Summer Farewell @ Da Sein

Hello, hello my good people! Long time no see indeed, but I had warned you. I am still in the (death-) throes of translation but I suppose I should show SOME sign of life after all this time. The heat is terrible, the work is moving along slowly and ol’ Speedgrapher is bored out of his thick head. It’s a fact: I cannot work in this heat – not effectively anyway – and as usual, a huge, precariously balanced pile of things has gathered once more, for me to juggle during the other two Summer months. Oh well, I should probably just accept that this is how it’s going to be… *ahem* but I digress. On to the main point.

During Sakura Syndrome’s party in Athens, on the 6th of June, some of you asked if all you could hope for, would be September. Although I had, at the back of my mind, the thought of doing another party around mid-July, one thing after another pushed it faaaarther back and I was in no condition to consider it properly. It was Namida from Akai Panda who almost literally hunted me down (I am sure you have noticed, I am rather hard to find anywhere, when I am under the stress of work) and told me that we should do a gig on the 4th of July (somehow that strikes me as more Amrican, than Japanese but never mind my trains of thought). On the other hand, I kept thinking that some of you had requested we do it after the first week of July, so people would have time to get their cosplays ready and I was stalling. As it turns out, both the need for an answer to Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia) and taking the season into account (too warm to cosplay and we had no time to organize it properly) conspired for the 4th of July to be THE date. The party, as always, starts at 21:00 with free entry.

Once more, with Feeling... for a spectacular Summer Farewell!

Once more, with Feeling... for a spectacular Summer Farewell!

A few clarifications: contrary to what the poster states, the mighty KrizD will be away in China (lucky bastard), so he will be sadly missing from the DJ lineup. Hence, it falls to Namida and myself, as well as a you-won’t-believe-it-unti-you-see-it surprise DJ to entertain you, for the last time this Summer. All genres will be included, from Anime (of course), to Visual Kei, J-Rock aaaand some special stuff for the after hours. I just want to inform you here, that I have finally compiled a near-complete collection of retro anime and syndicated cartoon music scores from the 70s and 80s and am planning to devote a whole 1-hour set (“Mukashi Mukashi no Omoide” = “The Memories of Once, Long Ago”) to them, including the much sought-after Umi no Triton, Sanjuushin (Three Musketeers),  Mazinger and many, maaany more (oh, do I have surprises for you!). This set will play at around 22:00, so if you are interested, make sure you are there by then! Although the party will not be a cosplay contest-wise, you are of course welcome to dress as crazy as you like!

See you there,



10 Responses to “Summer Farewell @ Da Sein”

  1. Hope everybody likes strawberry muffins cause thats what I’m making for my biiirthdayyyy (e nai re Speedo, ti na kanume, amerikania alla ok poios tus eipe na peftei savvato? Palio-Obama, I’ll get ya:P)

  2. Estorial Says:

    i will be there …! 😛

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Strawberry muffins, yaaay!

  4. FlexXxual Kei KILLS Fle-chan Says:

    Pwpwpw birthday!alh8eia, Eru??wiiii
    A epishs ti kawaai chibis ayta ths afisoylas…
    Triton???Mazinger????den ypaaarxoyn!!
    E MHN 3EXNIOMASTE apo openings:
    Weiss Kreuz
    Neon Genesis Evangelion

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    A, koita na deis. Gia afta tha prepei na elpizeis eite ston Namida, eite sta “after” (2:00 +) sets.

  6. Adreaaaa,mhpws ksereis pote peripou 8a anevoun oi photos apo to last cosplay ? ^^

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hmmm, arga. That is all I can say for now.

  8. Op…Sas grafo apo to “mageutiko”soufli me fodo tin tourkia apenadi!Gamo ton strato mou diladi! 🙂 Den nomizo na exo adeia ekeines tis meres oste na parevretho,ostoso tha ithela na valeis to Its my birthday gia tin asaph! Ksereis ekeino to oreo koreatiko(pou kaneis den to ksexorizei apo ta iaponika xD) Kala na pernatee!

  9. speedxgrapher Says:

    Na sai kala re Zauk kai kalo kouragio. Mas leipeis dude!

  10. Zauki! Thanx gia thn paragellia kai ontws we miss you, kouragio ekei pera

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