April 2009 Events

Hello again everyone: I am nearly done with the second Roi-Mat Cosplay photo-editing and will be posting it shortly, but I believe that there are a couple of things that merit your attention (yes I will also be posting Tanjyoubi no Ichiban Special this week but let me keep a bare minimum of timeline, will you?). So then:

First off, Sakura Syndrome are organizing their first party for the Spring season on the 3rd of April, at CoFiX (11, Lori Margariti St., Salonika), their usual hideout. Besides each and every aspect of modern Japanese music (and startling VJing), the party includes a cosplay contest, yet another secret band presentation at midnight (although this time I have an idea who it might be – not telling!), as well as original Japanese merchandise for sale. Sakura Syndrome will also be receiving song requests by mail, on their MySpace, or with a PM in Anime.gr. Party starts at 21:00.

Haru no Syndrome

Haru no Syndrome

Secondly, although not strictly related to Japanese culture (but still, related to comics), on the 11th and 12th of April, the 4th Annual COMICDOM CON will take place at the Greek-American Association, this year centered around the super-hero theme, its evolution and apparent gradual demise. The convention includes a multitude of events, presentations, a comic book bazaar and will be highlighted by the presence of veteran comic book creators, Barry Kitson and Marv Wolfman. For much, much more than I could possibly cover here, click on the banner below.

That is all for now, although I have a feeling more things will be announced for April, along the way. Be back soon for the latest photo-post.




4 Responses to “April 2009 Events”

  1. FlexXxIble Says:

    Ax pshnomai…Na mhn htan polye3odo kai 8a sas elega na pame mia monohmerh…prin kanei kaneis enstash 8es eisithria phgain-ela, pota, fagia…Sto nero ena katostariko poy…I can’t afford logw 3eshkwmatos g Germany to Maio. An psofhsei omws ayto to oneiro, epeita bourrrrr g Salonika!!!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hmmm, true… Ego to psino pandos…

  3. FlexXxible Says:

    ama exw money k pame kana 2 treis g na mhn eimai mazemenos, mesa!

  4. […] lost in the backlogs but I have not done enough to warrant a post. As I said when I first posted the announcement for Comicdom Con, it is not strictly related to Japanese culture, but tied as it is the world of comic books, […]

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