Last Party of Le Ciel (02/03/2009 @ Roi-Mat Club)

Here it is then, the end of a season: to be more precise, I should say that another chapter in what is the (comparatively) small, yet incredibly energetic Japanese music scene of Greece, has come to a close. I suppose there are all sorts of mixed feelings about this development, from all sorts of different people. I myself have been one of the cogs of this peculiar machine, called Ordre de Ciel and then later, Le Ciel, at least to the extent allowed by my day job restrictions; more importantly, to the extent allowed by my sense of self.

Hm… reading back from the previous paragraph, it seems to me that it is one of the most careful introductions I have ever written. Does it look that way to you? If it does, you would be correct in your assessment. Most of you know I am at odds with [room302] (OK, that’s putting it lightly) over a great many things, but that does not mean I do not recognize the fact that he made an honest and dedicated effort to spread Japanese music, for more than half the time of the team’s existence.

This blog’s aim not being the analysis of social mechanics, dynamics, right, wrong and so on and so forth (insofar as it does not directly concern Japanese events, as was the case with BIOS), I will leave it at that. The irony is that this was the first event of Le Ciel I went to, after a month-and-a-half being cloistered away for work and it turned out to also be their last.  It all happened on the last days of Carnival… On with the photos!

I saved this picture for last and post it here  separately, since it almost seems like an epilogue, featuring Le Ciel themselves.

P3020432 copy

Left to Right: Yu-kun, Larva and [room302] (the Countess was off doing um… whatever it is people were doing in the 80s – I wouldn’t know, I was frigging watching Chojin Locke and Thundercats on Greek TV,  in the 80s!).

As far as I know, there was another party planned after this one, but the club where it was supposed to take place closed down. Shortly after this party (4th of March), Le Ciel announced their cessation of activities, followed by an explanation. If interested, you can follow the links here.

That is all, I guess,



9 Responses to “Last Party of Le Ciel (02/03/2009 @ Roi-Mat Club)”

  1. FlexXxIble Says:

    Well put, 3ereis esy…Kyriws sad feelings 8a elega apo meroys moy, etsi opws exeis exeis prologo k epilogo.
    Twra, oson afora to archive, allh mia fora poly kalh doyleia me emfash stis optikes idaiterothtes toy ka8enos!!
    Ti moy arese optika:
    1.3ekinaw pali apo to xwro toy Roi Mat, an kai swlhnoeidhs, poly fwteinoteros k more..suitable.
    2.O Namida ta spase, telos!!
    3. Ta gnwsta kai mh e3airetaia girlies mas, Didi k Ayami. I bow respectively poy panta dinoyn th monadikh toys pinelia.
    4. O… Sakurai k oi… gynaikes toy!Apisteytes k oi 3!!Nosebleed!!
    6.To pallikari o Kostatinos poy einai morfh. Pisteyw einai antikeimeno 8aymasmoy g visual- goth-wannabies typoys kai antikeimeno Fantasiwsewn g female lamias!K fysika h Mika poy einai cute lollitaki, poy btw toys eida sto dromo ap to lewforeio k lew “wp, aytoi einai dikoi mas”
    7.O Tsiroto!!!Enta3ei ti na pw, allh epic morfh!!Niarr!!lol
    8.The… twisted 80’s sisters Evil Lolita k Countess Bathory, poy panta h paroysia toys einai dark epiblhtikh(LASOMBRA FASH)

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    OK, eimaste full komble, me tin armyra kai miso lepto na piaso to vazaki me to verykoko.

    Leptomeris kritiki: evge!

  3. Ero-kun, tha se malwsw. Kira eixa ntythei, oxi Light:P
    (axxx me to mavro not so much vyzia visible:P)

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Eeeetoooo… same person? (nai re gamoto, krima, hahahaha:P)

  5. Not same person:P
    Kira was a maniac, Raito was misguided:P
    (I dressed as Kira-personification of Death/Reaper heh)

    Krima e?:P E ti na kanw den eimai kai Tsunade, tote isws kai na mu aresan kai na mhn ta kryva:P

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Koita, an thes na arxiso ta komplimenda sto sygekrimeno thema dimosios, ego den exo provlima (seriously *purrrr*), alla einai ligo too much, ne? Episis, o Raito itan enas typical sociopath with mild MPD, opote Kira/Light is the same to me and equally despicable 😛

    An den apandiso sto epomeno comment sou, tha eimai stin prova, opote tha epistrepso gyro stis 20:00, akoma kai ean fainomai online.


  7. Ya forgot to mention ME.. who was at home… sick.. AGAIN!!!!!!!!! 😛 Sorry I missed it! Looked like fun! (^_^)

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well, I am not really known for my tendency to forget things, if you catch my drift…

  9. FlexXxible Says:

    Maybe so, but he made up with your…banner!!!!! in Dasein

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