Carnival Events

As Greek readers know, we do not have Halloween here in Greece but there is a similar religious festival related to Mardi Gras celebrations and conspicuously, also called Carnival. It is a time of the year when people dress up in costume and do anything and everything from freaking out pedestrians, shooting fireworks, bashing each other with plastic hammers and clubs and in general, have a hell of a time as the whole country turns into one big-ass party. The best known Greek celebration of the Carnival is the one held in Patra.

However, as of recent years, two new events have been established, given the opportunity to go out into costume without looking any weirder than other people, or at least, equally weird: the Carnival marked the beginning of Cosplay Parties or Gatherings in 2006, on one hand related to the, then odd Japanese music events and on another hand, to the forum of At some point and without prior planning, the two came together last year at KABATZA Club, where Ordre de Ciel kick-started their Japanese music events. For  anyone whose memory is shorter than mine, you can always go refresh it here. Although cosplay has come a long way in this short time, Carnival has remained the peak of the season for it, here in Greece. Hence, the two following events on the same day, Sunday the 1st of March:

Man the Harpoons!

Man the Harpoons!’s Cosplay Gathering at Athens’s Syntagma Square, at 18:30, near the fountain. People are welcome both in and out of costume but are strongly advised to bring along photo and video cameras, to record the… “proceedings”. My own prsonal advice is to bring along at least ONE type of offensive equipment or if not, at the very least, equip yourself in all manner of armor and/or shields: there’s bound to be (lots of fake) blood. For more information go right here.

Le Ceil Carnival Edition.

Le Ceil Carnival Edition.

On the same day, Le Ciel organize their Masquerade Special Edition Party at Roi-Mat Club (17-19, Solomou St. Exarheia), bound to draw the j-music, anime and cosplay crowds, for a real Carnival medley. The party starts at 22:00, so nothing stops you from joining the crowd and when temperatures start to drop (given that many cosplay costumes are rather skimpy, eh girls?), everyone can meet up at the club for more hours of fun.

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6 Responses to “Carnival Events”

  1. άντε αντε. Τουλάχιστον εδώ θα έρθεις? 😛

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    E, koita, and den ertho kai ekei, we can reasonably assume I have died…

  3. Nice! άντε περιμένουμε και τις φωτογραφίες απο την Κυριακή! 🙂

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Emmm, gia tin Kyriaki ypologizo se esas. Wasn’t there, remember?

  5. evgale h katerina arketes,tin koitaza… elpizo na se doume tin kyriakh speed

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ego na deis pos to elpizo…

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