Akuma in der Nacht @ UNDERWORLD GENESIS

I did tell you that there were a couple of things on the horizon, back in March and finally, here it is: Nozomi Ongaku‘s first official event. Just a second though, so we can put a few things in order: I know most, if not all, of you are expecting the photos from Akai Panda’s 1st Cosplay Party. I feel for you, I really do but this month everything has fallen on my head, one mishap after another. I am still struggling with tax paperwork (it’s been three frigging months of back-and-forths), there’s deadlines to meet and as if that weren’t enough, a tooth I had neutered around two years ago, decided it was the opportune moment for it to break! No, let me be just a biiiit more specific: currently, one of my back teeth is split down the middle, one piece hanging from… well, I do not want to know what, really, but I am getting it fixed on Friday. Believe me, it’s nowhere near fun…!


Nozomi would like to thank Akai Panda's Camus for making the cool poster on such short notice!

At any rate, expect the first batch of photos Friday night: the photos total around 300, of which the first 60 or so are the process of making Tomodachi into Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo, Cassiel into Tuxedo Moon from Sailor Moon and errr… (oh God, I cannot remember the other guy’s name) into Sagara Sanosuke from Rurounin Kenshin, all with the effective and anxiety-ridden help of Akai Panda’s Camus and Ritsuka who came over from Salonika, along with Cassiel and Lily. Knowing that you are all much more anxious to see the stills from the party, those photos will be placed in a later, “Prequel” post.

But what was I saying…? Oh, right: Akuma in der Nacht. That is the title Nozomi Ongaku have given to their Cyber Party, which will feature TOKYO DECADENCE’s DJ Khimaira, in collaboration with Ramen Events. The party, though Japanese sounds WILL be part of the mix, is more geared towards Industrial, EBM, Trance and Electro, so you have been forewarned! As the poster reads, KrizD and myself will be also be DJing, providing a framework for Nozomi’s guest and the main face of the night.

The party takes place at UNDERWORLD GENESIS (Ippokratous 56, Athens) on Friday, 15th of May and starts at 22:00. You can read the official press release over here. Although nowhere near our usual gig, I believe that you will not be dissappointed and hope to see any and all who are able, there.

Kommen Sie meine Damen und Herren


P.S. Oh, on a final note, in case you were wondering, yes, Visual Kei attire will be most appropriate and cool; and of course, goth lollies are ALWAYS welcome. Nyarrr!


4 Responses to “Akuma in der Nacht @ UNDERWORLD GENESIS”

  1. Auto elipe na min einai Welcome.Kai more than welcome min sou po!

    An den eimai Salonika tha ertho. 🙂

  2. Velvet Says:

    Xixixi mh deis forema esu 😉

    Hope na ksemperdepseis me to donti……

    PS O Mamoru einai Tuxedo MASK not moon!

  3. […] not forget, tomorrow KrizD and I join Tokyo Decadence’s DJ Khimaira at UNDERWORLD, for our Cyber Party. Hope to see all of you and good luck to those who have exams […]

  4. wow nice pictures xD

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