Work Overload *zzzzt-spark-tzzzt*

I am just writing to apologize for my recent prolonged silence (except for the odd tidbits which take virtually no time at all) but work is really taking its toll on me these days, so I have not had time to edit even a single photo. However, the ordeal ends this week, so we will get right back on track. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of stuff from the Oni Market to keep you company:

Item #1: An Cafe PV: “Aroma”

While I do not have any real problem wiht An Cafe, their music is a bit too… “nyappy” for me, with the notable exeptions of “Kakusei Heroism” and “Rinne no Tsumi” (here’s a nice FF AMV with it). “Smile Ichiban Ii Onna” is virtually their only “nyappy” song I can say I like. This here came to my attention for the first time thanks to Velvet Vortex, who bulletined it (arigatou ne, koneko-ojou). Stylistically it’s probably the first time they look really tasteful and the filming of the PV is exceptional. Beyond all that however, Miku really shows that he can actually use that voice of his for something other than pink / fluff / maple / kawaii things.

Item #2: Trinity Blood Avatars

A set of Trinity Blood chibis to be used as avatars – no idea where the hell I got these, but I really like them (clicky for enlarged version).


That’s all for now (gomen),



3 Responses to “Work Overload *zzzzt-spark-tzzzt*”

  1. Omg i really love the Trinity Blood Avatars!! 🙂

  2. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!^__^
    An Cafe ! Nyappy nyappy! ! !
    me likes! =D
    Mpravo omws An Cafe kai mavro e den t perimena!=P

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    @ DmJapan: good to know. It’s weird, they’re Korean-made….

    @Didi: Nomizo kaneis den to perimne kai gia afto to kanane. *nyappy causes me vertigo*

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