Oni Market #16: N8, Bloody & Cosplay a la Greca

As anyone who was there yesterday knows, Sakura Syndrome’s party was hugely successful, with an amazing attendance on the scale of Akai Panda’s Cosplay. Da Sein was filled to the brim on the inside, with equally many people on the outside, although populations fluctuated due to the augmented temperature. There we re also a great number of cosplays (although not as many as last time, which is understandable due to the heat and some people’s exams), yet again expertly done. This introduction, sadly, leads to an announcement that will not make you too happy: I do not see these pictures going up before July, since, again, they are very numerous and I really have no time at all to edit them properly during this month. However, be patient and you will be rewarded immensely, I promise.

Seeing as this is an Oni Market post, let us move to our goodies:

Item #1: Bloody & N8 the GR8. Today I had the chance to listen to the internet radio show by Bloody and N8 the GR8, on Indieground Radio. Two hours of good Japanese music, featuring many favorites, such as MUCC (looots of MUCC), X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Maximum the Hormone, Girugamesh, The Gazette, Nightmare and many others besides. The Visual Duo (who were, in fact, dressed like they were yesterday – twin SiSeN’s – during the show, see below) airs every Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00. Oh, and yes, in the end, I could not resist posting at least one picture from yesterday’s cosplay. Enjoy!

P6060193 copy

Item #2: Greeks Know How to Cosplay. This a slide-show video, made by Kretinos2, with an assortment of cosplays from various parties and very fitting music (as anyone, who has been to those parties more than once or twice, knows). I think it’s f@cking hilarious, not to mention moving, to a degree. Have fun watching it!

That will be all for now. Cheerio!



12 Responses to “Oni Market #16: N8, Bloody & Cosplay a la Greca”

  1. Dn peirazei Speedo-san . . .n arghseis m ts photo an einai n mas pa8eis uperkoposh~S EIPA N PROSEXEIS!!anyway. . .3erw pws a3izei n perimenw mexri tn ioulio g n dw ena akoma part t talentou s^___^

  2. FlexXxible Says:

    Teleio to videaki!!
    HELL YEAH we know how to cosplay!!!!!
    Mprabo sto pallikari k s sena gia to promo 🙂

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Lucy-chan, you make this old man blush…

  4. I had no idea cosplay was so popular in Greece! Excellent quality. A lot of hard work in those costumes.

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    There’s lots of archived material over the past 1,5 year and the people cosplaying have been constantly upgrading their skills. Thank you for the thumbs up! Nice blog by the way: amazing look.

  6. Τώρα το γεγονός οτι με το που τελειώνει το video στα video από κάτω έχει video ακατάλληλου περιεχομένου,να φανταστώ πως είναι τυχαίο!!!!=Ρ χουχου χου!!! πολύ ωραίο video^^ ευχαριστούμε για το post speedy-kun

  7. Mai -chan Says:

    awwww! teleio videoooooo!

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Didi: You are welcome chere poupee. Osos gia tin eksigisi gia ta “related videos”, apla pigaine sti selida tou video sto youtube kai des ti exei kanei o Kretinos2 sto info. Trelo marketing strategy!

  9. Dragonbunny74 Says:

    Axu to more!!!!
    Ti eftixismeno pu itan to savato!
    Mexri k ta mustakia su gelusane vre si!
    Ande k is anotera!LOL!!!!

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ta mustakia mou have a mind of their own. Kseroun afta!

  11. akihisa Says:

    sas efxaristw olous sas gia ta kala sas logia molis anevasei tis pic apo to teleftaio cosplay 8a ftiaxtei kai 2ro (^^)

  12. […] great job of editing the slide-show with music (this is his second video related to Greek cosplay – the first one is over here) and giving alively presentation of a once again great cosplay night. […]

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