April 2009 Events: Update #3

Iiiiit’s here! I was not able to see it until tonight, due to the Science Theater show, but Akai Panda (MySpace now operational!) have finally posted their official event poster and it rocks (at the very least, it’s waaaay better than mine was, nyarr)! For more details on the event go here and remember, first and foremost: this is a Cosplay Party and the contenders for all sorts of cool prizes are many! Do your absolute frigging best! A new bit of information is that there will also be giveaways over the course of the party – getting better by the day.

Akai Panda CosPaatii!

Akai Panda CosPaatii!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,



9 Responses to “April 2009 Events: Update #3”

  1. woo!
    I will be there too!
    Tha kanw k tin giorth mu gt einai stis 24 k volevei, opote tha exw kosmo:D
    (Speedo kernaw etsi? mhn ksexasteis nomizw sta genethlia mu dne se kerasa:( )

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hahaha, angatou dear. No worries. Totes einai i giorti sou? Cool. Pali xaos tha ginei 😛

  3. Xamos xamos gyalia karfia

  4. Panic tha ginei leme! :O kai giorth enopsh e?Cool!

  5. […] Con 2009: Moments #2 As we are gearing towards Akai Panda’s party, the day after tomorrow, I must get a few things posted before I stuff my camera full of cosplay […]

  6. Erm…..Distixos telika oute se auto to party tha mporeso na ertho.o logos einai oti tha vriskomai ektos athinon!Ma poli ektos(osoi exoun diavasei ksana post mou gia ektos athinon tha katalavoun!) Sorry re pedia alla anotera via.Ti na kanoume… Ftou kai to perimena pos kai pos to party 😦 =(

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    A, re vromiari, kataramene! Pos boreses na leipeis apo afto?! Pooooots?!! Tooooosa loliaaaaa!!!

  8. Axxx eida kati videos kai ta loliaaaaa plithinan!Perimenoume kai tis photo edo pera.

    Afou ksereis ero-grapher den eixa alh epilogh:kukukuk:

  9. […] so we can put a few things in order: I know most, if not all, of you are expecting the photos from Akai Panda’s 1st Cosplay Party. I feel for you, I really do but this month everything has fallen on my head, one mishap after […]

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