Sakura Syndrome 3rd Anniversary Birthday Party @ Da Sein

Well, well, well… Hello my good people. I have come out of the cave, after my long absence (though I am not quite out of the woods yet) and since I have very nearly finished the grueling work with which I was tasked over the past few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to get back on track, one wheel at a time. Since I still do not have ALL the time in the world to post my usual, prolific reports, Sakura Syndrome’s Party (31st of January) seemed the perfect choice to begin. Before moving on, I want to thank all of you who have lent me their support over the net, whether as such, or in the form of things that made me laugh (near hysterically, might I add).

As any of you who were there remember, Sakura Syndrome’s party in Da Sein was great, in terms of music, videos, people and of course, first and foremost, fun. As befits the team’s perfectionist streak, videos and music were partnered in order to create a great audiovisual experience, as a whole. Whether J-Rock, J-Pop, Anime Music, Johnny’s Music (those make my skin creep, personally, but oh well…), as well as vintage J-Metal (Loudness Rule!!!!), everything was perfectly orchestrated. The program was segmented into kind of “separate chapters”, where a specific amount of time was spent on a specific genre (though not just one time around): the good thing was that the segments were balanced, so someone who came say, at 22:00-22:30 and stayed until  01:00 or 02:00, was bound to listen to variety of songs, to their specific taste. I, personally, need to congratulate them, out of the depths of my geek heart, for their “Otaku Segment”, which featured, not only classic favorites along with videos of the opening sequences, but also some hard to find oldies. Extra credit for having the proverbial balls to play Candy Candy (“Speedy you are a geek, geek, GEEEEEEK!”).

The secret band of the night were Blood Stain Child, who hail from Osaka and mix Visual Kei with Death Metal and Trance elements – Somnium gave us a downright freaky taste of them, hehehe.

Near the end of the party, after everything else had more or less played, the focus shifted to some current stuff being played in Japan, among which, another over-the-top band, Mamono, who are self-designated as “Horror Punk Metal” (their actual presentation took place at Sakura Syndrome’ s Horror Valentine Party) and feature the tiniest bass player I have ever seen.

But I have ranted long enough and I know what you crave (heavily featuring didi-doll and Ayami-chan). Onwards!

Well, that was it and though I have already told them so in person,  let me thank Somnium and Mona for a well organized and memorable night. At he time this blog is being written, their Horror Valentine Special has already had a huge success and we are looking forward to their next project. Happy Carnival!

Sincerely yours



18 Responses to “Sakura Syndrome 3rd Anniversary Birthday Party @ Da Sein”

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  2. Mpraaaaaaaaabo Speedo-saan~~~G allh mia fora t kataferes toso kala m tn fako P M EKANES N METANIWNW P DN PHGAAA!!!!AARG!!!!!!

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ela more endaksei. there will be other times. Tha erthis apopse?

  4. FlexXx Says:

    Reminiscing my beautiful jap-hair before I got butchered by the barber…
    Ti wraia poy perasa ekeino to brady, poly super to vjaying.

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    Indeed, indeed. Ela more, poso ekopses? Siga, tha ksanamakrinei. File, i photo sou me ta lolia spernei. To ksero pos to grafo kai sto skeimeno, alla einai ga-ma-ti.

  6. gt koureuthkes agori m,flexXx?????T s ekanan oi akres tn malliwn s k ts skotwses?!!?DN EXEIS KANENA SEBASMO G TN ZWH?!!?AAARG!haaau~~~wraia htan t mallakia s. . ^__________^(dn exei tpt h Lucy mn anyshxhte. . .apla auton tn kairo einai kapws. . .ysterikia. . .alla auto afhste t panw m. . .ola einai upo elenxo!:P)

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Mmmmm…. nai… tora eimai poly pio isixos…!

  8. nice reeee!Xarika pou se eida simera speedo..Thanks gia tin kalh anarosh… ^_^

    ps:I’m not a geek! xD

  9. speedxgrapher Says:

    De nada my friend. ;P

    Of course you are a geek, as am I. Else, what the Hell are we even doing there? 😛

  10. ermmm you got me there..Ok then it can’t be helped..i’m a geek! Muhahahahaha!

  11. FlexXx Says:

    1. Enta3ei to malli makrainei, apla eimai akoma san Playmobil!!!8elw na 3anaggi3w ta epipeda ekeinoy toy event sto Dasein.
    2. Thanks Lucy-chan :)!!!Dieykrinhsh:opws me eides sto teleytaio cosplay eimai, den ta ekopsa 3ana. To la8os exei ginei poly pio prin…
    3. Ysteria e? Perifhma!Toylaxiston eisai turbo gt emeis kapoy strobilizomaste k xasame to dromo mas.
    4. NAI!! Nihon no GEEKNESS!! Geekoules!!Fantasteite na mas eblepan se anoixto xwro na diaskedazoyme me ton tropo poy mono emeis 3eroyme hehehe!
    5. Em…nai ontws einai poly kalh fwto gt apla einai api8ana ta…Lollia!!!Mporoyses na me diagrapseis me photoshop 😛

  12. speedxgrapher Says:

    1+2 (=3 – stupid mathematical joke). Pfffft, trixes!

    3. E, kala, me ta comments eixe ginei afto. Tora mou perase, alla eimai poly kalytera en genei – way too much fun the past two days. ESY dn katalavaino ti epathes.

    4. Sas parapembo sto Savvato.

    5. Ta lollia einai diaxroniki aksia, alla afto pou kanei mia photografia alithina omorfi, einai to aproopto, en prokeimeno to syndairiasma ton trion sas. For your information, akoma kai i didi anaferetai sti photografia afti os: “ekeini i fandastiki photographia pou eimaste mazi me to Vlassi”.

  13. ekeinh h fantastikh fotografia pou lete einai toso fantastikh giati dixnei tin glastenen apo piso…


  14. piou-piou Says:

    :O bghkame sto internet !

  15. speedxgrapher Says:

    @Zauk: Gamise to somment – pare 1 XP, hehe.

    @Piou-piou: Ande vre, protagonistria tha se kano…!

  16. Speedo…h piou piou exei ta katalila prosoda na ginei protagonistria!xD

  17. speedxgrapher Says:

    Skandalodes! Den drapikes re xamene! Aaaa, katse, katse, enois to terastio xamogelo kai ta spirtozika matia…

  18. e nai ma ti alo tha mporousa na enow veveos veveos!xD

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