Sakura Syndrome Cosplay (06/06/2009): Cross-play, Old Friends & Sasuke Galore

Hello, hello good people! I hope summer is treating you well and the Sun gently cooks you instead burning you to a crisp (I fall into the latter category – 5 years since I last went to the sea and now I am shedding as much skin as a nest of snakes). It has been quite a lot of time since the last update, a period of silence which would have amounted to 2 months next Thursday. Some quick updates and clarifications before we move any further:

(1) Terribly sorry for having been out of touch but, given my workload (the last book I translated, “The Universe: A Biography” comes out in November by Metaichmio Publishing), the last party of the season in collaboration with Akai Panda’s Namida and featuring Aya-chan as a guest DJ was all I could manage and even then, barely.

(2) If you couldn’t reach me by any means during the first 10 days of August, the reason is very simple: limited network on the first island and no network whatsoever (internet, cell phone, anything at all) on the second one.

(3) If you have a hard time finding me now, it’s because I sleep a lot (seriously, the people I went on vacation with were dead-set on going around the whole frigging islands, sometimes more than once) and because I am not often on the main PC, since I work on my novel using my new ACER notebook (yay!): practically, that means I am in the living room (where it’s cooler, since I have no air-conditioning) typing away, lost in thought among tons of  reference material and the mobile set to silent.

(4) Very important for people asking me questions concerning the pictures I post here (especially you, Cassiel, and sorry I have been out of touch): I am currently at a stage in my life when I have work more often than not, work which demands I spend 6-12 hours on the PC daily, until every project is completed. While working, that translates into practically zero time for photo editing and between projects, I really need to detox myself from being in front of the screen; hence my posts have been gradually increasingly erratic and off-schedule and hence it is very difficult for me to fulfill requests about individual photo sets being sent before or after being posted here. I am really afraid you will have to live with that reality for now. Secondly, when I post the pictures, you will have noticed that I mention at least once who is cosplaying what, be it by first name, nickname or whatnot. If I don’t, the reason is very simple: I do not know who is doing the cosplay, or what the cosplay is and sometimes neither, so there really is no point in asking me about those things if they are not already on here – I simply DO NOT know. I always appreciate being informed on those blanks, however.

(5) Though it may take time, sometimes an absurdly long time, things WILL be posted eventually, so keep checking back: it’s really only a click away.

On to today’s feature, this was a cosplay party organized by Sakura Syndrome’s Somnium in Tenebris, featuring Akai Panda’s Glastenen and myself as guest DJs. As is the case with all the lastest parties (i.e. all those hosted at Da Sein), cosplay or not, the attendance was staggering, easily filling both the interior and exterior space, occasionally even unto the street beyond.

As always, Somnium had planned the party well in advance and asked if I was interested in joining in, remaining true to a discussion many months prior, which is deserving of an elaborate tip of the proverbial hat. As you well know, VJing still remains largely alien to me (lest you forget, Namida was the one who amazingly took care of that last time), so I sent her my playlist early on and she saw to it that there would be acompanying video material. Besides, she had brought along very interesting new releases for sale (such as Seileen’s first album and GPKism’s latest release, albums by Takuya Angel, SaTaN etc.).

Contrary to last time, she did not have the time to worry about people coming in late, since those attending started arriving at 21:00 sharp. Enough of my chatter then and on with the show!

Well, after that I practically kicked Flexxy out so we could join the others for a very late dinner (or extremely early breakfast, if you count meat as breakfast), after yet another tiring and extremely fun party, with loads of beautiful cosplays and various J-fashion attires. I still owe you the Akai Panda / Nozomi Ongaku party, which I will post before the month is out (THAT much I can promise) and a short while later, it’s business as usual for the first event of the season on the 12th of September, once more by Akai Panda. However, more on that and other events in days to come.

Before I leave you to get ready for a Trash Movie Night with friends, here’s my playlist from that night’s party:

Playlist – 2009-06-06 – Hall of Heroes

01 – .hack G.U – Opening Demo

02 – Shadow Skill – For My Pride (TV ED 1)

03 – Berserk – Berserk Forces (TV ED)

04 – Wolf’s Rain – Stray (TV OP)

05 – Shadow Skill – Born Legend (TV OP)

06 – Fullmetal Alchemist 2 – Again (TV OP 1- TV Size)

07 – Ken Narita – TEMPEST ~Natsu no Arashi~

08 – D.Gray-Man – Gekidou (TV OP 4)

09 – Bleach – Velonica (TV OP 9)

10 – Murder Princess – Hikari Sasuhou (OVA OP)

11 – Naruto Shippuuden – Hero’s Come Back

12 – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai – Naraku no Hana (TV OP)

13 – Texhnolyze – Guardian Angel [Xavier’s Edit] (TV OP – TV Size)

14 – Kaya – Walkure

15 – Vandread 1st Stage  – Trust (TV OP)

Cheers me lovelies,


P.S. I corrected the settings and now you can comment each photo individually, if so inclined.


19 Responses to “Sakura Syndrome Cosplay (06/06/2009): Cross-play, Old Friends & Sasuke Galore”

  1. OMG you managed to uplaod:)
    Great pics as always dear!

  2. Twra eida to Sasuke galore..

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Much appreciated luv (on account of the first comment), ^____^

  4. Mrrrniaw!
    thank you for giving me “much appreciated love”

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    In a good mood, are we…? 😛

  6. ravensweetwater Says:

    It looked like it was a wonderful party!!!! Everyone is so beautiful as usual. (^_^) I miss you guys!!! *Sniffles*

  7. Axem, Misty from NARUTO ??? 😛

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    @ Raven: we miss you too gal…

    @ Namida: *Ahem*! Oopsie-daisie – too much Naruto in one party will do that to you. Rectified it: thanks man!

  9. kalh fash vlepo…Gia na doume ti tha ginei apo septemvri!:D I’ll be back..

  10. oooh~anamnhseis. . .sweet anamnhseis. . .mprabo Speedo-san pl kalh douleia k pali,as expected :3. . .(an k t comment g t matia m dn t epiasa XD)

  11. speedxgrapher Says:

    “Most often the most simple answer is the correct one” (Occam’s Razor). Aplos ennoo oti ta matia sou exoun vgei idiaitera omorfa se afti ti photo.

  12. hahah~wraia alla akura m t cosplayXD

  13. akihisha Says:

    guys my new vid is ready its called “sakura syndrome cosplay 6/6/2009” enloy it!!!
    (8elw na protinw mia idea osoi 8a pame sto cosplay stis 12 sep na kanoume oloi bleach!) etsi kai alliws egw exw ftiaksei stolh chad…

  14. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well done, well done!!!!!

  15. akihisa Says:

    speedy sama mporeis na to valeis sto blog???

  16. speedxgrapher Says:


  17. […] #1: Sakura Syndrome Cosplay (06/06/2009) slide show video by Akihisha, a.k.a. Kretinos2. Akihisha once again did a great job of editing the […]

  18. flexxxible Says:

    1. Man!!!BARE8HKA NA ME BLEPW, seriously!!Eprepe apla na krathseis mia dyo poy eimai me poly kosmakh h apla me gynaikes, lol. Kapoy prepei na egrapse ERROR h camera!H agaphmenh moy poza einai h proteleytaia me to retarded look xixixixi!!An e3afanistw pantws, 8a xete yliko na me 8ymaste…
    2.Great job!Telika eixe polyyyyyyy prama. Kai fysika to sequence me ta mini photo-episodes poy eftia3es me toys…dialogoys htan apisteyta 3ekardistiko LOLITOOOOOS!!!!
    3. Eytyxws…mas ta 8ymises gt kontepsa na ta diagrapsw apo mnhmhs, loge kapoiwn peristasewn ka8ara proswpikwn!

  19. speedxgrapher Says:

    1. Aaa, akou na deis: you stand in front of the lens, you suffer for it mate (kai alloste i perissoteres photo EINAI me gynaikes)!

    2. We aim to please (les na to valo lezanda sto blog?) 😀

    3. Afto to exasa ligo: ti na diagrapseis apo mnimis???

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