Akai Panda Cosplay (25/04/2009 @ Da Sein): Part 2- Afro, Snakes & Lollies!

Yes, contrary to popular rumor, I am still alive somewhere, out there. Truth be told, I am very tired and lethargic. It could be the weather (heat and humidity have never much agreed with me), it could be having a bazillion things in my head and it could also be a year of jumping from one project to the other – probably, a combination thereof. I mean, there have been days when I just crawl around like molasses, jotting down a few notes here and there but otherwise, time I don’t have goes to waste. I have never been good with managing my time and the two weeks of intensive rehearsal for the “Science of Ecology”, right at the turn of the season, really took the wind out of me (although, unlike the rest of the team, my friend Nick and I were the only ones who were not psychologically stressed).

I really have no excuse for posting this one and a half month after the party (and with such distance from the first part), when even Akai Panda have wished a good Summer and “see you in Autumn” to everyone. The fact is that I am, and unless something monumental happens, I don’t see my posts getting any more regular before mid-July (and then again, it will be a few tons of backlog stuff, that got lost along the way). However, you can probably look forward to seeing a third post of this day, documenting the much earlier visit to Camus’s house, Tomodachi’s transformation to Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai and the surrounding chaos.

So then, without further ado…

There you have it, the most successful J-party I have been to in Greece, to date. Here’s hoping that future parties will raise tha bar even higher! Don’t forget, we are up for Sakura Syndrome’s party this Saturday, so I expecto to see there any of you who can make it (exams notwithstanding).

Sleepy Cheers,



8 Responses to “Akai Panda Cosplay (25/04/2009 @ Da Sein): Part 2- Afro, Snakes & Lollies!”

  1. Velvet Says:

    Kala o Konoha Orochimaru einai IDIOS!!!!!!

  2. Ayami Says:

    Haha se auth pou xamogelaw eimai pio poly like: “eimai edw gia na skotwsw to batman” para “xoreuw kai pernaw kala” haha xD

  3. tattooedladylydia Says:

    oh,damn you, you made me blush :$
    but seriously, these are some wicked photos
    thanks, babes!

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Ayami: OK, then, Harley Quinn!

    @Lydia: you are most welcome m’lady – hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

    @All: I fixed the setting and now you can comment each pic separately.

  5. klasika kales fotos:)
    tha se dume avrio na ypothesw?:) (den tha kanw cosplay apo Death Note muahhaha cooombo breaker:P)

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Oooohhh, sugoi. No Death Note??? Yup, avrio paizo stis 21:00, right at the beginning.

  7. oooo etsi nwris e?:)
    nai, no Death Note haha surprise!

  8. FlexXxible Says:

    Kala re gmt m efage to WoW m fainetai k den eida to postarisma.
    Loipon, soooo many photos, so much fun!!!
    GREAT JOB, AUSGEZEICHNET!, pairnw pisw estw kai asteieomenos poy eipa oti 8a xreiastoyn alla 1500 parts toy idioy party.
    XORTASTIKOTATO PART kai apodidei nomizw plhrws to feeling ekeinhs ths bradias.
    Estw k an arghsoyn poly perimenw ta epomena gt perasa poly kala-proswpika akoma kalytera mallon- sto party extes (Sakura Syndrome)

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