Photo of the Week: Louiza, Roxie Hart


The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be: Roxie
The lady raking in the chips is gonna be: Roxie
I’m gonna be a celebrity,
That means somebody everyone knows,
They’re gonna recognize my eyes, my hair, my teeth, my boobs, my nose.

From just some dumb mechanic’s wife, I’m gonna be: Roxie
Who says that murder’s not an art?
And who in case she doesn’t hang,
Can say she started with a bang?
Roxie Hart!

-excerpt from Chicago, the Musical, from the song “Roxie”

It’s been quite a long time since I last posted a Photo of the Week and the last one has remained at the top of the charts ever since, as the most viewed photo of the blog. Going through some of my, as yet unarchived photographic material, I came across this folder named “2008-12-20 – Post FF”. Glory be that I still have my head attached to my shoulders, and I recognized this as a set of photos taken after the Final Fantasy Cosplay Party. I had been thinking since forever that some of our fun, non-Japanese, outings with people you are probably familiar with, should find their place in Easy Subjugation but, at the risk of becoming tedious, I haven’t had the time until now.

Returning our focus to the picture, on the very same day I took it, not only did I instantly think, but also said that this had a place in the Photo of the Week Gallery. It brought to mind images from the days of the Prohibition in the U.S.A., when daring smugglers, ruthless gangsters and upstanding detectives with republicas, would duke it out or chase after each other, all the while gorgeous ladies on their arms, whether as airhead, dazzled-by-the-money companions, femmes fatales, cabaret girls and even proverbial black widows. Whatever the case and the details, those wild, violent years, had a charm and kind of desperate thirst for life, most often expressed by the female populace. Having watched Chicago, I think only fit that Louiza reminds me of the ruthless, sensual and in a way, tragic villain, Roxie Hart, in this particular photo.

Hence, the above lyrics from the song that bears her name: you murder us girl, but “who said murder’s not an art?”


P.S. Incidentally, this photo is not posed: Louiza, WAS actually dancing at that moment. The rest of the photos from that night will be up on Easy Subjugation tomorrow, so go and have a look. You won’t be disappointed.


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