A Few Technical Updates

Terribly sorry for the delay people, but the blog’s upload system is having “one of these days”. I will probably figure out and deal with the problem within the weekend, so keep your hats on: there SHALL be pictures!

On different technical notes, the dentist acquainted me with new implements of torture–errr… I mean, dental surgery today. In a few easy steps: local, non-injected anaesthesia on the gums (to prepare for the injected one), couple of anaesthetic shots around the broken tooth, roots (or other things I really don’t wanna know about) removed with scalpel, piece of tooth removed with dental tweezers, little bit of mechanical clean-up, aluminum (?) shaping cast pressed around the broken tooth (now most of it fake), until it embedded itself on the gum, fake tooth building procedure, snipping off of cast and finishing mechanical touches to make it look like a n actual tooth: procedure completed.

On a final note, I am having weird dreams, which seem good story material, part steampunk and part weird and nigh-on impossible scenes, between people from the Greek J-scene, as well as people from my past. My subconscious is jamming away like Joe Satriani and I am watching it all from the front row seat of my brain, wondering what the Hell it’s trying to tell me.

Ein bisschen verruckt,



4 Responses to “A Few Technical Updates”

  1. Halfmetal Jaws: The incredible, yet painful adventures of the steam-fueled jaws kid

    (gambateee Speedo-kun)

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Arigatou my very dear L, M but not N! Hmmm… “Half-Metal Jaws” eeeh…? I think I smell a comic strip in the air. [Elbows open up, hydraulic steam release].

  3. FlexXxible Says:

    Die Rechtschreibung ist verrueckt mit v 😛
    Dein “frikter” und “sichamener” …

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ich stehe corrected.

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