Akai Panda Cosplay (25/04/2009 @ Da Sein): Part 1- Curses, Notes & Kagebunshin

It’s late, it’s been far too long in the making, but… iiiiiit’s here! First off I apologize to everyone, Akai Panda and the cosplayers most of all, for taking so long in preparing this series of posts. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, days in the week and so on and so forth, for me to do ALL the things I want, as well as those I MUST and the past few days have been especially busy; not to mention f@&ed up beyond all recognition (hereon known as FUBAR). But enough babbling…

Remember how I always say I have a trouble with time, always arriving where I should be, either way too early or (usually) late? Well, I didn’t think that this cosmic ability would rub off on those around me, especially when the schedule is not up to me: I was wrong. The idea was, Tomodachi and I would go together to Camus’s home (another place of the “There Be Dragons” variety for me, since it’s in an area I have ventured towards… maybe thrice in my whole life), where Tomodachi would transform into Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai, some last details of the party would be taken care of and then *pouf* we would head for Da Sein. Well, it DID kind of work out that way, only we reached Da Sein around 21:00-21:30 and Camus was in a state of near nervous breakdown, looong before that. At any rate, the events prior to our arrival at the party will be covered in a different post but for information’s sake, it was at Camus’s house that Cassiel (who had come all the way from Salonika, along with Ritsuka, Lily from Crete and Dark Seraphim) and I first met up close, after having talked so much over the net, for his Cosplay Hall of Fame project.

To her amazing credit, Camus had to manage last minute details of the party, get Tomodachi ready, help Cassiel transform into Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) and Dark Seraphim into Sagara Sanosuke (Rurounin Kenshin), as well as get this whole circus ensemble to a metro station safely (as I said, Dragons…). At any rate, we somehow made it to the station and then downtown, although we got separated since Camus had to bring Jiraiya over from Panepistimio Station and Tomodachi couldn’t really walk the streets of Athens in traditional Japanese shoes. Ten, maybe fifteen minutes after 21:00 (I believe), we had reached our destination and were greeted by the amazing sight of Da Sein being already nearly full, with cosplays abounding. Namida was at the decks and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

However, as it turned out, that first sight was nowhere near as impressive as what Akai Panda’s party turned out to be. I believe that pictures will speak overwhelmingly louder than words…

Well, that’s 100 down, around 200 more to go. It has been exceedingly painful and hard for me to rule out almost any photo, but as I have explained, that is only a small part of the reason why it took me so long to start posting the party. Probably (hopefully) things will go more smoothly with the next two posts. Heartfelt congratulations to Akai Panda and to you all, both cosplayers and not, for making that amazing party all it was!

Do not forget, tomorrow KrizD and I join Tokyo Decadence’s DJ Khimaira at UNDERWORLD, for our Cyber Party. Hope to see all of you and good luck to those who have exams and can’t make it.

In earnest,



14 Responses to “Akai Panda Cosplay (25/04/2009 @ Da Sein): Part 1- Curses, Notes & Kagebunshin”

  1. Hey ksexases na peis gia ta glykakia mou:P

  2. Hey kales photo gia alh mia fora.Krima pou tha xaso ola ta epomena party!Oxi logo PAOK alla logo Stratou!hehe Zauk o Pezonauths

  3. flexXxible Says:

    Well done!Outstanding!Excellent! (me fwnh ala Mortal Kombat)
    Twra perimenoyme ta ypoloipa 150.000 parts toy idiou party lol!!
    Poly meraki kai dia8esh apo ton kosmo!!!

  4. excellent okkk

  5. Estorial Says:

    emis euxarisotume speedako :p …..ena exo na sou po ….apo do kai pera den ksero ti tha kanis alla oso paei tha imaste olo kai perisoteroi …that means even more of these photos πŸ˜›
    so ……good luck next time πŸ˜€
    cya !

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Awww… c’mon…! Are you people trying to kill me? Just as well… Bring it on!!!

  7. Kill you..?


  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    What? Battle Royal “Ero-grapher vs Eri-Melo”? We can charge tickets!!!

  9. Shit! Prepi na mathw capoeira dld?:P

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Prepei sonei kai de capoeira? Tosa martial arts yparxoun: ego pandos meno pistos sto mono pati tou Girishya no Warui-bo Jutsu!

  11. Emmm. . .Eipes oti o Sasuke sucks h m fanhke??? 😑 k twra p eipa g sasuke. . .haau~8elw n tn 3anakanw cosplay alla n katsw parapanw. . .pote mporw?

  12. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hohooo… vre-vre-vre poia epestrepse apo tin avysso tou eksafanizol… Ti kaneis Lucy-chan? Anaforika me to cosplay, working on it, tha sas exo nea syndoma.

    BTW, Sasuke DOES suck (e ti na kano, afou mou ti dinei) but your cosplay was cool, regardless, so simmer down and don’t cry.

  13. yeah. . .katafera n bgw apo ekei afou polemhsa pollous e3afanismenous daimones m t fantastiko m spa8i k tn fantastiko m filo. . .akousa prosbola pros tn sasuke k bghka n tn uperaspistw:Pan k twra m t diagwnismata poios 8 uperaspistei emena?!?!oute chunnin exams n htan!!!(exoun spasei t neyra m)makari n eixa meinei stn abusso:P

  14. […] no excuse for posting this one and a half month after the party (and with such distance from the first part), when even Akai Panda have wished a good Summer and “see you in Autumn” to everyone. […]

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