18: Video Mania”

  1. Bre ton Kretino kai ta vidz tou……… Btw nice photos Speedy-san ^_^

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thanks Velvet Monstaaaa!

  3. flexxxible Says:

    Poly wraio videaki!!Mprabo sto meraki toy videomaker!Ta credits gia tis photo sto allo post XD

  4. flexxxible Says:

    y.g paidia opoios exei anime poy den exw kai an tyxon kai ayta poy paroysiazontai edw ta 8elwwww!.

    EPISHS:Speedo, an mporeis please, poia einai ta tragoydakia poy paizoyn sto slideshow video?????

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hrm, dystyxos afto den to ksero: prepei na rotiseis ton Akihisha. Otanl les ta credits gia tis photo…?

  6. akihisa Says:

    ta tragoudia einai: 1. “chain” apo tous “back on” (air gear opening) 2. “bacchikoi” apo “dev parade” (naruto shippuuden 8th ending) elpizw na helpara (^-^)

    p.s. thnx speedy san for uploading my vids!!!

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    De nada my friend: decent work promoting the community must be shared far and wide 😀

  8. akihisa Says:

    xexe! get ready I m going to bring about 3 new people to our cosplay hence to join our community and be one of us!!!

    note: (all humanity is evil)

  9. speedxgrapher Says:

    Bring’ em on then!!!

    (Note: thank God I am not human).

  10. you ‘re wellcome!

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