Oni Market #12: Girugamesh Bio

Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW! “The pictures”. Well, in fact the pictures are edited and ready, but it is already too late to post them AND write the relative text and captions (oh, and there’s going to be some weird stuff in those…!). At any rate, I noticed another thing that will interest a number of you, but expecially Fle-chan and that is the Girugamesh Bio up on J-Rock Revolution. Click on the banner below to read it.

While you are at it, you might want to check the video below – it’s one of my favorite songs by this band.

Finally, you must absolutely go listen to their cover of  “Glamorous Sky” from Nana (originally by Mika Nakashima). Unfortunately, its embedding is disabled but you can find it here.

Well then, check back later today for the report from the party @ Da Sein.




6 Responses to “Oni Market #12: Girugamesh Bio”

  1. FlexXxible by Night Says:

    pWS MOY 3EFYGE AYTO??????

  2. FlexXxual kei Girugamesh Says:

    I really really love them. They were my first taste of j-rock. I love their music, their dark visual style. I’ve already cosplayed Satoshi (vocalist) twice(Underworld J-rockers ball and Dasein) and have always been headbangin’ every song of theirs in every party XD.
    MAKARI na toys doyme live me…Kyo(u know who) sth Germania!!!
    For the record nomizw oti to “Shining” den exei video k ayta einai mix apo Vermillion, Real my place, Owari to Mirai.
    Loipon, toys anakalypsa tyxaia s ena afierwma Visual Kei—>ekei ema8a prwth fora g ayto dld…Eblepa videos twn Germanwn “Cinema Bizarre” k synentey3h poy milhse o Satoshi. Kat arxhn emeina anaydos me to malli toy. Meta epsa3a Girugamesh k prwto tragoydi poy clickara to “Owari to Mirai.”
    y.g:best industry song award(J-Rock Revolution 2008):Girugamesh-Kowareteiku Sekai!!!
    y.g2:Speedo, kane ena afierwmataki stoys Germanoys visual “Cinema Bizarre”, a3izei mia anafora pisteyw k ena video post. 8a s steilw sto profile soy.

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    I will look into it…

  4. now how come didnt i find that earlier??!!!
    tous girugamesh tous vrhka apo pio palia,alla twra asxolh9hka pio pl.
    hmoun too busy me tous Gazette i guess…<–btw k autoi oi tupoi gamane apisteuta!!!

  5. I just recently came across this band on accident and they sound amazing! “Break Down” was most entertaining to me! I always want to know more about a band before I enjoy their music can anyone tell me more about the band members.

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