September 2009 Events

Here we are then, with the new season right before the gates and the new (academic) year kicking off with forest fires galore, hundreds of thousands of hectares of green being burnt to cinder, people loosing homes and our politicians bickering of fractions of percentage points in the polls.  Many among our number (the Greek Japanese culture enthusiast community) were touched or very nearly touched by the fire, Ayami, Mai and Wabbit among them, as well as Kyoshiro who did volunteer firefighting right in the midst of the fiery chaos (here’s her short but explicit report). As I have said in the past, life is bound to throw real problems and crises our way, so let us not invent some of our own to add to them…

However, as I have said before, this blog is strictly dedicated to modern Japanese culture, so even with all this going on and much more yet to some when the extent of the damage is assessed, I have two events to report, omitting the glamorous presentation out of respect concerning these events. Here goes then:

On Saturday, the 12th of September, Akai Panda will be organizing the first party of the season at Da Sein (12, Solomou St., Exarheia), featuring DJ sets by Camus, Namida and Glastenen, as well as Nozomi Ongaku’s mighty KrizD as a guest. The party will include a cosplay contest and lottery for giveaways, as well as a surprise (for you) which I greatly anticipate… The party starts at 21:00 with free entrance.

1st Party of the Season (Poster by Megi).

1st Party of the Season (Poster by Megi).

Two weeks later, on Friday the 25th of September Sakura Syndrome are starting thei 5th season of activity, with a cosplay party at CoFiX (11, Lori Margariti St., Salonika), which will feature all the usual goodness plus anticipated surprises, given the team’s new association with CLJ records. You can read more at their blog. The party starts at 21:00, with an entrance of 4 euros (including drink).

That is all for now but there will be more soon, so wait for it as I receive it.

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5 Responses to “September 2009 Events”

  1. akihisha Says:


  2. flexxxible Says:

    Kalo 3ekinhma, kalh season se oloys se o,ti ki an kanete!

    Ki eyxomai na kaiei dynata MONO h floga toy pa8oys, ths dhmioyrghkothtas toy kefioy kai oxi oi kakoboyles fwties poy zhsame to kalokairi…

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    You’re getting poetic: lay off the absinthe. 😛

  4. flexxible san please tha klapsw dude!!!

  5. […] 2009 Events: Update #1 Sakura Syndrome have posted the poster for their event on the 25th of September!  Of course you can now read all pertinent details both in their blog and site. Furthermore, be […]

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