Oni Market #17: Past Perfect

Since I do not have time to make new posts, I thought that there is something (left unfinished, mind you) I had posted in Easy Subjugation, a little over a year ago, which might be of interest. Furthermore, I think I am of a mind to resume the telling of this particular tale, as soon as I have finished my current day-job project. Hava a care though – in the short span of that year, my relation with some of the people mentioned in these posts has changed, to varied degrees. That however, does not make the things I write any less true, only not so valid anymore, concerning certain instances and people. Well, it’s no use flapping my mouth over it – if you know what I mean, you will get the idea. If you don’t, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

So then:

Item#1: Higashi ni Sugoi no Ryokou Monogatari – Day 0 & 1 – Part 1

Item #2: Higashi ni Sugoi no Ryokou Monogatari – Day 1 – Part 2

I must stress that those were really good times, on a number of levels and then, one (rather big and surreal) disaster seemed to beget one after another, but people cope: I think it’s what humanity does best.

Happy reading,


P.S. In case you were wondering, that’s when Kyoshiro and I first met.


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