Tanjyoubi no Ichiban Special Update

I am really happy with the reactions to the upcoming party, even if I feel I owe an apology to the people of Anime.gr, organizing the Eating Meeting: they were forced to reconsider the time and schedule of their meeting in order to accommodate people who wanted to come over. Gomen to arigatou!

That said, the DJ triad is armed and ready (well, maybe two of us are ready and KrizD is armed, but regardless). The way the program is turning out, it seems I will be the first up at 21:00 and I have concluded that I will be playing the lost Schuldig Engels Gedicht (“Guilty Angel’s Poem”) Verse III – Arcturus set at that time. It’s the one set from the series recording the Vampire knight’s (mis)adventures, that I have not had the chance to play during my time with Ordre de Ciel. It details Engel’sΒ  bloody journey towards the Aurora Borealis, with Misa Tenkawa at his side.

For those of you who may (very reasonably) not remember, I have a habit of building music sets based on a specific story, whether one I have written or read. Actually, in this case, only “Knight” has been written nearly in its entirety and I may endeavor to post it in Easy Subjugation in the future, as with Prometheus’s origin (which inspired “Promethean Heart“).

Just as a recap:

Verse I – Knight was played back then.

Verse II – Predator was played in Let’s Get Visual II (which I still haven’t blogged…).

Verse IV – Wanderer was played instead of III at the Final Fantasy Cosplay, because Verse III – Arcturus includes “The Skies Above” from FFX (and this is the only spoiler I am doing – so there!), which had been already taken and the set couldn’t really stand without it.

For those of you who sent me requests and suggestions (and even provided me with songs), rest assured that there is a second set in which I managed to somehow fit everything in.Β  Well, that is all for now.



P.S. The video is from the ending sequence of Tytania, the space opera I am watching these days: I recommend it without reservation.


19 Responses to “Tanjyoubi no Ichiban Special Update”

  1. the_flame_alchemist Says:

    file mu speed, min anisixis gia to eating meeting, after all osoi ligoteri ine toso to kalitero giati i ethusa xorai 15 atoma to poli ke ixame mazefti 23. ego thelo na se efxaristiso oxi mono gia to party pu organoses me ton krizd, ton opio tha xaro para poli na do live to savato ala ke giati xari sto party gliotsa kamia 30aria evro se metrio koreatikoiaponiko fai πŸ˜›

  2. Gonna try coming, if I fail I;ll prolly see you at the Con:(
    Too much work!

    How’ve you been dear?
    Kissu! :*

    PS Flame: den einai metrio re πŸ˜›

  3. the_flame_alchemist Says:

    exo fai apira kalitera iaponika πŸ˜› mexri ke to sushi pu ftiaxno ego ine pio gefstiko apo to diko tus πŸ˜› ke idika an sigrinis timi me piotita ke megethos tis meridas ine kato apo metrio πŸ˜€

    I;ll prolly see you at the Con:( <———- Con = ?

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    @ Eri-chan: well enough dear girl. I am not currently hounded so much by work as by the tax agency… Hope you can make it though πŸ™‚

    @Flame: Ouch, hehe, pretty harsh on the eating place my friend. Either way, it will be good having you over and thank you for the kind words. Con = Comicdom Con = Greek Comic Book Convention and go to http://www.comicdom-con.gr/ for more. πŸ˜€

  5. FlexXxible Says:

    1. Kat arxhn, Speedo-SAMA, NAI exeis anebei LEVEL apo to tote poy moy dihgh8hkes thn istoria sthn kataskhnwsh me to fighting kai to proswnymio “o Pappoys” xaxaxa! Apo tote s exw syneirmika san epic-mparmpa-master of martial arts, typoy Kill Bill, 3ereis poion loool!!!De 8ymamai pws einai sta Iapwnika to prwsonymio, to xei parei t ayti moy sto bleach(Ichigo ston Yamamoto) k k sto trinity blood (Esther ston Abel) me allh ennoia, sigoyra yparxei to “sama”, thn prwth syllabh den pianw ka8ara!!
    2. ERUUUU!!tO KALO POY SOY 8ELW NA ER8EIS, MY DEAR!!Opws lew k sto Speedo, h pollh doyleia trwei ton afenth!!
    3.comicdom???G event milame?peite perissotera!!!!
    4. G to…music saga soy, Speedo-sama perissotera apo konta, kati katalaba me, alla…
    5. Vittorio etoimasoy na kopanh8oyme!!!

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    1. Arigatou degozaru yo! I leksi pou psaxneis einai ojii-sama.

    3. Ahem, mae no rinku, riiinku (see my last comment for the link). Genika einai synedrio gyro apo ta comics, me ola ta shops paronda, panels erotiseon, signing etc. etc.

  7. Yup Yup FleX den se vrisko enhmeromeno…Den katafera na pao sto persino comicdom opote fetos leo na eimai ekei…

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    Mi sou po Erographer no jiji…!

  9. Pssss megalopiastike o erographer…xD

  10. Egw Ero re?:P
    Ksylo ksylo ksylo:P

  11. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Zauk: Megalopiastika pou eimai “dirty old man”? πŸ˜›

    @Eri-chan: Ksylo? Mmmm, hontou ni ero da yo…!

  12. the_flame_alchemist Says:

    ime etimos flexxx πŸ˜€ apo tis 9 9 ke kati to poli tha ime eki πŸ˜€ den pirazi pu tha exo ksipnisi apo tis 7 ! tha gini tis ******* πŸ˜€ to savato ine mia mera pu prepi na thimomaste! a new! BETTER! IMBAER! TRUER! era is starting :3, me ala logia provlepo to pio gnisio party ever πŸ˜›

    btw exi vareli guinness eki pera? PLS say yes >_>

  13. speedxgrapher Says:

    It is very likely. πŸ˜€

  14. Ξ™ say yes to vareli guinness!Exei for sure!

  15. FlexXxIble Says:

    Pwpwpw ayta einai!Anime fighters k j-rockers stis epal3eis!!To imbaer M’ARESE!
    Wraia!Kai gw 8a mai apo nwris, tetoia wra peripoy.

  16. speedxgrapher Says:

    I xara tis almyras. πŸ˜›

  17. FlexXxible Says:

    Poia almyra…
    Makari na mporoysa na ginw pagwto g ena brady na me baloyn katw ta females kai na me glyfoyn!!!

  18. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ego ftaio pou eipa oti den yparxei logokrisia…! FFS diladi!

  19. Tin Patises…Loipon pedes ego tin kano gia agrinio.Kala na perasete kai perimeno photoz..*gouxgoux*KAI OXI SE ENA XRONO*gouxgoux*

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