Oni Market #5: Interviews With Dio and DJ SiSeN

As you may have gathered by now, the Oni Market Category encloses anything interesting on J-Culture, that does not fit anywhere else, not even in Nihon no Weirdness. this one here becomes #5 because, although not numbered, there are another four, including #1, the Pilot.

Currently, I am at the last stretch of the translation which has made me disappear for around one-and-a-half month; 46 pages and 14 hours away. You will be seeing more of me online and IRL after tomorrow afternoon. However, seeing as you have started reminiscing, digging through the old posts, I have a little something to keep you going.

Item #1: Press conference with DIO~Distraught Overlord~and JRR, JRE, as well as Askew Magazine, at Oni-Con.

Item #2: Interview with DJ SiSeN at AnimeUSA. This guy is freakily cool.

Wish me luck and endurance for the next 14 hours.

Corpsifyingly yours,



One Response to “Oni Market #5: Interviews With Dio and DJ SiSeN”

  1. i wish you luck….

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